In the Trenches – Week 10

Ross Miles revisits in-the-box snap percentages for defensive backs.

| 3 years ago
T.J. McDonald Rams

In the Trenches – Week 10

T.J. McDonald RamsEach week I’ll be using data from PFF and around the web to give some insight into IDP fantasy football, and how using these metrics can lead to finding undervalued players, potential breakouts and sleepers.

This week I want to look at how you can find hidden value with defensive backs, in particular safeties, as well as knowing which style of safety to avoid, as I did in the Week 2 and Week 6 columns in this series.

In-the-Box Safeties Recap

One of PFF’s signature statistics, which can be very revealing for fantasy purposes, is the percentage of run snaps a safety plays within eight yards of the line of scrimmage. This means the safety had dropped down into the box to help stuff the running game, and has an increased chance of making a tackle.

In 2012, seven of the top 12 safeties using the PFF IDP scoring system played more snaps in the box than the league average (34.9 percent) for starting safeties, and of the other five Eric Weddle had seven interceptions, Stevie Brown had eight, and then Harrison Smith had three, but returned two for touchdowns.

In 2013, ten of the top 12 safeties were playing within eight yards of the line of scrimmage above league average (37.1 percent), with one of the exceptions being All-World free safety, Earl Thomas, who made five interceptions last year.

The trend is clear, safeties who spend more time in the box than their counterparts are likely to have better statistical seasons, and therefore have more fantasy value. The visa versa is true. Safeties who protect the deep middle are less likely to be fantasy impact players unless they are elite ballhawks, and even then, it’s very difficult to break into that top tier (see Byrd, Jairus).To read the entire article, please login or sign up for a PFF Membership

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Ross Miles is a lead fantasy writer on PFF Fantasy. He contributes IDP content to the site. He was the 2011 winner of the FantasyPros IDP Expert Rankings contest for both weekly in-season rankings and also for pre-season rankings and finished second in IDP rankings in 2012 and 2015. Ross is also a member of the FSWA.

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