Will McFadden’s efficiency rise with Romo back?

Kevin Cole compares recent usage to season-long rushing share to find backs trending in the right direction.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

(AP Photo/Brian Blanco)

Will McFadden’s efficiency rise with Romo back?

In my rushing report this week, I’m going to do something different and focus only on opportunity, not efficiency. I’m going to gauge opportunity in terms of share of team rushing attempts. The actual number of team rushing attempts can vary greatly based on game script, or whether a team is leading or trailing. So, looking at pure attempt numbers can be deceiving. Focusing on attempt share helps us determine exactly how big of a slice a rusher is getting in an offense.

You read of columns in the table below as follows:

AttPerGm: Attempts per game for all 2015 games played.

AttShare: Share of attempts in 2015 games played.

AttPerWk9&10: Attempts per game in Weeks 9-10.

AttShareWk9&10: Share of attempts in Weeks 9-10.

ShareDiff: Difference in share Weeks 9-10 versus entire 2015.

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