Free trial of PFF 2015 Player Grades available now

PFF is excited to announce the release of our 2015 Player Grades. Be sure to access your free trial today.

| 2 years ago
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Free trial of PFF 2015 Player Grades available now

The Pro Football Focus team is excited to announce the public release of a cutting-edge tool based on the data used by many NFL teams: 2015 Player Grades.

The PFF 2015 Player Grades tool provides in-depth player rankings not available anywhere else. To celebrate the release, we’re offering a free one-day trial for a limited time.

This free trial of the 2015 Player Grades includes access to:

– Position ranks (players graded on an easy-to-use 1–100 scale)

– Snap counts for all current NFL players

– Season grades for all current NFL players

– Grades for each aspect of a player’s game (run, receiving, run blocking, etc.)

– Head-to-head depth charts (includes updated rosters, accounting for injuries)

To gain access to this cutting-edge tool, start your free trial today (no credit card required).


Position rankings, player grades, and snap counts

2015 PFF Player Grades


Head-to-head matchup previews

2015 PFF Player Grades


In-depth player grades

2015 PFF Player Grades

Get access to PFF’s 2015 Player Grades now.

  • LH Almeida

    I honestly believe you improved the tool now. It’s starting to get better. However, I’m still missing the option of seeing all the teams grades/ratings for one specific game, in order to easily compare players with one another. Also, I’m missing the option of seeing the team overall grade for Offense and Defense. Last, but not least, ST players have no grades, and I usually used that tool a lot as well.

    I think clients should be able to opt for grades or ratings, as you’ll still have the grades to define the ratings. But I’d be ok with this new tool if I had those options aforementioned. Do you have any plans to include them?

    • nonono

      100% agree.. with incorporating ratings, they created something that the mass can understand … but for the people who were perfectly fine with the grades, i think the ratings make it more confusing

  • Ryan

    I’ve been a paid subscriber here for 6 years, however, unless more in depth info is added, I really don’t see it getting to 7. I have been VERY disappointed with the new service. I understand they are a business and are probably getting paid very nicely by the NFL teams to make the premium stats private, which I can respect, but the info they are now expecting the general public to pay for is extremely underwhelming. I know its only $20 bucks a year, but for basically just the generic grades and snap counts, it isn’t even worth 20 to me, which is very disappointing for me to say as a longtime, happy, subscriber.

    • Jeramie Kruger

      Amen Ryan. I have been a subscribing for 5 years. I lost my access to the premium statistics and before I even saw this on year trial, I purchased the year of grades already.

      You should have seen my face when I opened up the grades for the first time. Complete and utter disappointment. Definitely not worth $20, and I would highly advise everyone to save their money.

      PFF begged people like me and you to subscribe to their service so many years ago and now that they are being used on ESPN and the like, they are kicking us to the curb.We built their foundation, we spread the word about how great they were, and for our loyalty and commitment to the growth of PFF, we get betrayed.

      I need a new site for statistics and a new site to spend my money. If the people who run PFF think people like me will keep coming back for grades, snap counts, and amateur articles, they are sorely mistaken. I have little to no reason to come back to this site, and that is after dumping $20 into it last week.

      It’s time to move on. The people who run PFF clearly aren’t business people, because their business decisions from Day 1 have been pretty shaky. Time to go somewhere that we are valued as customers / subscribers.

      • Josh Stewart

        No, the problem is that they ARE business people, not consumer people. Providing the same stats they give ESPN to you would not be a good business decision, as ESPN and NFL probably pay a lot more than you for it lol. It seems like they only care about money. The free trial was a joke and I can’t even believe that it’s an option to pay for that.

        • Jeramie Kruger

          Incorrect. As a business you have more than one avenue to explore. I understand the problem that you are conveying. ESPN and NFL pay XXX and they probably don’t like that normal people like myself can get it for much cheaper.

          If PFF, as a company, put out a number of solutions on the table, and they went with “Option F” of completely removing premium statistics and replacing it with basic grades for a fee of $20… They clearly aren’t making wise business choices.

          That solution being deemed the best route for continued growth is indeed an error.

          • Josh Stewart

            The best business plan is to make the most money. PFF’s way to make the most money is to provide stats to the highest paying people. ESPN and NFL pay them more money to keep their stats to them than the customer base would. Simple.

