Had a Bad Day Team, Week 6

It's time for Khaled Elsayed to name and shame the worst performers from Week 6 in an eventful NFL week.

| 5 years ago

Had a Bad Day Team, Week 6

Sorry guys, we noticed.

Noticed when you dropped a pass. Noticed when you missed a tackle. Noticed when you overthrew a receiver.

Nothing gets past the eyes of the staff at Pro Football Focus, and it’s with that in mind we welcome you to our ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of the week.


Quarterback: Alex Smith, SF (-3.8)

How quickly things change. Last week Smith was riding high on our Team of the Week. Against the Giants he truly had a bad day on his way to the lowest grade of any quarterback this week.

Running Back: Darren McFadden, OAK (-3.3)

There are times when McFadden looks like a genuinely elite back. Then there are games when he fumbles the ball away, gives up a pressure and drops a pass while doing little else than you’d expect from your average tailback. His game against Atlanta fits into the latter of those two categories.

Full Back: Lex Hilliard, NYJ (-1.9)

The versatile Hilliard has managed to catch on with a number of teams without ever really impressing. Against the Colts he failed to get any movement with his lead blocking, regularly getting stood up as his running backs were forced to change direction.

Tight End: Brent Celek, PHI (-2.6)

A tough day for Celek who didn’t help his quarterback out by dropping three of seven catchable balls thrown his way.

Wide Receivers: Kevin Ogletree, DAL (-3.8) and Titus Young, DET (-2.3)

There aren’t many times you’ll see a wide receiver get pinged for four penalties but such was life for Ogletree who didn’t catch any of the three balls aimed at him. Young walked away with a drop and just six yards from his Sunday outing. Or 0.17 yards per route he run. Either way it’s not great.

Tackles: Demetress Bell, PHI (-5.7) and Anthony Davis, SF (-3.4)

Remember when the Eagles had the best left tackle in the league? Not so much now with Bell giving up a terrible four quarterback hits and five hurries. Similarly Davis had his struggles by allowing three sacks, a hit and six hurries. Neither man will be happy with that.

Guards: Quinn Ojinnaka, IND (-3.7) and Adam Snyder, ARZ (-5.2)

Two penalties and two hits summed up a bad day for Ojinnaka. That didn’t compare to how bad Snyder was, with the former 49er constantly beaten off the snap on his way to giving up two hits and five hurries.

Center: Dan Koppen, DEN (-2.6)

We’ve seen worse from centers before, but at this rate Koppen is looking like a considerable downgrade from what the Broncos had in J.D. Walton.

Defensive Front 4-3

Defensive Ends: Willie Young, DET (-3.1) and Jermaine Cunningham, NE (-2.1)

Two guys who were given a chance to shine both disappointed. Young has been particularly frustrating after starring in a limited role last year and in preseason, he’s just failed to deliver when it has counted.

Defensive Tackle: Cullen Jenkins, PHI (-3.0) and Kyle Love, NE (-2.1)

You accept that sometimes Jenkins will get himself taken out of running plays. You don’t accept him failing to generate more than one hurry given pressure on the QB is what his game is about. Love found himself head to head with Max Unger on one more than occasion, failing to make much of an impact as the Seahawks took him out of the game.

Linebackers: Akeem Ayers, TEN (-3.7), Akeem Dent, ATL (-4.4) and Sean Weatherspoon, ATL (-2.0)

Tough day for Ayers who missed three tackles while giving up all three balls into his coverage. Weatherspoon made some plays but all too often found himself washed out in the run game. Weatherspoon is joined by his Falcons teammate Dent who was asked to play an every down role for the first time in his career and responded by looking out of his depth.

Defensive Front 3-4

Defensive Line: Darnell Dockett, ARZ (-4.3), Barry Cofield, WAS (-3.7) and Ricardo Mathews, IND (-3.4)

There are times when you watch Barry Cofield playing nose tackle and just wonder how it came to be for the once excellent DT; this week overmatched against John Sullivan. Our two ends both had games to forget, with Dockett neutralized with relative ease by a Bills team that was actually concentrating more manpower on Calais Campbell. Meanwhile Mathews seemed to spend more time falling over onto the floor than he did actually making plays. He looked lightweight against the Jets’ offensive line.

Outside Linebackers: Ryan Kerrigan, WAS (-4.6) and Paul Kruger, BLT (-3.8)

What has happened to Kerrigan the past couple of weeks? Outside of two quarterback hurries he got nothing against Phil Loadholt. Kruger excelled as a situational pass rusher last year, made our previous TOTW but flopped in this game against a rejuvenated Cowboys line.

Inside Linebackers: Jameel McClain, BLT (-3.7) and Jovan Belcher, KC (-3.1)

With Ray Lewis out for the year Baltimore needs McClain to step up. His performance against the Cowboys, where he missed two tackles, will hardly offer much hope for the future. Joining him is Belcher who picked up just the one defensive stop in an uncharacteristically quiet day.

Cornerbacks: Janoris Jenkins, SL (-4.0) and DeAngelo Hall, WAS (-4.5)

It could easily have gone to Ike Taylor, Antonio Cromartie or Jimmy Smith who all committed three penalties, but the duo of Jenkins and Hall (who gave up 194 yards combined) just edged it for this dubious honor.

Safeties: Thomas Decoud, ATL (-4.0) and Kendrick Lewis, KC (-2.6)

The weird thing about Decoud is he used to be such a sure tackler. He missed four in this game and now has 11 on the year. Lewis himself missed two and didn’t look 100% on his return to the team.



  • Bubs Solo

    Dockett making this team is a bit of a shocker…then again this is the first game back after missing time with a leg injury. He will need a better game this weekend in Minny.

    • Khaled Elsayed

      The interesting thing is Campbell was drawing a lot of double teams when Bills run. Dockett left one on one & outside of one play did nothing. Always been a bit streaky for my money. Obviously capable, but nowhere near as consistent as Calais

  • Lidman

    Yes, Cromartie had 3 penalties, but 2 of them were questionable calls, at best. Overall, he set a tone and took Wayne out of the game, a week after Luck/Wayne combined for the best receiving day in Wayne’s career.

    • Khaled Elsayed

      You can debate the questionable calls, but you can’t debate he should have given up a touchdown after getting beaten on a double move

  • DerDings

    W00t! It is the first time this season, the Cards don’t have a Tackle (eventough, there’s a guard^^) in the HaBDT.

  • RobDX

    Seems that ankle is acting up on love again

  • izach

    cant say i agree with no steelers player being on the list, losing to the titans should put the whole team minus heath miller ( who has been on fire all season) on the bad day list, maybe since it was a thursday game it wasnt fresh in the PFF writers mind. i distinctly remember ike taylor having a pretty bad day

    • izach

      a slight mention of how bad ike taylor was i guess is enough to count, should probably read every word first lol my bad