Focus Draft: Round 1

As first seen on our NBC Draft Show, the PFF takes a new approach, mocking the draft with the use of our unique College Football Focus data.

| 2 years ago

Focus Draft: Round 1


A mock draft unlike any other. What would PFF do? We are not trying to predict anything, but rather putting ourselves into the position of each team and using our college data to make what we feel is the best decision for each franchise.

This process went through many iterations for us internally, and here’s what we came up with for the first ever Focus Draft.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State

While his 2014 was more of a roller coaster than you’d like to see from a top pick, the potential he showed in 2013 is just too much to pass up.

2. Tennessee Titans – Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon

The Titans will likely be fielding offers from teams looking to snag Mariota, and he’ll be too enticing to pass up for Tennessee if they stay on their spot. Just be sure to play to his strengths once he gets to the NFL.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars – Vic Beasley, Edge, Clemson

Beasley does his best work rushing off the edge and he’ll fit in nicely in the Jaguars’ scheme.

4. Oakland Raiders – Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama

The most productive wide receiver in the draft, and perhaps its best overall player, Cooper can win a variety of ways and he’ll be a weapon for quarterback Derek Carr from Day 1.

5. Washington Redskins – Dante Fowler JR, Edge, Florida

A versatile player at Florida, Fowler provides a balanced presence as an edge rusher in Washington’s 3-4 scheme. He’s capable of holding up against the run while providing a strong pass rush.

6. New York Jets – Randy Gregory, Edge, Nebraska

Off-field concerns aside, Gregory may have the most upside of any of the draft’s edge rushers. If he can gain and hold weight, he could develop into a much-needed edge rushing presence in the Jets’ front-7.

7. Chicago Bears – Leonard Williams, Defensive Interior, USC

This may be viewed as a “fall” by some, but Williams slots in nicely at this point in the draft. He can play the run while getting after the quarterback at a reasonable rate, and the Bears would be thrilled to get a defensive talent with his potential at this point.

mock-ray8. Atlanta Falcons – Shane Ray, Edge, Missouri

The edge rush run continues as Atlanta adds Ray to their porous pass rush. He was as productive as any pass rusher in college football last season, though concerns about his athleticism have his projections all over the board.

9. New York Giants – La’el Collins, OT, LSU

A powerful run blocker, Collins is capable of sliding inside to guard for the Giants while providing a long-term backup plan to replace left tackle Will Beatty.

10. St. Louis Rams – DeVante Parker, WR, Louisville

Extremely productive in his limited time last season, Parker is shifty for a big man and he knows how to make plays down the field despite his inability to run away from many cornerbacks.

11. Minnesota Vikings – Kevin White, WR, West Virginia

A different receiver from Parker, White is explosive in and out of breaks and he may just be scratching the surface on his potential. He adds an intermediate and deep presence to the Vikings passing game.

12. Cleveland Browns – Danny Shelton, Defensive Interior, Washington

Perhaps a best-case scenario for the Browns, the 350-pound Shelton is more than just a run clogger, as he can move all over the line and even get after the quarterback.

13. New Orleans Saints – Nelson Agholor, WR, USC

Often overlooked in a deep wide receiver class, Agholor adds open-field shiftiness and strong route running to the Saints’ offense. He could be extremely productive with Brees throwing him the ball.

14. Miami Dolphins – Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State

The run on wide receivers continues as the Dolphins add Strong’s ability to go up and make contested catches against opposing defensive backs.

15. San Francisco 49ers – Henry Anderson, Defensive Interior, Stanford

A CFF favorite, Anderson may have been the most difficult interior defensive lineman to block in the entire nation. Equally proficient against the run as he is rushing the passer, he’ll provide a strong every-down presence to a suddenly thin 49ers defensive line.

mock-gurley16. Houston Texans – Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia

With Arian Foster getting up there in age and Gurley coming off injury, this could be a perfect fit for the Texans. Head Coach Bill O’Brien runs a variety of run concepts and Gurley is versatile enough to be productive in both gap and zone schemes.

17. San Diego Chargers – Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin

As runners, we have Gurley and Gordon as 1a and 1b, so the Chargers won’t feel too bad about losing out on Gurley. Gordon can step right in to pair with third down back Danny Woodhead to re-vamp the Chargers running attack.

18. Kansas City Chiefs – Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford

With former top overall pick Eric Fisher’s early-career struggles, the Chiefs go back to the offensive tackle well to snag Peat.

