Justin Gilbert’s troubles continue for Browns

Last year's top-10 draft pick struggled in 2014, and he isn't off to a great start so far this preseason, either.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

(AP Photo/Ron Schwane)

Justin Gilbert’s troubles continue for Browns

Justin Gilbert described his performance in Thursday night’s preseason game as “flawless.” Our grades had a different opinion. Gilbert allowed 4 of 8 passes into his coverage for 46 yards and finished with a -1.9 overall grade. What the raw stats don’t show though is that Gilbert had a complete coverage bust on the first drive of the game that ended with Pierre Garcon dropping a would-be 61-yard touchdown.

There were also several reports from the Browns’ scrimmage with the Bills Monday that Gilbert was a liability in coverage. One writer went so far as to say he’s “never seen such a rough day.”

After playing 373 snaps as a rookie, Gilbert needs to turn things around quickly or he could be a man without a role in the Browns’ defense. Every returning starter from the Browns’ secondary, including nickel back K’Waun Williams, was positively graded in coverage last season.

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  • Tim Edell

    You really have to wonder how the Browns view their young CBs (Gilbert, Williams, Desir, Gaines) with the recent pickup of over-the-hill Aaron Ross.

    • http://earthsdestructionchronicle.blogspot.com/ The Observer

      No, not the case. The Browns “view” two of their young CBs favorably. K. Williams ranked “sixth-highest coverage grade of all cornerbacks” in 2014, per Pro Football Focus. How favorably is that? They are pinning some high hopes on Desir who has been getting good grades so far and it is far too early to make any case good or bad on Gaines. Gilbert has physical assets but has been torched a number of times. He can turn things around this year or slip out into bust territory, one or the other. Why they picked up Aaron Ross bewilders me. The CB and S positions are the two best position groups on the Browns so that pick up with the first cut looming is baffling.

      • Tim Edell

        That is how PFF grades Williams not necessarily how the Browns view him. But it is very baffling why they would even pick up Ross.

  • herewegobrowniesherewego

    There’s no way all three of the OKState 1st round stars (Weeden, Blackmon, Gilbert) can flop – right?

    He’s been disappointing, yes, but he still got a yellow rating in the most recent depth chart (consistent with a -1.9,) and the team has also shown patience with Mingo in a similar situation (another high 1st rounder.) A lot of it is merely Gilbert looking bad by comparison when several other DB rotation guys are green.

    A lot of people on OBR are saying he shouldn’t make the final 53 which is a bit silly. The bottom few guys on virtually every roster are flat-out bad.