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Pro Football Focus is looking to add to the team. Are you right for the job?

| 2 years ago
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new logo vert 400x300At, we work with NFL teams, players, agents, and media, providing them with the totally unique data gathered by our team and the information about every player that is derived from it. We are always looking to improve which at times means increasing the size of our data collection team.

If you love football, have some extra time on your hands, and want to be involved with a group of people whose paramount objective is to drive knowledge of football to new levels and have fun doing it, then you certainly should apply. If you are simply interested in earning some extra cash, I think you’ll find you won’t fit in.

That said, we are expanding and, as time goes on, we’ll likely be looking to recruit people for more full-time paid roles. Team members who start off in this position and do a great job put themselves in fantastic position as we grow.

* We are no longer accepting applications for the analyst position. We will advertise the next time the position is open.

Analyst is seeking a number of highly enthusiastic and dedicated football fans to join their analysis team. If you’re a passionate follower of football, looking to expand your knowledge of the game and get a foot in the door of the football industry, then you could have what it takes to become a part of PFF.

In working for PFF you will contribute to the analysis and statistics that make PFF so unique. Every person from CEO to newest member of the team has started off working on the collation of player participation data that can take upwards of 20 hours per game to collect initially and, although this does reduce considerably with experience, it is not for the faint of heart. Producing this data improves your knowledge of the game and put you in a position to represent the PFF brand through written content, etc.

The successful candidate must have:

● Demonstrable knowledge of the NFL product and what PFF does
● A very high level of enthusiasm and passion for football and Pro Football Focus
● Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal)
● Ability to meet deadlines
● Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent attention to detail
● At least 20 hours of free time per week, with a large amount of time available on weekends

In return, Pro Football Focus offers training, an opportunity for you to develop your own profile on a highly regarded media platform, access to data not made available to the public (even via subscription), and payment based on work done in-season depending on accuracy. This is open to anyone in the USA, Canada, the UK or Ireland. You are welcome to send a resume/cover letter, but this is not necessary.

* This is not a full time position and there are no guarantees it will ever lead to one. You will be required to produce work during the regular season to a deadline, but at your own convenience. While we do pay for high quality work, if you are doing this purely for financial reward, the position is not for you.


To apply, or for more information on this position, please contact [email protected]