Jimmy Garoppolo has a long way to go

The Patriots' fill-in quarterback really struggled in his first preseason action in 2015.

| 2 years ago
Jimmy Garoppolo

(AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

Jimmy Garoppolo has a long way to go

Those of you wishing for lightening to strike twice may want to look away. Because while Tom Brady took the ball and ran with it when presented with a starting opportunity, the evidence suggests that Jimmy Garoppolo isn’t ready to do the same yet.

In his most significant action since his last preseason outing just under a year ago, many had hoped to see a second year leap. Instead all they got was confirmation that Tom Brady, suspension or not, is going nowhere. Garoppolo struggled all night long and while his receivers (chiefly Josh Boyce) didn’t help him, there’s no denying that he showed a lack of awareness in the pocket and failed to show the kind of accuracy a starting quarterback needs.

It’s why he earned the lowest grade of the night (-4.7) with nothing highlighting his struggles like a couple of dropped interceptions on under thrown deep balls by Quintin Rollins. Instead of making a claim for a starting spot he’s opened up questions as to whether he’s a worthy backup, completing just two passes (on nine attempts) on passes thrown over 10 yards in the air.

Patriots can hope that the blitz heavy Packers have given him plenty of lumps to learn from them. Only time will tell if he does.

  • Michael Moskaitis

    Khaled: U need to proof your article, JimmyG is a QB not a CB. He played w/ no first team WRs/TE, and his OL allowed too much pressure on him. So, these stats don’t matter much.That’s why the NFL has a preseason- Practice!!

    • SportsFan

      Reading writing that is full of misinformation & mistakes (also it’s “lightning” – no “en”) is the writing equivalent of watching a QB throw a careless interception or going to someone’s home & it’s a pigsty – not fun & people don’t want to have to do it again if it keeps up. Simply proof read 3-4 times & ask someone who is good at writing to proof read. Want to make money at writing? Be good at it, not sloppy & careless.

    • BradyHOF

      Then again, it’s not like the Packers were playing their defensive starters (Casey, Clay, Daniels, etc.) much if at all.

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  • rogue

    The Pats should trade for Mike Glennon. He was scouted by Greg Schiano and has had some success as an NFL starter. He’s got a strong arm. JimmyG looks the same as last year: uncomfortable in the pocket, slow in his reads, etc. He also looks bad in practice too. He could be a bust.

    • bobrulz

      Bucs aren’t getting rid of Glennon unless they have a hell of a trade offer (in which case that team must be REALLY desperate). If they trade away Glennon, they have no safety net in case Winston falls on his face or gets injured.

      • rogue

        They have to trade Glennon. When you pick a QB with the #1 overall pick, you can’t have a “safety net”. You must be a Bucs fan if you think they will get a king’s ransom for him. It’s not like he’s been super awesome in his time in TB. He’s a former 3rd round pick who got benched for McCown in 2015.

        The only reason I hypothesized a Pats trade for Glennon is due to the fact that he was scouted by Schiano, BB’s buddy, and that his days in Tampa are numbered. Glennon has a cannon arm, and has ideal size.

        That said, his career PFF passing only grade is only -3.4, but has shown he can play. JimmyG hasn’t. He looks like a deer in the headlights when he’s in the pocket.

        • Ben Peterson

          Why do they “have to trade Glennon”? They have literally no incentive to do so. Did you read the second part of that statment he made? “In case Winston…gets injured”. THAT’S the bigger concern.

          • rogue

            It’s par for the course. Coach/GM scouts QB. Coach/GM is delighted to draft said QB in the 3rd round. Coach/GM is (are) fired. New GM hires his own coach. New Coach/GM brings their own vision and paradigm to the team. New Coach/GM drafts QB with the first overall pick. New Coach/GM wants to purge remnants of previous Coach/GM. Incumbent QB can read the handwriting on the wall. New Coach/GM isn’t going to allow him to win starting job at the expense of their own #1 QB. If incumbent QB out performs #1 rookie QB, they will look incompetent. Incumbent QB know this. He realizes that he’s got no future with current team and wants out. Team reviews incumbent QB’s contract and realizes that if they don’t trade him this season, they will likely to be forced to cut him prior to the 2016 season (will save $828,281 in cap), but will get nothing for him.

            Bottom Line: you don’t stick with someone else’s draft picks. When you draft a QB #1, he had better not be a bust. The Bucs management will do everything possible to give Winston every chance to succeed. Glennon has only got 2 years left before becoming a UFA. If they hold onto him this year, they will get less for him next year. TB made their decision. Personally, I thought it was a dumb one. Winston was overrated coming out of FSU and his off-field rep doesn’t help. The Bucs are a stupid organization.

          • bobrulz

            Literally your entire reasoning is “Glennon might be unhappy as the backup and they have a new coaching staff so they should trade him”. And really, do you think they’re that concerned about saving $800,000?? That’s chump change for any organization, and a completely reasonable amount to spend if Winston gets injured or arrested.

        • bobrulz

          Uhhhhh when you draft a QB in the first round that is the MOST important time to have a safety net. What if he gets injured? What if he’s JaMarcus Russell levels of awful? The 3rd QB on Tampa Bay is literally Seth Lobato. Look at Washington – they drafted a safety net with Kirk Cousins in the 4th, and that seems to have been a good move (RG3 is obviously better…when he’s healthy).

          The ideal backup for a young QB is a seasoned veteran who’s not good enough to take the starting job away from him, or will be around for only a short period of time. But the Bucs don’t have that. They still need Glennon. They don’t “have” to trade him. In fact, they could easily keep him around through his rookie contract (so through 2016), or if Winston has a good rookie year, they could trade him AFTER this season and sign a veteran for 2016. But they would be stupid to trade Glennon this year.

          And of course I know that they’re not going to get an amazing trade offer for Glennon. That would be stupid of any team to do…but it doesn’t make any sense at all to say that they have to trade Glennon. That actually might be the worst thing they could do right now.