KC-GB Grades: Randall Cobb continues to prove worth

The top takeaways from Monday’s Kansas City-Green Bay game, including the highest graded players from each team.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

(AP Photo/Morry Gash)

KC-GB Grades: Randall Cobb continues to prove worth

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Packers-Chiefs game:

Green Bay Packers

– It was for games like this that the Green Bay Packers retained Randall Cobb (+4.2) in the off-season, rather than allowing his unique skill-set to walk away for big free agent dollars. Cobb led the league with 10 touchdowns out of the slot last season, and after his three last night, his 2015 total already stands at four. After losing slot corner Phillip Gaines (-0.6) to injury in the first quarter, the Chiefs deployed Tyvon Branch (-5.4) on Cobb—the former Oakland safety simply didn’t have answer for Cobb’s short-area skills.

– The Packers’ strength and versatility in the front seven was led once again by Clay Matthews (+4.8), who excelled both at inside linebacker and as a pass rusher off the edge. Matthews played the run well, but crucially turned in his most productive game (two sacks, one hit, six hurries) as a pass rusher since Week 1 of the 2010 season, when he took apart the Philadelphia Eagles (three sacks, one hit, six hurries).

– Matthews wasn’t the lone light in the front seven, however, with Mike Daniels (+5.7) turning in his best performance of the season to serve a reminder that he is absolutely one of the league’s best 3-4 defensive ends not named J.J. Watt. His +5.7 overall grade is the highest of his career so far, and he topped his six pressures from last night’s game (two sacks, four hurries) only once last season (Week 5, against Minnesota, he had one sack, three hits, and three hurries).

Top performers:

DE Mike Daniels (+5.7)

LB Clay Matthews (+4.8)

WR Randall Cobb (+4.2)

RG T.J. Lang (+2.9)

LG Josh Sitton (+2.4)


Kansas City Chiefs

– Pressure will surely start to mount on Alex Smith (-8.3), after he once again came up short for the Chiefs in a big game, with Kansas City having the opportunity to prove themselves as genuine contenders. Smith actually connected on some nice throws down the field, but threw a dreadful interception and was guilty of two bad fumbles on sacks, as well. The Chiefs have the talent to contend, but the limitations of their quarterback might only be growing.

– Justin Houston (+2.0) continued his strong start to the season, but considering what we have seen from both Houston and his direct opponent, Don Barclay (-7.0), so far this season, his performance might be considered somewhat of a disappointment. Houston racked up five pressures and four stops, but was held without a sack or a hit for the first time this season, and couldn’t convert disruption into difference-making plays for the Chiefs’ defense.

– Making his first start of the season at right tackle, Eric Fisher (+1.0) turned in one of the best games of his career, earning a pass protection grade of +1.0 or better for only the second time ever. Fisher struggled as a run blocker, but surrendered only three pressures on 60 pass rushes. He turned a credit-worthy performance after only playing three snaps through the first two weeks of the season.

Top performers:

DE Jaye Howard (+3.8)

OLB Justin Houston (+2.0)

C Mitch Morse (+1.8)

DE Mike Devito (+1.4)

LT Eric Fisher (+1.0)

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  • Cant FixStupid

    Did ya miss Aaron Rodgers this game?? Cause no way he wasn’t one of the Packers highest graded players. He picked KC apart, throwing 5 TDs and once again using his outstanding mobility to avoid multiple sacks with lousy play from our tackles again last night. Thank god Rodgers is a mobile QB, Brady in that pocket these last 2 weeks would have been sacked 15 times and hit 25. Hopefully Bak n Barclay can start stepping up going forward without having to face a few of the best pass rushers. Expected a lot more out of Bak this year being year 3, but he looks like a rookie all over again. If he can’t get things fixed by the time Bulaga returns, maybe they’ll nerd to consider a switch. And Thompson needs to get Mike Daniels paid!!

    • mutzki

      Here is the attempted explanation on how that grade came to be: https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2015/09/29/why-aaron-rodgers-earned-a-slightly-negative-grade/

      I’m just glad i didn’t renew my subscription to this site, as i always saw the rating system as troublesome. I know enough about football to trust my own eyes and what i saw last night was not an average QB. Sorry PFF, but you lose.

      • Schwalmy

        I am with you now that I have read the explanation. It was even more off track than the grade. Bye Bye. I just saved myself some “jingle”

      • gregg rice

        Wow….well, i saw a qb who made the easy passes and fumbled the ball for a strip sack in his territory. Look, rodgers is the best in the biz, but lets NOT ACT LIKE HIS PLAY HASNT BEEN SUSPECT WHEN FACING A TOP 10 DEFENSE, its been horrendous overall the last 4 years period, and throughout most career, while having a token great game in the sb. he did good, but not wowing….

