Man Coverage: Week 13

In Man Coverage, IDP Editor Ross Miles takes an in-depth look at how cornerbacks are being used on a game-by-game basis and how it effects their fantasy production and the ...

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Man Coverage: Week 13

Here at Pro Football Focus we chart every play of every NFL game, recording advanced statistics on exactly what a player does on every snap. Then as fantasy analysts we take that data and use it, along with our experience from years of playing fantasy football and watching games ourselves, to form the opinions that drive our advice and decisions. This series will take a deep look at how teams are using defensive backs against opposing offenses, and apply a fantasy spin to wide receivers.

With 12 weeks of data behind us we are starting to see much clearer trends of which CBs are shadow corners (play a minimum of 30 snaps in a week with 65% of their snaps at corner lined up against the same receiver). Taking that data, as well as their performances in allowed pass completion percentage, total yards allowed and touchdowns allowed, we can start to get a good picture of how the players they are likely to be assigned to cover will perform. This week I have taken the 24 cornerbacks who have 3+ games as a shadow corner and predicted who their main coverage responsibility will be on game day. The match-up is then graded on a scale of 1-10 (1 being bad, 10 being excellent) on how good a match-up it is for the wide-receiver. Notes on the match-ups can be found below the table.To read the entire article, please login or sign up for a PFF Membership

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Ross Miles is the IDP Editor and a Senior Fantasy Writer for Pro Football Focus Fantasy, as well as 2011’s most accurate IDP expert according to FantasyPros. Follow him on Twitter –@PFF_RossMiles

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Ross Miles is a lead fantasy writer on PFF Fantasy. He contributes IDP content to the site. He was the 2011 winner of the FantasyPros IDP Expert Rankings contest for both weekly in-season rankings and also for pre-season rankings and finished second in IDP rankings in 2012 and 2015. Ross is also a member of the FSWA.

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    Morris Claiborne – I don’t think he’ll be asked to shadow Dez Bryant or Miles Austin if he plays.