Lions: Near 30, Bush let go

| 2 years ago

Lions: Near 30, Bush let go

PFF-headlinesThere is a perception that running backs are no longer effective after the age of 30. Reggie Bush is less than a week away from hitting that mark, and the Lions have set him free to find a new team.

His stay in Detroit lasted two seasons. Injuries, as well as the success of other backs, limited him to just 927 snaps in that time. Historically, his strength has been as a receiving back, but Detroit had the league leader in Yards Per Route Run for a back in Theo Riddick at 2.45. Joique Bell also outplayed him as a receiver, which began to diminish Bush’s role. The move should open up Riddick to receive more playing time, as well as potentially another back coming in through the draft or free agency to help more on running downs.

When Bush was on the field with the Lions, his production was anywhere from average to above average. This past year he graded out positively both running with the ball as well as receiving. Even though he is one of the oldest remaining running backs in the league, it wouldn’t at all be surprising to see him latch on elsewhere — not every team has a back who is as good receiving out of the backfield as Bush.

Although the cut results in some dead money, it also frees up some cap space which the Lions will likely use to help make their run at re-signing Ndamukong Suh to a long-term deal.


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  • Ryan Wilson

    Reggie helped the Lions back to being relevant!

  • charlie_g68

    for the right price sign him on the giants squad for a year see if it’s a fit

  • Jason Williams

    never will be an every down guy again but for a third down back (sorry, that’s the 1980s calling) hard to think of a better “scat back” who also has plenty of power.

  • DLane

    I Bet if the patriots get that Revis bid figured out , they give him a ring

  • Izach

    Would like to see him Come to my steelers as a cheaper replacement for bells 4 game suspension not as strong a runner but good enough and very capable in the pass game which bodes well for steelers scheme now, plus he shouldn’t be a premodonna when bell comes back and gets 90% of the workload. But I’ll also be honest part of me want bush to succeed on a team that may use if as the main guy and see bush have a huge season, have always like his talent just needs more usage and better OL

    • Izach

      Just think if Cowboys sign bush as a main back and maybe a guy like Frank gore or ryan Mathews to pair with bush, might be able to get bush and one of those guys for cheaper than demarco was asking. Split time any of those backs could have too season IMO with that OL and pass game to take pressure off.