First Round Report Card

On the strength of their preseason play, we've compiled a rating for every first round pick; judging them against what we’d like to see at this stage from a player ...

| 5 years ago

First Round Report Card

It’s notoriously difficult to make any definitive judgment about players based on preseason action; there are a lot of back-ups flying around and teams don’t like to show their upcoming opponents too much by way of complicated blitzes, etc.

That said, if we don’t have any views on preseason, what’s the point in playing it at all? So we’ve mitigated issues regarding strength of opposition by only considering play against starters (except where noted) and compiled a rating for every first round pick, judging them against what we’d like to see at this stage from a player drafted at that position:

Green = Exceeded expectations
Amber = Met expectations
Red = Fallen below our expectations


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  • motorcycle

    Maybe Gilmore’s off-man coverage is more down to vanilla defences in pre-season than his ability.

  • Bilal

    “Impressive in two of his three games”
    So how did Coples fair in his 4th game?

  • Richard Chavez

    Really, down for Ingram!? I saw the penalty where the returner didn’t signal a fair catch and Ingram did his job! I saw Ingram constantly get pressure on opposing QB’s and even forcing Aaron Rodgers into throwing a turnover. Who is this clown writing this nonsense!?

    • Cody Young

      Totally agree, Richard, I don’t know how Neil could ignore all the positives (sacks, pressures, running down plays) and come up with an overall negative. I guess these guys can’t see everything!

      • Tim

        Seemed like Neil only Watched Ingram vs the Vikings, I thought he was much better in the games vs the Packers and Cowboys.