‘Had a Bad Day’ Team, Week 4

Purely in the interest of balance, Khaled Elsayed points out a few professionals who should have taken the weekend off work.

| 4 years ago

‘Had a Bad Day’ Team, Week 4

2013-bad-dayIn an ideal world, everyone would play to their best and we’d be left with nothing but praise to give to players.

This isn’t an ideal world.

For whatever reason, guys don’t always play well in the National Football League. It may be that they lack talent, that they suffer from inexperience, or they may just be having one of those days. Regardless, we’re here to hold them to account, whether it be an undrafted free agent starting his first game, or a 10-time All Pro at the peak of his powers.

Let’s see who made the Had a Bad Day Team for Week 4.

(Note: Team will be updated after Monday Night Football games are analyzed and on Wednesday when All-22 footage helps us study plays in even more detail where needed with a * noting a change)


Quarterback: Joe Flacco, BAL (-7.3)

Sometimes you can throw five picks and be unlucky. Sometimes you have to think it could have been worse. Showing a disregard for defenders, Flacco flung the ball here and there with little care as to where it ended up. His high ceiling took the day off, and his low floor took center stage.

Dishonorable Mention: Mike Glennon (TB)

Running Back: Daryl Richardson, SL (-4.1)

It’s not just the 1.3 yards per carry he averaged on his 12 carries. It’s that his pass blocking became an issue as NaVorro Bowman bullied him when blitzing.

Dishonorable Mention: Rashard Mendenhall (ARZ)

Full Back: Jerome Felton, MIN (-2.5)

Not the return to the lineup Felton was hoping for. Largely ignored with his running back breaking 10 tackles, but worth keeping an eye on.

Dishonorable Mention: Frank Summers (BUF)

Tight End: Brandon Myers, NYG (-3.6)

One target and his usual woeful blocking. Myers arrival was the team signing a tight end on the cheap, and the garbage time volume of his receptions in Oakland isn’t lending itself to making a meaningful impression for the G-Men.

Dishonorable Mention: Logan Paulsen (WAS)

Wide Receivers: Roddy White, ATL (-2.9) and Mike Wallace, MIA (-3.3)

A tough day for White, who dropped two and got flagged for a penalty as he still doesn’t look anywhere near his best. Not a great showing from Wallace, dropping two passes and only catching three of eight targets.

Dishonorable Mention: DeAndre Hopkins (HST) and Stevie Johnson (BUF)

Tackles: Mike Adams, PIT (-4.1) and Jordan Mills, CHI (-7.0)

The Steelers passed a lot and it gave Jared Allen ample time to work over Adams. The end result was the left tackle giving up three sacks, two hits and one hurry on the Wembley turf. On the right side, the rookie right tackles were at it again, with Mills the man struggling the most. Six hurries allowed and getting flagged for two penalties is not a good return.

Dishonorable Mention: Michael Bowie (SEA) and Paul McQuistan (SEA)

Guards: Vladimir Ducasse, NYJ (-5.3) and J.R. Sweezy, SEA (-4.7)

It was only two weeks ago Ducasse was manhandling Vince Wilfork. It’s gone horribly wrong for him since then, and this was as bad as it gets. A nightmare in pass protection, he yielded a hit and six horrible horries. Joining him, Sweezy had to contend with J.J. Watt and suffice to say it didn’t go well.

Dishonorable Mention: Will Rackley (JAX) and Brandon Brooks (HST)

Center: Scott Wells, SL (-6.7)

Ouch. Glenn Dorsey didn’t need many snaps to make Wells look out of his depth, and when he was done the rest of the team had no problems following up. A big part of why the Rams couldn’t get their run game going.

Dishonorable Mention: Gino Gradkowski (BAL)


Each week we put forward a hybrid defense that features two edge rushers (4-3 defensive ends or 3-4 outside linebackers), three players on the “interior” of the defensive line (3-4 defensive ends or defensive tackles) and two linebackers (all inside linebackers and 4-3 outside linebackers).

Defensive Interior – Ends: Peria Jerry, ATL (-3.1) and Nick Hayden, DAL (-3.2)

Jerry didn’t enjoy himself against the Patriots’ fast-paced attack, often caught out of place and rarely troubling the ball carrier. The Cowboys’ Hayden did at least produce three hurries. but had a poor day against the run.

Dishonorable Mention: Jonathan Babineaux (ATL) and Tony McDaniel (SEA)

Defensive Interior – Nose: Earl Mitchell, HST (-4.0)

The only stat Mitchell put on the box scores was a missed tackle, as he was surprisingly kept very quiet by Lemuel Jeanpierre.

Dishonorable Mention: Vance Walker (OAK)

Edge Rushers: Shea McClellin, CHI (-3.4) and Courtney Upshaw, BAL* (-3.1)

It’s time to start worrying about McClellin. He’s there to bring pressure but right now it just isn’t happening for him, and he’s looking a little out of his depth. Sophomore Upshaw is meant to be better against the run than he let on against the Bills.

Dishonorable Mention: Mario Williams (BUF) and Michael Johnson (CIN)

Linebackers: Daryl Sharpton (HST) (-5.0) and Vince Williams (PIT) (-4.3)

Sharpton made four tackles. The problem is he missed three, got beat for a first down and did little as a blitzer. Williams himself missed two tackles but floundered against the run against a physical Vikings outfit.

Dishonorable Mention: Donald Butler (SD) and Erin Henderson (MIN)

Cornerbacks: Josh Robinson, MIN (-6.2) and Cary Williams, PHI (-3.8)

Another day, another poor showing from Robinson. He allowed 12 of 14 balls into his coverage for 126 yards as he struggles to adapt to his new role. Meanwhile, Williams was the latest in a long line of defensive backs to disappoint against Denver.

Dishonorable Mention: Cortez Allen (PIT) and Morris Claiborne (DAL)

Safeties: John Cyprien, JAX (-4.5) and Harrison Smith, MIN* (-2.6)

You don’t see teams playing rookies for a reason, and the play of the Jaguars’ safeties is a prime example of it. Cyprien was the bigger culprit here which was enough to earn him a spot next to Harrison Smith who struggled in London.

Dishonorable Mention: Rodney McLeod (SL) and Major Wright (CHI)


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  • DTP

    Shea McClellin is really starting to look like a bust of a 1st round pick. Watching him out there he looks like he’s going through the motions and isn’t getting anywhere near the ball until the play is over.

  • Marima

    Wilfork was dealing with an injury to the same foot he tore his achilles in Week 4. Maybe Ducasse merely looked better against an injured Wilfork.