Jeremy Maclin poised to thrive in Kansas City offense

The wide receiver had a strong showing in the Chiefs' third preseason game.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

(AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Jeremy Maclin poised to thrive in Kansas City offense

Jeremy Maclin looks tailor-made for this Kansas City offense after their third preseason game, in which he caught seven passes for 65 yards and a touchdown.

That may come of no great surprise to those who know his history — coming from an extended time in Philadelphia in Andy Reid’s offense — but Maclin’s career year came under Chip Kelly and not Reid.

Last season Maclin posted 10 touchdowns after averaging 6.5 in the previous four years in Reid’s offense. He tallied 1,318 receiving yards after never topping a thousand under Reid and averaging 863 over that span. Given the numbers, there was a good argument that it was Kelly’s offense — not Reid’s — that suited Maclin.

The Chiefs handed Maclin a five-year $55-million contract during free agency suggesting they knew better, and his performance last night suggested they were correct.

The third preseason game is typically the one most like the regular season — it is the game that the starting units play the longest and looks the most like real NFL action. Maclin caught all seven of the passes sent his way and showed some nice skill after the catch, reaching up over cornerback Perrish Cox and then tapdancing down the sidelines for the score.

Maclin certainly had his best year under Chip Kelly, but perhaps that was more a product of finally being the number one guy than it was the system. In Kansas City he’ll have that role again, and looks set to flourish.

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  • Izach

    I think they hit on the nail with being a number 1 WR, maclins break out was just as much chips offense as it was finally being the number 1 target. The way I see it with birds WRs so poor around Maclin he’s about to get the target volume he’s never had in philly with Reid, I’d say if you combine his numbers and gave him all of Djax short throw production from their years in philly that will be his year in KC looking forward to seeing it

  • donnie johnson

    Looks like Kansas City should be the AFC favorite.

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