          • enai D

            You’re missing the point- it didn’t have to be an either/or, so they’re they may well be screwing themselves out of money. They probably could’ve come up with a way to keep the average Joe subscribers reasonably happy while still offering ESPN/NFL/etc. premo services.

          • Josh Stewart

            I’m sure that ESPN/NFL made this their deal, though. That is my point. ESPN said we will pay you X for these stats to be exclusive to us. PFF said, yup! That’s more than we make off of normal subscribers, so obviously we will take your offer.

          • Filomena Clark

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      • Ardbear

        I couldn’t agree more with what’s being written here. Without context the “new” grades could have been made up as well. They are so much detached from hard data that you can’t pull any real info from them. As sad as I am, I won’t subscibe the service until they radically improve the content.

      • JJ Watt eat dirt

        Is it okay if I use your PFF account if you don’t want it, I’m doing a simulation series for Madden and I need to use PFF grading system to rate the players

    • Josh Stewart

      Yeah, I tried the free trial and in no way, shape, or form would imagine paying for it. I was expecting the stats they put in their articles (such as -2.3 pass blocking and “allowed pressure on 6 of 9 pass plays”) to be included. It was not. All they give you is a grade with no explanation of how they got it lol.

    • Greg Maus

      yea even the grading system is more of a hassle to use. we used to be able to see all the grades from one particular game, or pick 1 team and see all the grades from that team for the season. now the only means of viewing grades is through the position rankings. the only cool addition was the matchups page.

      I’m really disappointed in the removal of signature stats. They had extensive coverage stats where you could see which players were covering other players as well as stats like the number of seconds a qb had to throw the ball, or player pressures broken down by sacks, hits, and hurries. Now it’s all gone. And it’s not like they just raised the price of one of their best services. They removed all access to it so it’s not even possible to buy (unless you’re an NFL team I guess). I think this might be my last year with PFF.

      • Brine Crow

        “And it’s not like they just raised the price of one of their best services. They removed all access to it so it’s not even possible to buy (unless you’re an NFL team I guess).”

        Bingo. When my premium subscription runs out, I’ll be done with this site.

    • crosseyedlemon

      I guess the nearly 20 folks who bumped this weren’t impressed with the testimonials in the right hand column….lol.

    • JJ Watt eat dirt

      Hey is it okay if I can use your PFF Account??? I can’t afford a subscription nor can I, I want to use the PFF grading system for a simulation series I’m doing in Madden where I use it for the player ratings

  • viguy007

    Your new site supplies no useful information. I wish I could get a refund.

  • Scott Steiner

    I like stats and spreadsheets. This new tool, while useful, seems generic. I want something I can manipulate any way I want.

  • Derek Mack

    Pro Football Focus had been my go to site to find in-depth analytics. A generic grade that is detached from the game data that shapes the rating doesn’t measure up to the service that has been stripped away from some users. Unfortunately, it looks as if the strong arm of the NFL has muscled the little guy out. I’ll have to find another source of information as this isn’t worth the cost of subscription.

  • bobrulz

    I can still see Premium Stats and player grades. Is it just because I got my current subscription before they changed things??

    • nonono

      i will pay you full price for joint access to the account lol

      • Tone

        me too man lol

        • nonono


    • Tone

      let me log in lol

    • LH Almeida

      I had them for a while as well. I got the last Premium Ratings for a month only, because they were not offering yearly again. If you got yearly subscription later, let’s say at the end of last year, then they have to comply with the year you paid for.

    • pbskids4000

      I thought I was the only one lol

  • rico notsosuavé

    Looks like i’m not the only one that extremely disappointed in the “new” site and it’s weak offerings. Well, at least you got my money this year before i took the time to realize what you had done. You won’t get any more though.

  • Manuel Camero

    PPF Really?

    Terribly disappointing. We are not trying to win with this new “Maddening”
    format. We are smart fans who rely on your premium work. Without the
    previous comparative metrics, I can only assume that with the acquisition
    of Advanced Football Analytics by ESPN and you guys shutting down
    Premium Stats that a new gap of info will lead us to the next facebook
    of Fantasy Football Analytics. We will win one way or another. I’m open
    minded to a middle ground.

    Concerned Customer,

    Manuel Camero

  • Jacob Furness

    This was going to be my first year using PFF as I didn’t know about the site prior, and the new looks of grades is disappointing. I have seen how the premium stats are layer out and that is infinitely better than the grading scale. While the grading scale is somewhat useful, it is not nearly as good of a tool. I was planning on getting premium statistics this year, but I will not be paying for these grades.

