Focus Draft: Round 2

After seeing Round 1 on our TV show (or here on the site) we’ve decided to extend our first ever mock draft into a second round.

| 2 years ago

Focus Draft: Round 2

Focus-Draft-Rd2After seeing Round 1 on our TV show (or here on the site) we’ve decided to extend our first ever mock draft into a second round. As with our first round mock this isn’t a projection of what we think will happen, this is what we’d do based off our CFF grading over the last six months.

Will that player that you saw slide all the way through our first round make it to your team in the second? Which surprise names do we have in the second round that you might have been looking at as a third day sleeper? Read on to find out.

33. Tennessee Titans: Cedric Ogbuhei, OT, Texas A&M

Gone are the days of David Stewart and Michael Roos, so with Ogubehi on the board the Titans find a partner in crime for Taylor Lewan. His ACL injury isn’t ideal and he isn’t the most physical blocker around, but his work in pass protection would provide an immediate upgrade (health permitting).

34. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Owamagbe Odighizuwa, ER, UCLA

The tweener does a great job of getting linemen going backward and was incredibly productive throughout 2014. The Bucs desperately need some pass rush to alleviate some of the pressure on Gerald McCoy to do it all.

35. Oakland Raiders: Paul Dawson, LB, TCU

Speaking of productive, how about Mr. Productivity. Dawson had a nose for the ball like no other in college football, recording the most run stops and the best run stop percentage of all players. By a distance. There are concerns how he’ll hold up against better athletes, but is there a player in the draft with his instincts?

36. Jacksonville Jaguars: Trae Waynes, CB, Michigan State

Change of direction concerns see him fall in our mock despite wildly touted as the top cornerback out there. Jacksonville isn’t short on cornerbacks but landing a guy with his ceiling in Round 2 never hurts.

37. New York Jets: Laken Tomlinson, OG, Duke

An offensive line can go from good to godawful in a heartbeat and the Jets aren’t getting any younger. Tomlinson would add some push and some power to a unit that hasn’t had much success finding successors as players have moved on or retired. He had the second-highest ranking of all guards last year.

38. Washington Redskins: Cam Erving, OT, Florida State

Erving showed enough in his starts at center to suggest he could be a real difference-maker there. The Redskins are in need of retooling their line and Erving could prove a big cog in that.

mock-anthony39. Chicago Bears: Stephone Anthony, LB, Clemson

Graded exceptionally well throughout 2014 with the fearsome Clemson line doing a good job keeping bodies off him. Chicago needs help all through their defense and linebacker is certainly no exception.

40. New York Giants: Damarious Randall, S, Arizona State

Antrel Rolle is gone so the team has to be looking at safety with nothing proven on the roster to take over. Step forward Randall who was a Top 10 safety in our production grades last year, grading positively in every facet of play.

41. St Louis Rams: Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (OH)

Rollins offer tremendous upside with just one year of college ball on his resume, especially with as impressive a year as it was. His level of competition may not have compared to other cornerbacks but his production certainly did, with his ball skills (eight picks) on show and a third-highest production grade on the year.

42. Atlanta Falcons: Clive Walford, TE, Miami

Matt Ryan could really use Tony Gonzalez right? Well Gonzalez is gone so it’s time Atlanta found a replacement for him and there isn’t a better pure catch tight end around. Walford had the highest mark of tight ends last year in this regard.

43. Cleveland Browns: Malcom Brown, DT, Texas

Might need some nurturing to develop a more rounded skill set, but it’s his ability to penetrate in the run game that will have Cleveland looking. They need to make some plays in the backfield to make life easier.

44. New Orleans Saints: Byron Jones, CB, Connecticut

Something of a shame he didn’t play most of the 2014 season but was impressive enough when he did. The bigger type of corner is very much in right now and New Orleans are certainly subscribing to that fashion.

45. Minnesota Vikings: Markus Golden, ER, Missouri

A more complete player than his Missouri teammate, Golden was somewhat overshadowed despite the kind of productive season that saw him grade in the Top 5 of edge defenders for both run defense and pass rushing.

46. San Francisco 49ers: Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas State

Just makes plays. That’s all you can really say about Lockett who was behind only Amari Cooper in our production grades after a stellar season. Anquan Boldin isn’t going to be around forever and you need to give Colin Kaepernick some talent to work with.

mock-kendricks47. Miami Dolphins: Eric Kendricks, LB, UCLA

Miami has had some problems in recent years with linebackers in coverage situations. Kendricks would rectify that and then some, with the kind of range and feel in coverage the team are craving for. He earned the highest coverage grade of any linebacker.

