*Khaled’s NFL Daily: July 10, 2013

Khaled Elsayed steps up to deliver today's Daily, and he continues our projection of the league's starting line-ups by looking at the Jaguars and Chiefs.

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*Khaled’s NFL Daily: July 10, 2013

When you get to a certain age, every now and then you need a day off. As such, Neil “Old Man” Hornsby is resting away today, trying to recharge ahead of a hectic summer. In his stead you get something of an upgrade in the well built form of me.


I’ll get straight to it and follow up on Neil’s work to bring you the latest team depth charts which, as alphabetical order would suggest, are the Jacksonville Jaguars and Kansas City Chiefs.

For those new to the series and wanting to catch up, you can find the other teams covered to date with this handy set of links.

Charts by team:



Wednesday, July 10

Jacksonville Jaguars (Click to enlarge)


— I’ve given something of a pass to Tyson Alualu, given that’s he moving to a new position that may ultimately prove something of a better fit. In Seattle we saw Red Bryant man the role and it was the making of him, so let’s see how it plays out.

— Geno Hayes is a particularly interesting player. You’d be a fool to say he’s not talented, but since that breakout 2010 season he’s been a huge disappointment. His 2011 saw him earn his release with the Bucs after posting a -15.6 grade, and you couldn’t get a feel for him in Chicago with just 141 snaps on defense. It’s a real make-or-break year for him.

— The interior of the offensive line certainly isn’t set in stone, but at this point in time you’d generously describe it, like a lot of the team, as a work in progress. Brad Meester, a fine player at his peak, looked spent last year and while Uche Nwaneri is a solid enough player, there’s nothing on the roster they can put at left guard that fills you with any confidence.


Kansas City Chiefs (Click to enlarge)


— Consider me someone not yet sold on Alex Smith. His numbers over the past two years, combined with a seemingly nice offensive fit, might suggest a winning formula, but how is he going to cope without that 49ers offensive line and that 49ers defense putting him in favorable situations?

— The left guard spot is an interesting one. Will a new GM stay loyal to last year’s second-round pick, Jeff Allen? Or will the always impressive Geoff Schwartz work his way into the lineup? The former Panther and Viking has found himself largely on the outside on gameday because of injuries, but would, given the tape on both men, be a significant upgrade.

— The Chiefs spent much of last year in base as they chased games, but they may have to bring in more of their sub-package defense and that will be something to watch. Last year none of their interior defensive linemen achieved a positive grade rushing the passer, and they need to give their edge rushers some help when it comes to harassing quarterbacks.


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  • Robin

    Charles a blue chip player but not included among 101 best in the league?

    • Khaled Elsayed

      If you go back to 2010 he was very high up on our Top 101. This year we weren’t as high, but coming back from injury thats not to say we (or me in this case) doesn’t think he’ll be a top back in ’13

  • Pit

    Just my humble opinion, but I think Houston should be in the High Quality bracket. Maybe next year!

  • JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    Houston Should be high-quality and DJ should be Elite

  • Peter

    Was a winner ever announced in the contest from the May 23-edition?

  • JW_Redmon

    Khaled, you didn’t miss a beat. Neil will be proud.

  • [email protected]

    I think you are being very kind in your grading. Jacksonville has one of the weakest rosters in the league and they dont have a single “Poor”

    • qwe

      They have 3 rookies on the starting line up. Maybe those are replacing people who would be poor.

      Also having almost all of your players at average or below average is definitely enough to account for how bad the jags are.