Gaming the Game – Week 4 NFL DFS Strategy

Renee Miller discusses why you need a strategy for DFS success and her All Average approach to Week 4.

| 3 years ago

Gaming the Game – Week 4 NFL DFS Strategy

Philip-RiversWith a lot of industry talk this week in the wake of the HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel on DFS about the skill vs gambling aspects of daily or weekly fantasy games, I’ve been thinking more than usual about what it takes to win at DFS. Discipline, sure. Research, definitely. One thing I kept coming back to is that you play against other people. You have to pick a better team than the guy on the other side of the screen from you (or the 50 other guys, or 10000 other guys…).

You’re not dealt a hand, rolling the dice, or being assigned players from this week’s games. You’re selecting the combination you think is most likely to beat the other combinations being assembled out there.

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Renee Miller is a neuroscientist and fantasy sports enthusiast. She's played NBA and NFL DFS since 2011/12 and added MLB to her addiction this summer. Recently, Renee combined her knowledge of the brain with her love of football in an eBook, "Cognitive Bias in Fantasy Sports: Is your brain sabotaging your team?". You can find the book on her website She'll be writing this weekly NFL DFS strategy column.

  • Sakelele

    For GPP, it’s not about the strategy, either strategy is viable. It’s about your handicapping of players and in instances of equal perceived chance of scoring, it’s about choosing the player that will be least owned. That is where expected value is higher. Almost like the lottery example of picking combinations that do not contain birthday numbers; if you do win, it will be less likely that you will split. In cash games it is not the same as a split is as good as the best win.