Giants: Will Beatty, Comeback Player of the Year?

| 3 years ago

Giants: Will Beatty, Comeback Player of the Year?

PFF-headlinesIf you were to make a short list of Comeback Player of the Year frontrunners after the first quarter of the season, Eli Manning would certainly have to be on it. But he wouldn’t be enjoying so much success if not for a teammate who is having his own rebound, Will Beatty. Earning the highest grade at his position after four weeks, New York’s left tackle is quickly changing the tune of many who wanted to give up on him this offseason.

It made sense when the Giants paid Beatty as a low-end franchise left tackle in the 2013 offseason. He’d earned the ninth-best grade of any offensive tackle in 2012, as the best player on an otherwise shaky and aging line. Unfortunately, as the rest of New York’s front five caved in last season, their newly-paid left tackle sunk with it. Though Beatty actually provided some good run blocking, that didn’t make up for him allowing a league-high 13 sacks in pass protection. After surrendering 25 quarterback pressures in 2012, he allowed 59 last season. Though his contract guaranteed his roster spot coming into this season, there were nevertheless plenty of fans calling for his job.

Like the rest of the Giants offense, Beatty parlayed a lusterless preseason into a poor Week 1, where he posted a -1.2 grade against the Lions. But he’s been lights-out since, allowing just one quarterback hurry in the last three games with good run blocking to boot. The turnaround hasn’t been thanks to weak competition either, as Beatty has locked horns with Calais Campbell and J.J. Watt. Brian Orakpo, who had nine QB pressures in his previous two games, was blanked by Beatty last week.

Beatty’s +10.1 grade through just four games puts him on pace for the second-highest season grade we’ve ever given a tackle. While he likely won’t keep that up, he’s making a case that the Giants have not one Comeback Player of the Year candidate on their offense, but two.

  • Brian

    Thank goodness, Beatty was a lone bright spot back in ’12, and I was crushed to see him fall off the Earth last year, esp as Pugh was developing but we may have a pretty darn stout duo of tackles now

    • dubinsky

      the center the Giants drafted who is now playing left guard looks like he may be pretty good and if Schwartz returns and plays as well as he has in recent years, the entire line may be more than serviceable.

      • Joe

        Serviceable? This line is top 5 in the NFL right now.

        • dubinsky

          top 5 might be a bit of a stretch.

          a line that doesn’t give up sacks when the QB is is quickly throwing the ball is not performing as well as a line that’s keeping the QB clean when he still has the ball a while.

  • nightlands

    I like the O-Line because it is reminiscent of the O-Lines the Giants have had in their best years. Blue collar, non big name, non star guys who just go out there and get the job done. The franchise has had their best seasons with this type of O-Line makeup.