Losing Bulaga gives Green Bay a headache at RT

| 3 years ago

Losing Bulaga gives Green Bay a headache at RT

PFF-headlinesSometimes the thing that separates the best teams from the rest is injuries. Bryan Bulaga is a quality starter at right tackle for the Packers, but he has now missed more time injured than they can be comfortable with, and was forced out of the game last night against the Seahawks after just 20 snaps of action.

During those 20 snaps Bulaga allowed two hurries, both to Cliff Avril, so he wasn’t exactly perfect, but the difference when his backup, Derek Sherrod, came in was marked. Sherrod played 42 snaps, 30 of them pass blocking and allowed two hurries as well as two catastrophic sacks for an overall PFF grade of -6.4. Bulaga had played a little less than half the snaps but his grade ended up at just -0.1 or almost exactly average

The sacks conceded by Sherrod were on consecutive dropbacks and couldn’t have had worse results for the Green Bay offense, resulting in a fourth down stop and a safety respectively. What was perhaps most worrying for Green Bay fans was the speed in which Sherrod was beaten on the plays.

On the fourth down play the quarterback was hit in 2.1 seconds, and for the safety, Seattle defensive lineman Michael Bennett was around him in 1.7 seconds only for Aaron Rodgers to buy a little more time before finally going down.

Sherrod played only six snaps the last two seasons combined and his career is only 163 snaps old. The issue for him is that three of the four games in which he has recorded any snaps of any significance have seen him earn a PFF grade firmly in the red, and all of them have seen him give up multiple pressures.

Green Bay needs to hope that Bulaga’s knee injury isn’t serious, because the problems they’re facing if Sherrod has to start from what we have seen so far most certainly are.

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  • Bill Doerr

    If their starters knee is jacked GB should pick up RT E. Winston. He isnt a worldbetter but he most definitely is better than Sharrod n will keep AROD clean 90% of da time.

    • fiscalconsoclib

      That may be needed. Bulaga’s real backup went down in camp, so Sherrod was supposed to be a 3rd stringer. Tough spot to step in.

    • AJ

      I was thinking during the game who they could they sign as a FA if Bulaga’s knee was seriously hurt. Because it’s clear Sherrod can’t cut it on an NFL line as a T. It’s basic that a QB needs 3 seconds to get the ball off and him not being able to block someone for half that long completely ruins a game plan. You can’t do anything down field because you know you won’t have the time to run the play. So you get short runs and throws under neath where the defense knows the play will be in front of them.

    • Brandon

      If the seahawks didnt keep him with their mess of an O line, than im not all that sure he would be the guy to place all your chips on. But he cant be much worse than Sharrod.