Gaming the Game – Week 9 DFS Strategy

Renee Miller gets a little philosophical talking about how to handle an ugly Week 9 in NFL DFS.

| 3 years ago

Gaming the Game – Week 9 DFS Strategy

wilson49ersplaybookSomeone will win a million dollars on DraftKings again this week. Someone else (hopefully) will win a half million on FanDuel. Plenty of other prizes will be awarded as usual across the industry. NFL DFS will march on.

But Week 9 is ugly. Like really ugly. There are Bye weeks and injuries, weather and matchup problems. Salary adjustments don’t help the situation any. I’m going to get a little more philosophical with this week’s strategy than normal because despite what I said above about money being won, there are times when you should do something other than just march on as usual.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s very important to have standard practices with respect to how many and what kind of games you enter every week. Most pros play pretty much the same contests all the time. If you’ve gotten into a pattern like this, it’s great. I have. I vary a little bit here and there, of course, but I have a basic framework that I play in on each site. Week 9 has me seriously questioning the wisdom of following through with that though.

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Renee Miller is a neuroscientist and fantasy sports enthusiast. She's played NBA and NFL DFS since 2011/12 and added MLB to her addiction this summer. Recently, Renee combined her knowledge of the brain with her love of football in an eBook, "Cognitive Bias in Fantasy Sports: Is your brain sabotaging your team?". You can find the book on her website She'll be writing this weekly NFL DFS strategy column.

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