IDP Lineup Decisions – Week 11

Nate Hodges takes a look at who to start and who to sit on the defensive side of the ball in Week 11.

| 3 years ago
Everson Griffen

IDP Lineup Decisions – Week 11

griffenIn this weekly column I’ll highlight some top IDP options that aren’t always “must-start” players. I’ll also hit on some of the players most likely to disappoint this week.

Here’s complete season and weekly projections that can be customized to your league’s scoring for all those tough start/sit calls. For specific questions you can always ask me via twitter @NateNFL.

Defensive Line


Everson Griffen DL2 vs CHI

I really like starting players after their bye week. Even if the player hasn’t been dealing with an injury publicly they’re all beat up with the normal wear and tear of the NFL.

Griffen had the bye last week. He’s also posted at least one sack in his last five games. Jay Cutler holds the ball too long and the Bears are a train wreck.

Even if Griffen’s impressive sack streak comes to an end, he should still come through in the tackle department. He’s posted at least six combined tackles in three out of his last four contest. That’s an impressive number for a defensive lineman.

Geno Atkins DL2 vs NO

Atkins always seems to end up on the border each week. Last week he came up small but I’d still roll him out again especially if you need a defensive tackle.

For general defensive linemen leagues he’s barely inside the top 24 so hopefully you have better options. But if the bye weeks are still an issue I would use Atkins as a boom or bust play against the Saints.

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  • Nick Faria

    Where is the start and sit em articles on offensives players? This article isn’t what paying subscribers are looking for. How many people are really in money leagues with defensive players? What a waste. This entire website is set up difficult so not user friendly. I’m sorry I donated 25 dollars to read these points less articles. You won’t get me back next year as a paying customer. I will let all who I know this site is trash. Let me give you a start em sit em on def players.. and some silly Wr/Cb chart that is totally a waste of time on predictions of wr points.

    • SteveS

      Are you being serious or is this just a troll job? Hit the back button from this article and look to the left. There are about 4 articles which will answer your “start em, sit em” questions…including the WR/CB matchup chart (which is awesome by the way). If you don’t get how these articles can help you then you are right…you are probably wasting the $25.

    • jeezee

      I’m in a big money league that has IDP slots. Sorry you don’t find any value in this and the “points less articles”, but I assure you some of us do.

      Also, there’s a *massive* amount of info regarding offensive players on this site. Most sites have obvious info along the lines of “START THIS RUNNING BACK WHO HAS BEEN RED HOT AND IS UP AGAINST A BAD RUN D!”, or conversely “SIT YOUR RUNNING BACK, HE’S PLAYING THE LIONS”. What good is telling you obvious stuff you already know?

      The WR/CB match-up chart is almost worth the cost of admission itself. And for those of us in keeper/dynasty leagues that don’t follow college ball, the dev stuff is super handy as well. There’s also weekly projections which you can use to make sit/start decisions.

      IIRC, Mike Clay (who runs this shiz) has received awards for highest prediction accuracy in previous years, which I would think would be worth something to you – I know it is for me. If not, ESPN and about a billion other sites will highlight specific names for you.