Jets: Landry impresses

| 2 years ago

Jets: Landry impresses

PFF-headlinesWhile the 2014 season hasn’t been one to remember for the New York Jets, there have been some notably strong performers in green. One such player is safety Dawan Landry, whose +11.0 overall grade ranks ninth among safeties.

Landry has been at his best in run defense, where his +5.4 grade is the eighth-best mark by any safety this season. Landry has 29 tackles and 12 solo stops against the run without missing a single tackle. He has been slightly less solid tackling in space, with three missed tackles in the passing game, even so his 27.7 Combined Tackling Efficiency is the second-best performance among safeties.

While his best work has come in run support, Landry has also enjoyed a solid season in coverage, a +4.0 coverage grade and allowing 0.44 Yards per Cover Snap are both respectable marks for a starting safety.

Landry enters free agency this offseason, and his play this season should be strong enough to ensure there is interest in his services, whether that’s in New York or further afield.

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  • Christian Ochse

    Shows how foolish the Pryor pick was.

    • Raj Chudgar

      Landry was awful this year, PFF is funny sometimes. Not syaing Pryor was any better.