48. San Diego Chargers: Arik Armstead, DI, Oregon

Something of a gamble from a player who has first-round tools and third-round tape. Too inconsistent for our team to get on board with, there are enough flashes that San Diego thinks he can upgrade an at times flimsy front.

49. Kansas City Chiefs: Kevin Johnson, CB, Wake Forest

Didn’t look all that impressive against a less than stellar schedule in a year that dampened some on him. But in a weak corner class he has enough upside that KC can invest in him.

50. Buffalo Bills: Eric Rowe, DB, Utah

If the Bills are lacking in one area on defense its safety, and its no surprise then that we liked Rowe a lot more safety than cornerback. That versatility though never hurts, and he could prove a day one starter in a defense that tends to get good play out of box safeties.

51. Houston Texans: Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn

Another receiver off the board. Coates is raw and may have been better served spending longer in school, but he offers you something to work with in a league that loves a guy who can go deep.

52. Philadelphia Eagles: James Sample, S, Louisville

When you watch Sample you just think “solid”. Not flashy, but Sample tackles well and closes on receivers quickly. Philadelphia doesn’t need a single-high type so can live with his limitations in that regard.

53. Cincinnati Bengals: Jake Fisher, OT, Oregon

Looks very raw but plays with the kind of intensity and nastiness that Cincinnati seems to love in their linemen. Drafted at tackle he may end up at guard depending on his own development (especially in pass pro) and what the team does with Andre Smith and Andrew Whitworth when their contracts expire.

54. Detroit Lions: Michael Bennett, DI, Ohio State

Finished the season like a man possessed, but was not consistent enough generating pressure to go any higher. The Lions need to replace Fairley and Suh, and partnering Bennett with Ngata would go along way to limiting the damage of such a big loss.

mock-ajayi55. Arizona Cardinals: Jay Ajayi, RB, Boise State

There are some red flags with Ajayi with knee injuries, fumbles and just how many carries he took at Boise State. But there’s a lot to like with his 1,165 yards after contact second most in the FBS.

56. Pittsburgh Steelers: JaCorey Shepherd, CB, Kansas

Some monster games for Shepherd helped improve his stock with us, chiefly his outing against TCU which was really something to behold. Pittsburgh has finally said goodbye to Ike Taylor and are always in the market for a value cornerback.

57. Carolina Panthers: Nate Orchard, ER, Utah

Carolina finally washed their hands of Greg Hardy and now need to replace that production in some way. Orchard was extremely productive and you only need to look at the tough time he gave Andrus Peat and Jake Fisher to know there’s talent there.

58. Baltimore Ravens: Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska

The elusive Abdullah had the second highest rushing grade of all draft eligible backs even if he wasn’t playing behind the most dominant line. With Justin Forsett old in running back years the future needs to be accounted for.

59. Denver Broncos: Hroniss Grasu, C, Oregon

Team would have loved Cameron Erving to fall to them but they’ll settle for the next best thing in the athletic Oregon center. Owned the highest run blocking grade of any center against Power 5 opposition.

60. Dallas Cowboys: Carl Davis, DI, Iowa

Sometimes great, sometimes invisible. You just wished Davis played to his top level all the time, but sometimes seems to fade away when he gets lots of bodies on him early. Still his upside is too much for Dallas to pass on. Just watch his end to the year if you don’t believe us.

61. Indianapolis Colts: Tevin Coleman, RB, Indiana

The homerun hitter. Coleman might provide the immediate compliment to the aging Frank Gore, with a Chris Johnson like ability to get up field quick. 58.2% breakway percentage led all backs against Power 5 opposition.

62. Green Bay Packers: Daryl Roberts, CB, Marshall

Another cornerback who dominated his level of competition but has the dreaded “how would he fare against better players” asterisk next to his name. Roberts allowed an NFL QB rating of just 67.1 into his coverage and only half the balls thrown into his coverage to be complete.

mock-gpeters63. Seattle Seahawks: Garry Peters, CB, Clemson

Sometimes Garry can be a bit too grabby, but if the Seahawks can coach that out of him then they’ve found a guy who fits the mold as far as what they look for in a cornerback. Walks a fine line with his physicality but was near shut down in allowing just 26 receptions on 60 balls thrown into his coverage.

64. New England Patriots: Preston Smith, ED, Mississippi State

Smith might not be a guy who will excel on base downs but it’s about time the Patriots found themselves a true sub package difference maker. Smith can be that guy on the inside while backing up on the edge.



