Grades for Jaguars-Lions

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Jaguars-Lions preseason game.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Grades for Jaguars-Lions

Here are the top takeaways from Friday night’s Lions-Jaguars game, including the highest-graded players for each team:


–Watch out for the bull rush of DT Tyrunn Walker. He got another four hurries, and Jacksonville’s Zane Beadles was the latest guard to find out that once he gets into your pads, the idea of anchoring is easier than the execution.

–QB Matthew Stafford had a solid game. Without big-play WR Calvin Johnson in the lineup, he didn’t do an awful lot long, but he highlighted his readiness for the new year with a pinpoint throw that led to a Golden Tate touchdown and a defensive back falling face-first to the turf.

–DE Phillip Hunt isn’t a former first-round pick, but he sure beat up on one. He turned 23 rushes into three hits and one hurry, including one hard to watch (if you’re a Jaguars fan) bull rush that saw him spring Jags LT Luke Joeckel like a coil.

Top 5 graded players:

DT Tyrunn Walker (+3.1)

S Isa Abdul-Quddus (+2.8)

S Isaiah Johnson (+2.5)

WR Golden Tate (+2.0)

DT Kerry Hyder (+1.7)



— It’s preseason, and Blake Bortles is once again looking like a star QB in August. He was simply fantastic Friday night, and his stat line didn’t do it justice. His ball placement on the deeper and intermediate throws was outstanding.

— Third-year leap for LT Luke Joeckel? Not giving the struggles he had with Phillip Hunt. He should be better than this by now, and while it’s just preseason, it’s a big concern that a second overall pick is giving up so much pressure to second-stringers. Allowing three hits and two more hurries is not good enough.

— The Jaguars roll deep on their defensive line, but if rookie Michael Bennett can practice like he plays then the sixth-rounder might find himself getting some Year One snaps. He had the highest grade on defense.

Top 5 graded players:

QB Blake Bortles (+5.7)

TE Clay Harbor (+2.5)

DT Michael Bennett (+1.6)

C Stefen Wisniewski (+1.5)

S Sergio Brown (+1.4)

  • Tito Puente

    watched the whole thing as a Raider fan finally realizing why they took him over Carr, Bortles looked amazing, even when he threw it out of the end zone…

    but where’s Zack Zenner? (aka Zizou)

    • Rodney Hungerferd

      Shut it, Tito. We’re not nicknaming our RB after a soccer player. As a Raiders fan you should b– wait, they let you near a computer now? Um, wasn’t there a part of your plea deal prohibiting that?

      • Tito Puente

        Dude, this site is only for futbol.

        What is this ‘soccer’ you speak of?


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