  • Tone

    Premium Stats is the way to go. is now my go to site for in-depth stats about teams and players. It is free also, which beats out this sham that PFF is trying to accomplish.

  • Buzz Lightyear

    This is so disappointing. I was ready to pay up for Premium Stats this year, but not seeing the value here.

  • gweedoh565

    There are 100’s of sites that provide player rankings. PFF’s rankings are no doubt more sophisticated and data-driven than any of those, but they are still just rankings like you can find anywhere else, and so I can’t see myself willing to pay anything for this.

    The real value of PFF, and what I’ve always been very happy to pay for, is the raw data- the game-by-game player grades. These you can’t find ANYWHERE else.

    Obviously PFF realizes this and has found a way to better monetize this unique dataset. Unfortunately, it’s at the expense of the public losing access.

  • Jon

    I like this! But would like it even more if it was available in an excel download.

  • I’m the King of NY

    The player grade tool is terrible. The UI needs lots of work and the information is less useful than a simple data table. I understand this is a business but people would have been willing to pay more for the old premium stats and I doubt many people will pay for the player grade tool.

  • edromeo

    PFF subscriber and avid proponent. Referred several of my friends.
    I am shocked at the current product.
    There has to be a happier medium.
    If there isn’t and this is all we get…then their ESPN money should be all the only money they make because I’m not paying for this watered down version and no one should.

  • T.Kothe

    Count me among those who will be waving goodbye to PFF once my subscription runs out at the end of the month. This has been easily my favorite stats site, but I’m not going to pay $20 for the crumbs they’re currently throwing our way.

    PFF, please get your heads back on straight and at least offer decent value for what you’re providing with this new service. What you’re currently offering can be got much cheaper or for free elsewhere, aside from grades that now have nearly no connection to the plays that shape them and thus lack the context necessary to be truly useful. We’re not going to pay $20 a year for that.

    Lower the price to suit the service or, preferably, raise the bar on what we’d get for our $20. All of us who’ve been your paying customers for advanced statistics are, naturally, the type of people who are interested in a more analytical view of football. We’re not blind to other options, nor are we dumb. And we don’t appreciate being treated as if we were. If the NFL & ESPN are paying you so much that you can operate just fine without offering information worth subscribing for to us, then please shut down the farce of offering an inferior service and just concentrate on providing your product to your corporate clients.

  • jtruff

    This site is losing me as a 5 year customer as well. If they are no longer granting access to their detailed statistics then I no longer have any reason to stop by.

  • sanga collins

    Has anyone heard from PFF about this? I am curious to know what excuse they have.

    • LH Almeida

      No. I tweeted all PFF members on twitter, and none of them paid heed to it.

      Also, they’ve closed comments for their new post promoting the tool.

  • Chris

    PFF has decided to become a new version of STATS LLC. Can’t say I blame them for how much money the NFL teams are probably paying them but it’s disappointing. It seems like the main purpose of making the stats exclusive is because NFL teams want to keep them away from agents to use in negotiations and teams that aren’t paying what they are.

    It’s going to take another group of people willing to do what PFF was doing for us fans to get access to these stats again. Many sites do it essentially for free in baseball (i.e. FanGraphs) but there’s just so much money to be made because of the popularity of football that any good site will eventually get bought out by someone like ESPN (happened with Advanced NFL Stats) or will get offers for exclusivity by teams like with PFF.

  • haugenpaul

    Fuck Pro Football Focus.

  • Greg Maus

    Another issue that I noticed with the new system is that when you click on a player to see their grades, the numbers you see for each week is just a cumulative grade, and not a grade specific to that week. For instance, I was looking up Alonzo Harris, who is a backup RB for Green Bay. He’s only registered snaps in 1 game this year (4 snaps in week 3), yet his player page registered grades for weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6. Weeks 4-6 just showed his week 3 grade. It makes it harder to see weekly player performance since each grade you see for a given week is affected by the grades from all the prior weeks.

  • Drew

    Very disappointing.

    Looks like I will be taking by money elsewhere.
    A pity… was a great site for football fans.

  • Big Al

    Yep, I am pissed and definitely out as well. They had a great thing going and screwed it up. Should we “thank” Collinsworth for this? The decision happened soon after he bought in. Someone will fill the void though I’m sure. Huge mistake to me.