  • ItsJustWerner

    If the Bears can get both Leonard Williams and Stephone Anthony, god dang that’s the building of a scary defense. They signed a bunch of run stuffers in FA, and both these guys are among the best in this class. With the run dead, the pass rush can develop slowly but surely, hopefully. Just need to get some coverage in 3rd and/or 4th and the rebuild is well on it’s way. Nice first mock PFF!

  • James Thomas

    Phila is absolutely No Way taking a Safety in the First 3 rounds – I would say Jake Fisher in that 2nd Round slot or maybe even Grab Brandon Sherf if he is till there at #20 (which I doubt), They’ll take a Corner who can also play safety – like Byron Jones & then I believe they will take a WR in the 3rd round & maybe again in the 4th or 5th & the Safety will come there in either the 4th or 5th w/ the 2nd WR… They have 2 starters at WR & a slot WR already in Matthews, Cooper & Huff.. They’ll be using Sproles a lot in the passing game this year as well but the Focus will be a Power Running Attack behind a monster O-Line & 2 straight ahead beasts at RB… I just don;t see them taking a WR in the First Round unless one of the top 3 falls… even then, it’s iffy…

    • Dildo Baggins

      It states very clearly that this is a ‘What the PFF crew would do mock draft’, not a regular mock draft.

      • Ray

        So they are saying they wouldn’t draft Bud Dupree in the first 64 picks? Thats not smart

        • Phil

          Cause he sucks at rushinig the passer. Was like 23rd or something and had a lot more snaps than all these other kids being drafted

          • Ray

            So you watched a lot of Kentucky games huh? No, didn’t think so.

            Try this…he had more sacks than Randy Gregory who the have going 6th and more than Trey Flowers who they have at 21.

            Saying he had “more snaps than these other kids being drafted” is not true.

          • Vitor

            If you’ve been reading PFF material for more than 2 weeks you’d know that people here don’t pay attention only to sack numbers

          • Ray

            I’ve been reading PFF material for a long time. Just because it’s written on here doesn’t mean it’s an accurate account of players abilities.

            I didn’t bring up the sacks the other poster did. Dupree’s value isn’t in his sack totals so his play on film is what I have judged him on

          • Phil

            I dont think you even watch football….. How does he have 1.5 sacks more than Flowers or Gregory but play 100+ snaps more rushing the passer??? no where did i even say anything about sacks anyway all i said was he had a worse Pass Rushing Efficency

          • Mike Renner

            Dupree played over 100 more snaps than Flowers and over 150 more than Gregory just FYI.

        • Malachi

          he’s vernon gholston 2.0

  • Vitor

    Wow, Ameer Abdullah in the 2nd? The Ravens aren’t needing HBs that much (Forsett is still fresh for at least 2 years and they took Lorenzo Taliaferro last year). Wouldn’t a decent DB/TE/DL be availabe around this pick? I’d take a HB high only if Gurley/Gordon was still available. That OL makes life easy for most of the HBs. Makes no sense to me picking a guy in the 2nd if you can get the same value (at least right now, with a solid 1st team in Forsett) in the 4th/5th…

    • Phil

      Stop… Forsett is going to be 30 at the start of the season and is gonna want to get paid after the contract so why wouldnt you want to draft a rookie and get 4 years of dirt cheap pay and probably the same production

      • Vitor

        He is 30, but actually is almost like he’s 27 or 28, since last season was his first one actually carrying the rock.
        He signed a 9-million and 3-year deal in the offseason (which I think is a very nice price to pay if he keeps his production from last year), so there’s no need to rush in this position. The depth chart has bigger holes.

  • Ray

    This is one of the worst mock drafts I have ever seen.

    • Anthony

      That’s because it isn’t a mock draft… Idiot.

      • Ray

        Nice…internet muscles…calling someone an idiot. How about you this…its still a MOCK DRAFT. Mock means not real, as in fake as in not the actual draft. Doesn’t matter if you are saying what teams should do or not. you said “That’s because it isn’t a mock of what the team should do, it’s a best player available mock” YOU USED THE WORD MOCK.

        Call it what you want, I don’t care. Their evaluations of players and what teams should do is horrible. Thats my opinion and I am entitled to it.

  • Malachi

    broncos would have scherff at LG and grasu at C in this scenario, to pair with clady at LT and vasquez at RG, that would be nastyyy with kubiak’s scheme. if schofield can earn the RT position we’d be set up for a few years at least, until clady gets old

  • ToreBear

    Psst. You guys forgot what you gave the Lions in the first. They only have a spot for one more rotational DT on the team. Not two.

  • PackMaster

    Love it. Refreshing to get some different opinions and projections.

  • rogue

    62. Green Bay Packers: Daryl Roberts, CB, Marshall

    As a Pats fan, I’m trilled to see this. 😀