19. Cleveland Browns (from Buffalo Bills) – Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State

While Smith often looks like he’s playing at a different speed from everyone else, he’s more than just a run-by-the-defense type of player. He’s shown more than capable of making difficult catches down the field, and underrated part of becoming a true deep threat.

20. Philadelphia Eagles – Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Oklahoma

Off-field concerns aside, Green-Beckham brings a physical downfield presence to an offense that creates as many deep ball opportunities as any in the league.

21. Cincinnati Bengals – Trey Flowers, Edge, Arkansas

The draft’s best run-stopping edge defender, Flowers brings some sneaky pass rush ability as well. Even though he’s not explosive off the edge, he finds his way to the quarterback and he was extremely productive in the SEC last season.

22. Pittsburgh Steelers – Landon Collins, SS, Alabama

With Troy Polamalu retiring, this is one of the draft’s great first round fits. Collins can play in and around the line of scrimmage against the run while covering tight ends and playing some deep safety when necessary.

23. Detroit Lions – Grady Jarrett, Defensive Interior, Clemson

One of the nation’s most disruptive defensive interior players a year ago, Jarrett brought it as a pass rusher and against the run. He’ll fill a major void for the Lions while bringing the ability to play either 1 or 3-technique.

mock-kikaha24. Arizona Cardinals – Hau’oli Kikaha, Edge, Washington

One of the nation’s most productive edge rushers, Kikaha’s relentless style is a good fit for the Cardinals defense that needs a player capable of winning one-on-one battles.

25. Carolina Panthers – Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami

A powerful run blocker when he gets his hands on defenders and an adept pass protector for the Hurricanes last season. Didn’t surrender a sack last season and only three hits all season long.

26. Baltimore Ravens – Breshad Perriman, WR, UCF

A victim of some sub-standard passing for UCF, Perriman exploded onto the scene with his 40 time at his pro day but he flashes an ability to make plays down the field and showed well getting off press coverage. If he can keep his drops under control has a chance to replace and improve upon Torrey Smith’s production down the field.

27. Dallas Cowboys – Jalen Collins, CB, LSU

Only 10 starts at LSU during his career but some impressive performances this season and stands out in a deep corner class that lacks the top players for what he can do rather than necessarily what he has done consistently. Missing 10 tackles in limited playing time is a concern he’ll need to address.

28. Denver Broncos – Brandon Scherff, G, Iowa

Widely viewed as a player who needs to slide inside from tackle to guard, Scherff struggled in his senior season as a pass protector but displayed power as a run blocker that should translate well to the guard position in the NFL.

29. Indianapolis Colts – Marcus Peters, CB, Washington

Peters’ game is all about physicality and at this point to a fault. Physical corner play is in vogue right now and he brings that, but needs to control the contact down the field if he isn’t to be a penalty magnet when he gets onto an NFL field.

30. Green Bay Packers – Jordan Phillips, Defensive Interior, Oklahoma

The Packers have brought back B.J. Raji for another season but Phillips could be their long term answer at nose tackle. A long, powerful player, Phillips consistently controls blockers, holding linemen at the line of scrimmage to keep his linebackers clean. If he can learn to shed more consistently Phillips could become a dominant player in the NFL.

31. New Orleans Saints (from Seattle Seahawks) – Maxx Williams, TE, Minnesota

The Saints supplemented their receiving corps with Jimmy Graham’s production at tight end in recent seasons and Maxx Williams would be a different kind of tight end to replace those numbers. Not the athletic freak that Graham is, Williams is a more adept blocker while still being able to contribute in the passing game.

mock-hill32. New England Patriots – Troy Hill, CB, Oregon

The Patriots have lost a number of corners through free agency and should look to address that need here. There is an emphasis on what corners can do in this draft but Hill is consistently in good position in coverage and with the ability to make plays on the ball for pass defenses, notching 11 during his final season with the Ducks.


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  • PetEng

    CFF predictions of performance that are not inline with others.

    Nelson Agholor, 12th (2nd)
    Henry Anderson, 15th (3rd)
    Devin Smith, 19th (2nd)
    DGB, 20th (2nd)
    Grady Jarrett, 23rd (2nd)
    Hau’oli Kikaha, 24th (3rd)
    Troy Hill, 32nd (UDFA) – WOW.

    I’m referencing Draftek.

  • GoSaints

    This maybe the worst mock draft of all time. Saints had one of the top offense in the league and the worst defense. Yet PFF has the saints picking 2 receivers. They were beat on both sides of the ball in the trenches.

    • nonono

      lol they probably picked receivers each time because they were the best players available. with your logic you would rather have them pick a player they rated as a late rounder just because of team need.

