*Khaled’s NFL Daily: July 25, 2013

Khaled Elsayed takes over the Daily to let you know what you've been missing at PFF, what's going on right now, and what's to come this season.

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*Khaled’s NFL Daily: July 25, 2013

Those of you tuning-in expecting to hear from Old Man Neil, will be disappointed. The PFF Founder and Grumpiest Traveler alive, as headed over stateside to spend three weeks visiting training camps.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are toiling away in PFF Towers, keeping the good stuff going and preparing for a rapidly approaching season. So today I thought I’d let you in on a little bit of what we’re going to be doing, not just over the next month or so, but throughout the season.


Thursday, 25th July

What You May Have Missed

It’s not often that Neil has himself a content idea the masses can buy into. But I have to give credit where it’s due, and his “Graded Depth Chart” series is an excellent way to see who he projects to be starting in a team’s most common package, and just how good he’s expecting them to be.

If you haven’t seen them you really need to check them out, and there’s one available for each team. So whether you’re rooting for the Rams or cheering for the Chiefs, click ahead.


What’s Going On?

While Neil has been playing with graphics, I’ve been going back over five-years worth of Pro Football Focus grades. The result? The PFF Page of Fame. A new concept you simply won’t see anywhere else, we’re attempting to add a greater historical context to what we say, by telling you which players have earned the highest grades in the history of Pro Football Focus.

So far that has seen us look at season performances. But it won’t stop there. No, having written most of them already, I can tell you to expect pieces (which we will update in-season) that also look at the best grades we’ve given out for single games and a breakdown of the best Signature Stat grades we’ve ever awarded.

For now the following pieces all await your attention:

Cornerbacks — A pick-your-poison from 2009 as Woodson wins overall, and Revis leads the coverage way

Defensive Tackles —  It may not get better than Geno Atkins, but what about those who have come before him?

4-3 Defensive Ends — Cameron Wake is up on top, but it took a mammoth season to beat out the guys beneath him

3-4 Defensive Ends — After a season for the ages, Watt leads the way. But who has he replaced?

Safeties — Where a certain Charger leads the way.

Tight Ends — In the age of the Gronkowski, is anyone close to him?

Offensive Tackles — Where we see the worth of first-round tackles occupying the prime spots.

Centers — There’s a whole lot of Nick Mangold to read about, but who else contends?

In the coming days expect the rest of the positions to go up in a timely manner.

What’s To Come?

It won’t just be the Page of Fame work that is going up before the season. No, starting next week we’re going to preview every team in the league with our usual 32 Teams in 32 Days. We’ll be kicking off with Arizona and taking it alphabetically until we end with those Redskins.

While that is happening we’re going to be bringing you more information about preseason than we ever have before. Last year we were all about First Impressions, and this year we’re going to be grading the starters, backups and third teamers to see which players catch our eye.

When the season starts Premium Members (and if you haven’t signed up then ask yourself why are you missing out on the good stuff) will get data quicker than ever before. We’re aiming to have every single game done by 5pm ET with an enhanced review and collection process that will provide more data than ever before.

That’s just a tip of the iceberg, as our weekly teams, Race for Rookie of the Year, reaction blogs, analysis notebooks, 32 Observations, ReFocused game reviews, Three to Focus On game previews and Signature Stat pieces will all return and more.

Can you tell I’m excited?

So keep visiting as we look to make 2013 our biggest and best yet, and, as ever, if you have any feedback or suggestions then we’re always happy to steal your ideas and make them come true. Just get in touch with us on twitter at @PFF or shoot myself a message @PFF_Khaled, and the worst we can do is turn our nose up at you.


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  • Vin Vegas

    Will you guys be updating the “Graded Depth Chart” once the season gets underway. Or when personnel changes are made? Such as John Abraham to the Cardinals. I would be interested to see his grade on the ARZ depth chart.