PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 8

It's that time of the week, which players stood out, in a bad way in Week 8.

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PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 8

Ugh. Yuck. Ugggggg-ly.

Just some of the words to come out of your mouth when watching some of the guys who made the ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 8.

Yep, whether they overthrew a receiver, got beat on a double move, or missed a plethora of tackles, we noticed. And since we noticed it, it’s only fair that you guys get enlightened as well.


Quarterback: Mark Sanchez, NYJ (-6.6)

At one point he was the “Sanchize”. Later he was the “Franchez”. Now? Well now he’s “the guy who makes Tim Tebow seem like a viable quarterback”. Was beyond woeful against Miami.

Running Back: Felix Jones, DAL (-2.7)

He fumbled once and then picked up 19 yards on 13 carries. Safe to say that Felix Jones jersey sales are down in Dallas.

Full Back: Stanley Havili, PHI (-2.1)

Really didn’t help out his running back much when Atlanta rolled into town.

Tight End: Antonio Gates, SD (-4.1)

In tough conditions offered little as a receiver (including dropping a tough but catchable ball). But it was his run blocking that was really disappointing. He was slow out of his stance and couldn’t sustain anything.

Wide Receivers: Robert Meachem, SD (-3.2) and Devery Henderson, NO (-3.3)

We reunite Meachem with his ex-Saints colleague as the two posted identical stat lines. Thrown at three times with zero receptions. Henderson dropped only one, while Meachem doubled that and put forth his entry for drop of the season. It was that bad.

Tackles: D’Anthony Batiste, ARZ (-2.4) and Byron Bell, CAR (-3.1)

The weird thing? This was a lot better than expected from Batiste who gave up ‘only’ two sacks, a hit and two hurries. A career day of sorts. Bell had his hands full all game long, with the Chicago defensive ends having all sorts of fun against him.

Guards: Jeff Allen, LG (-9.3) and Peter Konz, ATL (-3.9)

The most remarkable thing about the team this week? That Amini Silatolu (-9.0) doesn’t make the team. Credit to Jeff Allen, who played that badly to render that grade only the second-worst of the week. Meanwhile the right guard is rookie Peter Konz, thus dashing the hopes of anyone who drew out his name in the office pool for rookie of the year. Tough break.

Center: Ryan Cook, DAL (-3.6)

One thing I didn’t think I’d ever say after last year is how much the Cowboys miss Phil Costa. Watching Ryan Cook makes that possible.


Defensive Front 4-3

Defensive Ends: Elvis Dumervil, DEN (-5.9) and Chris Long, SL (-3.6)

Bad day for Dumervil who watched Von Miller make plays while he struggled against Jermon Bushrod. Meanwhile over in London, Chris Long continued his recent poor form with a one-hurry day. Rare you see back-to-back limp performances from the former first-rounder, which does make you question what’s going on there. Travel sickness?

Defensive Tackle: Mike Martin, TEN (-4.5) and Jonathan Babineaux (-3.8)

Every since I went into overdrive praising Martin he’s kind of stunk up the joint. This was as bad as he’s looked since entering the league. In Philadelphia, the Falcons tried to get creative with where they lined Babineaux up. The upshot, he looked a little out of sorts.

Linebackers: Justin Durant, DET (-3.6), James Laurinaitis, SL (-4.4) and Jonathan Vilma, NO (-2.9)

Saints fans will be glad that in a season of such change, the performance of Jonathan Vilma is one constant. Yep, he’s still graded negatively. Durant was left exposed by the Lions’ coverage schemes on his way to giving up 121 yards on eight receptions. He may be grateful for a return to two-down duty. Laurinaitis found life hard going against the Pats, as he was all too often rendered redundant on plays.

Defensive Front 3-4

Defensive Line: Vaughn Martin, SD (-3.1), Antonio Johnson, IND (-3.4) and Clifton Geathers, IND (-2.9)

Another sub-standard display from Martin who at times flashes enough to make you think he can handle being a starter at this level, before all too often failing. Geathers got on the field for only 17 snaps, and it was easy to see why as he was bullied by the Titans’ offensive line. Geathers can at least take comfort in not being the only Colt on the line, thanks to another poor showing from Johnson.

Outside Linebackers: Jerry Hughes, IND (-6.3) and Erik Walden, GB (-3.6)

Just when you think Jerry Hughes has turned a corner he starts to resemble his 2011 (and 2010) self. Walden has rarely received praised from us, and when you let Cameron Bradfield shut you down you get an idea why.

Inside Linebackers: London Fletcher, WAS (-3.5) and Lawrence Timmons, PIT (-3.1)

Blame it on age or injury, but the artist formerly known as LFB is really struggling these days. He added three more missed tackles to his total for the year. In the same game, it seems odd that at one stage we thought Timmons was about to break out as one of the league’s top linebackers. Season 2010 was so long ago.

Cornerbacks: DeAngelo Hall, WAS (-5.2) and Patrick Robinson, NO (-3.7)

Yep, it would appear MeAngelo has returned. He was awful when he was on the field and awful when he was ejected from it. Robinson at least behaved himself. Shame his coverage (109 yards allowed on seven targets) was so bad.

Safeties: Atari Bigby, SD (-4.0) and Quintin Mikell, SL (-3.9)

Mikell spent part of his time in London trying to cover Rob Gronkowski. It did not go well. No excuses for Bigby who missed four tackles and got himself caught out of position a number of times in coverage.


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