    • boyblue122

      How Rodgers was graded worse than Blake Bortles this week is insane

  • Brian

    I love you guys and this site, provides me with stats I always wanted but figured just didnt exist (like “true” passing yards, under pressure QBs, coverage, linemen etc) but as non Packers fan I do question the Rodgers grade. I get it: stats dont tell the whole story and players can make the QB look better, all that but rodgers looked perfect to me. Saw barely any off throws, great decision making, superb mobility. Usually I dont comment and ultimately trust your grades, but I dont know about this one

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      i’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you, but wanted to say thank u for writing your opinion out thoughtfully unlike all the other tards on this particular thread

    • Madderton

      I’m not sure how a person could actually make the case that a Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, Mariota or a Ryan Mallett played better in week 3 than Rodgers. Seems to me like their entire rating systems needs to be tossed in the trash can.

      I do like the explanation though how Rodgers was downgraded for a play where there was a fumble that never actually happened because there was a penalty.

      • http://careersreport.com Sharic Cioffi

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  • WarBoychun24

    Lol this is where PFF is straight up looney tunes sometimes with it’s “grading” semantics. A-Rod is the current best QB in the NFL, sorry Shady Brady lovers, A-Rod could thrive in any system – Tommy Boy and his 1 yard screen pass dink and dunk attack since 2001 is all he can do save for the Moss season, and he has been for years now. Killer instinct, mobility, rocket arm (with touch & accuracy) and he killed it last night constantly vs. a good KC pass rush.

  • Zach Bailey

    Just a thought. PFF seems to look over everything, but do they rate the free plays Rodgers seems to get more than any other qb due to his hard count? That is a huge part of his game/success. Just curious if anyone knows.

  • GorillaWrrior Billy

    I agreed, this was a great piece, as I said during MNF & after to friends and family, that Rodgers game wasn’t as great as it was on paper – this only comfirms it. The refs were absolutely horrible, helping Green Bay keep drives going in the 1st half (that otherwise would have ended.) They let the GB O-Line use blatant holding whenever Lacy/Stark hit the hole for a large run (until Pack took 14-0 lead – only after the 3rd or 4th big run & the lead, did Refs call a 10 yd holding, final play of the 1st, on GB OL Bakhtiari as he’d gotten away with it all Qtr (even Gruden slightly mentioned it, but holding had been obvious before this run, even. Not so much here, although it was a hold. ) Also, the First TD of the game was a Ty Montogomery push-off.) That’s OK, I can still watch through some missed calls. But. ..Then there were illegal contact calls (the one on Eric Berry was ridiculous, a total joke, ) and then on GB side – Cobb would’ve had 4 TDs, however they called “Offensive PI ,” for that ticky-tack new rule as Ty was slightly “blocking downfield,” (which, technically he was blocking, but barely started, and just a few yards in front of Cobb) but it’s importance, as it negated the Packers TD, was a clear ‘MAKE-UP CALL,’ by refs to KC , As it happened 2 PLAYS after for their horrible on the most important play : the negated KCs Bailey Sack-Fumble (Hali recovery) Turnover by Aaron Rodgers. It was because of some bickering in the endzone between Cobb and Cooper (in replay, Cobb was holding onto HIS jersey, pulling him in retaliation – it was even more aggressive than Cooper (whom they called the 5 yard illegal contact on, **also called on 3rd & 2,** which negated the Sack/fumble of Rodgers.) If anything, that was a non-call & ‘let them play,’ situation, or, if refs are going to be trivial – a foul on both. It’s part of the game; Had it NOT been called, it would’ve turned the momentum to KC bc they’d JUST scored to make it 14-7. It could’ve been a closer (fair ) game as the TO was in the Red Zone.

    That being said, after KC started getting blown out, Gaines left, etc – Cobb was THE Man, making moves on a tired, worn-out KC secondary who, especially on the Tds (and one called back) were unable to get to &/or touch Cobb before he got the TD. So it wasn’t so much A-Rod, as it was Cobb and the horrible DB play – especially in the 2nd half.

    Good report on this. However, 19 TOTAL penalties called, 7 on KC, 12 on GB (although most on KC came in critical downs/plays, whereas GB, they came out 2nd half, and almost in attempt by refs to make it ‘closer, ‘ ) which begs me to question if it’s an NFL/ratings scenario (as in a blowout, everyone who isnt a fan of either team changes the channel?) If this was just 1 game, I wouldn’t bring it up..
    ** – as a former player I’ve watched my share of film, and I watch NFL games similarly, rewinding many plays and using slow motion – so I am wondering if you have noticed the fouls (both calls & non-calls) — during ALL 6 2015 PrimeTime games (TNF, SNF, MNF??) I have seen them as almost predetermined &/or refs just picking ‘something,’ on ANY certain/given play. It makes watching unbearable lately, and not sure if it is because Refs are also in early season form, or something entirely different (Ratings attempt ) ? I cant be the only one who’s noticed how inconsistent it’s been from play-to-play, Qtr-to-Otr & with certain teams/situations gaining much more favor than others…