      • GoSaints

        Well Lenard Willams isn’t the 7th best player so your logic is flawed. Additionally, they don’t have an OL until 18th pick. OT always go high even if they aren’t rated that way. My 3rd grader could do better!

        • bobrulz

          This isn’t where they think a player will go, but where they think a player SHOULD go. If they don’t think any of the offensive linemen are worthy of being higher than an 18th pick, then they’re not going to put any of them higher than 18th. It doesn’t matter whether an offensive lineman WILL go above 18th because they’re not predicting the draft.

          • nonono

            that guy is an idiot

    • Travis Kriens

      Nobody obviously read the lead paragraph. It’s not a prediction of what
      they think the teams will do. It’s what PFF would do if they were making
      the picks.

      • Joshua Fenio

        So PFF would let Eddie Goldman fall out of the 2nd? Dum dum dum dum.

        • phil

          Seeing how they have Goldman in the Buyer Beware DL article why wouldn’t they you idiot

        • Travis Kriens

          The thing is nobody knows how good any of these players will be. It’s all one big guessing game. There are too many factors (players, teams, coaches, off the field) where if you actually thing you know who will be good, you are kidding yourself. Not even the “experts” or “scouts” have a clue who will end up being a good fit. Most mock drafts get three or four picks correct.

      • Weiss Chad

        That’s even worse

      • GoSaints

        I agree even worse, they have no football knowledge. OL go high in every draft there isn’t one till 18th pick. There will be 3 gone by then maybe 4.

        • Travis Kriens

          I guess I shouldn’t be, but I’m amazed that you and others can’t figure this out. They are not going for accuracy. They don’t have any OL going high because they think there are other players better. Simple as that. Why are people having such a hard time understanding this?

  • Danny

    No Bud Dupree? This is ridiculous.

    • Jim Winslow

      I know man, the dude has jadeveon clowny athleticism

      • Malachi

        but none of the production, his technique is awful as well

        • Danny

          His technique needs improvement, but he is simply too talented to ignore altogether in the 1st round. He has produced in college, but the way he was used limited his production and development as a rusher. However, he is very comfortable in coverage and plays the run well. He has incredible versatility due to his skillset.

          • Malachi

            i feel ya, the talent level is incredible. he and kevin white are probably the best athletes in the whole draft. dupree is the kinda guy i’d love to have on my team in madden but i’d be worried if my nfl team over-drafts him. i personally am rooting for him and will be watching his career closely, i love that body type and explosion in edge rushers

          • Danny

            I’m a Jets fan, and I would have no issues with him at 6. Edge rushers with this type of size, speed, explosion, and versatility is extremely rare. If he had consistent technique, he would be the #1 prospect IMO because he is that talented.

            I respect and applaud PFF’s effort and outside the box thinking, but production is not everything when evaluating prospects.

          • Malachi

            oh man, then you of all people should be wary of a combine-workout-warrior edge rusher being drafted at number 6 by the jets again. lol. 😉

          • Danny

            LOL yeah that didn’t workout too well with Gholston, but I believe that Dupree is not only the superior athlete and more versatile player, I believe he’s got the football make-up that Gholston never had to reach his upside or even stay in the league.

          • Malachi

            yea, obv the main difference between them is that gholston was a pure 4-3 end in college who never could make the transition to a 2-point stance. dupree at least does have experience dropping in coverage and rushing from off the ball too.

          • Jim Winslow

            I think if goes to the saint he will be fine, a lot college pass rushers are not polished. I Shane ray just gets off snap, and has one good pass rush move. With bud dupree just simplify it, and use him just as situation pass rusher to start, Worked well with Bruce irvin.

          • Malachi

            i like him more than shane ray, thats for sure

  • Weiss Chad

    That’s it.Im never coming to this site ever again.This is the dumbest mock for steelers I have ever seen in my life. Get over yourselfs w Polamalu retiring and safety should be the pick even though he sucks. Since when hasn’t Polamalu been great in space except last year? You ever hear of shmarko Thomas ??? As far as Troy hill being steelers second round pick . Are u freaking kidding me?lmao you should have posted this on April fools and fire the blatant idiot who did this mock!!!

    • Malachi

      go watch sportscenter again bro, you clearly like being spoon fed mediocrity instead of actual knowledge

      • Weiss Chad

        I don’t watch sports enter bro and I have spent about three hours a day watching tape since November and evaluating these kids so you go watch sports center BRO. I can almost guarantee you i have forgot more about these players than you will ever know!!!!

