Free Agency – Baltimore Ravens

A list of all the Baltimore Ravens set to hit free agency.

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A list of all the Baltimore Ravens set to hit free agency.

Free Agency – Baltimore Ravens

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Free Agent page for the Baltimore Ravens.

Here you will find all the available free agents as well as how many snaps they played in 2012 and their PFF grade for the year.

Below the table you’ll find by-position and by-team free agent links as well as a few important disclaimers.


Free Agent – Baltimore Ravens

Paul KrugerED4BALCLE+8.0806
Anquan BoldinWR10BALSF+7.7905
Chris CantyDI8NYGBAL+6.6300
Matt BirkC15BALRetired+5.61047
Joe FlaccoQB5BALBAL+4.71032
Dennis PittaTE3BALBAL+4.7661
Dannell EllerbeLB4BALMIA+3.8667
Bernard PollardS7BALTEN+3.1915
Arthur JonesDI3BALBAL+2.4536
Michael HuffCB*7OAKBAL+2.3972
Bryant McKinnieOT11BALBAL+1.8132
Brandon AyanbadejoLB10BALCUT+0.8173
Sean ConsidineS8BALUFA+0.255
James IhedigboS6BALBAL+0.2294
Caleb HanieQB5DENBAL0.00
Ryan McBeanDI4BALUFA0.00
Morgan CoxLS3BALBAL0.00
Ricky BrownLB7BALUFA0.00
David ReedWR3BALBAL0.090
Ramon HarewoodG3BALBAL-0.4352
Cary WilliamsCB4BALPHI-1.71101
Chris JohnsonCB8BALBAL-1.982
Ed ReedS11BALHOU-2.81068
Marcus SpearsDI8DALBAL-3.3394
Elvis DumervilED7DENBAL-4.4957
Ray LewisLB17BALRetired-4.6453
Billy BajemaTE8BALUFA-4.9133
Ed DicksonTE3BALRFA-7.0553
Ma'ake KemoeatuDI10BALUFA-9.2439
Bobbie WilliamsG13BALCUT-9.6366

Free agents by team:


Free agents by position:

QB | RB | FB TE | WR | OT | OG | OC | K | P | LS
S | CB | LB | Edge Defenders | Interior D-Line

Now for some disclaimers:

– The overall ratings only tell part of the story and feature no weighting for specific facets of play. For more in-depth analysis, sign up for our PFF Premium Statistics.

– All ratings and snap counts are from the 2012 regular season only and ratings between players of two different positions are not meant to be compared.

– Sorting players by position and ranking won’t necessarily get you the same order we’ve used in some of our articles. That’s because we’ve done more to put the numbers into context. The grades require intelligence applied to them.

– This list of players consists only of players who ended the season on a roster in 2012 and are now free agents, or players who have been released during the offseason; players that are exclusive rights free agents are not included. Players with an * after their UFA status are players under contract with an option for it to void this offseason.

– If you spot any errors please contact Nathan Jahnke on twitter and he’ll set about fixing it.



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