Got Time for a Call? Help Us Improve

| 2 years ago

Got Time for a Call? Help Us Improve

new-logo-vert-400x300-dropAt Pro Football Focus we always like to think we’re looking ahead… What can we do more of? What can we do better? What can we do that hasn’t been done? Now, as much as we would like to have all the answers within ‘PFF Towers’, we’re not naïve enough to think that’s the case, which is why we’re asking for your help.

This Wednesday we want some of you — football fans who use and visit PFF — to answer some questions and provide feedback about us. Whether you’re a premium subscriber or not we want to hear from you so that we can best improve on what we do at PFF.

So if you’re interested in having your voice heard and have a spare 15-30 minutes, please drop us an email at [email protected] and leave your phone number. We won’t be able to get to everyone if it ends up as a long list of willing participants, but we’ll get to as many as we can and will arrange a call on Wednesday at a time convenient for you.

Thanks in advance,

The PFF Team


  • Jason Williams

    can’t sign up for the phone call (busy week at work) but I would love to see more slicing and dicing of the numbers.

    Who has been the best at a specific measurable over different periods of time?

    Which teams have had the best/worst safety (or QB or RB or OL or DL) play over different periods of time?

    How do those measurables relate to team’s wins or losses? I tend to think that a lot of really great performances outside of the QB position tend to not correlate with wins very well whereas consistent great QB play relates to winning very closely.

    • Tim Edell

      I would like to see a chart of all Jason’s favorite teams over the course of the year and all his comments he makes on them.

  • R

    When I signed up for Premium Stats I was hoping for more offensive line stats. I can only see grades.

  • Tony Robinson

    One thing I would be interested in seeing is a Defensive stat showing opposing QB Time to throw by team. You could use this to analyze different defenses versus different offensive lines and QB’s. For example: Team A Defense vs Russel Wilson/ 3.4 seconds, Team B vs Russel Wilson/ 2.7 seconds. You could also have a variant of Team A Time to throw season avg 2.9 seconds. You may already have something like that and I have not seen it yet.

    Love the web site.

  • lewk

    A couple reasons why I’m no longer premium:

    1) I expected more in-depth game grades. I know every play is supposed to be reviewed, and I would like to be able to check out how a player’s grade was scored play-by-play. I also think this could lead to more objective data, as its hard to disagree with an overall grade given for a player, but when limited to a specific play, it is much easier to break down.

    2) There’s no real extra analysis with premium. I guess I expected premium articles, but all the articles were on the free portion of the site. I don’t want the free articles to be lessened, but if I’m paying for premium, I want more analysis, not just more data.

  • Jefferson

    I would like to see more stats and rankings on defensive lines as a unit. Comparable to the offensive line scores under signature stats and the annual ranking of offensive lines.

    Some kind of tracking and ranking of total pressures would be a start. The recent article on team blitzing and non-blitzing performance was good but should be made a regular feature and supplemented.

  • tedrin

    I’d grade head coaches too…Too many coaches don’t get graded or scutinized for making boneheaded decisions.

  • Alex

    Perhaps updating the site to be more mobile-device friendly? I imagine plenty of us are spending our time in the john navigating the site..

    Edit: Just noticed this was posted 3/24

  • hfh

    All that in the premium

    Premium 30$ we need more for that price

    1- Coach (Head coach, offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator) grade, how they like to use their players, offensively and defensively. Scheme, pictures, explanation.

    2- Free agency or draft

    This team signed this player, why it will not work. Scheme, pictures, explanation, defensive coordinator vs player signed or drafted, offensive coordinator vs player signed etc….

    3- Depth chart update. (every week during the season, 2 time per month in the offseason)

    previous depth chart, expected depth chart.

    exemple : Why this rookie gonna be a week 5 starter / explanation

    Thanks for your awesome site, love it :)