        • Malachi


          • Anthony

            4.55 is barely faster than an Offensive Lineman? Then Richard Sherman must be a lot slower than I think he is…

          • Malachi

            we all know running in a straight line is the most important thing in football tho

          • Weiss Chad

            It’s 4.65 and 4.68

          • Weiss Chad

            4,65 and 4.68. Jacory shepherd ran bro.Dont know where you are getting your numbers from

          • Weiss Chad

            My bad I meant Jacory shepheard steelers second round cb not Troy hill

  • Malachi

    i actually think this is the best mock i’ve seen this year, and the only one that features studs like henry anderson and kikaha in the 1st round where they belong

    • Malachi

      i would be very happy if my broncos got scherff to play at LG

      • Weiss Chad

        Yeah ok sherff is the best o lineman in this draft,I’m sure he will magically fall to broncos though.

        • Malachi

          La’el Collins and andrus peat are much better prospects, in that they can actually play tackle in the nfl, scherff is purely a guard at next level.

          • Weiss Chad

            Nate orchard three Andrus peat around like a rag doll. I will give you la ell Collins aaa best lineman but more than likely he is gonna be moved inside just like Sherrf probably will.

          • Malachi

            one bad game does not ruin peat’s prospect, yes utah got 4 pressures directly on peat, but he only gave up 5 more the rest of the year combined

          • Weiss Chad

            I told you Sherrf wouldn’t be there for Broncos. I like your eye for talent though.Atleast you identified best lineman.As far as peat goes I still think he is overrated as with Shelton and Landon collins

          • Malachi

            lol, i feel ya. i never actually thought scherff would be around at 28 still, just would’ve been dreamy. i agree on collins, never was high on him tho, too much mark barron similarities for me liking. however i still think d shelton is the best player available here at pick 11

          • Weiss Chad

            Going to browns-don’t think he is bpa though

          • Weiss Chad

            Only seemed to shine against lower competition.Seems to me to be more of a three tech and not a two gapper.Needs to shed blocks better.

          • Weiss Chad

            Saints will go Dupree here.Parker Ray,Perriman and Ray are other options

          • Malachi

            thought NO would go parker too

          • Weiss Chad

            I can see your broncos going with cam Erving or Ogbuei.Steelers go with peters I hope and pray it’s not Gregory.If Dupree drops to them I think they snag him

          • Malachi

            i like r.gregory, a lotttt, besides obv issues. he’s a top 5 talent to me, was happy SD passed on him.

          • Malachi

            i pray cam erving falls that far, i think KC will swoop him up soon. ogbuei would be nice tho too. i think PIT should go gregory over peters, or any DB in for that matter. love gregory

          • Weiss Chad

            Kc just took my guy. now my whole night is ruined

          • Malachi

            KC didn’t take erving, my night is now better. lol. peters is a grabber, a la b.browner

          • Weiss Chad

            I don’t like Gregory at all.He can’t set the edge in steelers defense.He seems injury prone.Weighs less than 230.Off field stuff. If I’m an offense and I see Gregory in there I’m audibling and running the ball all day long

          • Malachi

            he’s very long tho, and uses his length well, plays stronger than he measured out as as well, surprisingly adept at setting the edge albeit non-proficient

          • Weiss Chad

            Dolphins take Melvin Gordon imo

          • Weiss Chad

            If the browns selecting Shelton don’t tell u he is a bust what else does?lol

          • Malachi

            lol, right, poor shelton

    • PetEng

      I love it because they stick with their guns. You got a bunch of scrubs parroting each other on all the other websites – these guys are sticking with their process.
      The answer is probably something in-between. The Troy Hill selection is simply ballsy. He is a UDFA in most mocks. What other people have identified as a fringe NFL player – THEY ARE CALLING A FIRST ROUND TALENT.

      • Malachi

        troy has the highest cover grade they gave out in this class and a 97 grade overall from pff, at least i believe thats what they had on their show on NBCSN from monday

        • Anthony

          Second highest Garry Peters had a 98.

          • Malachi


  • CheckyMan

    “Porous pass rush” doesn’t make sense.

  • rogue

    6/32 in player to team matches. That is damn good for a mock. Just as impressive were the near hits. The Giants did take an OT, but with Collins off field problems they took Flowers. Dallas took a CB, the Jags an edge, etc.

    Great job!

  • KAO

    Based off of how these 32 players performed as a whole. This was a poor Mock. I applaud taking chances on guys that perform by your metrics but theyve gotta succeed then and half these guys didnt go round 1 and right now it looks like there was a reason for that.