Come check out the new PFF Fantasy Draft Master tool

It doesn't get much better than this.

| 11 months ago
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Come check out the new PFF Fantasy Draft Master tool

In my primary fantasy league, the draft isn’t until late August. The earliest draft of any league I’m planning to be in for 2016 isn’t until early that month.

Yet it’s mid-June, and I’ve already participated in so many mock drafts.

Ask any seasoned fantasy football player, and they’ll tell you one of the keys to fantasy success is mock drafts. Maybe they’ll couch it in terms of “proper preparation,” but it’s true that one of the keys to getting ready for a season is seeing how the chips fall in real draft scenarios — it offers way more fantasy insight than a thin fantasy magazine you pick up at your local 7/11.

With that in mind, at PFF we are rolling out our draft tool, available now through a Fantasy Gold subscription, which will offer the best possible avenue for preparation for the coming fantasy draft season. (You can access it here.)

Look at what this thing has. It will offer you prompts of suggested players to draft, complete with an “analysis” link so you can look deeper at PFF’s unique information. Grades for each player’s offensive line, yards after contact per rush, week-by-week projections and defensive unit grades for opponents. Fantasy points per opportunity. It’s all there.

(Be sure to buy our fantasy draft guide, or get it free with a subscription to Fantasy Gold.)

And of course, if there’s a player you want who isn’t in the recommended options, you can always add a name, just to see.

Draft Tool 1

The tool allows you to enter in your exact setting for any type of league. PPR? Two-quarterback? I don’t know, 15-team 1/2 PPR with six wide receivers and one running back? Sure.

Draft Tool 2

Even outside of the draft itself, the tool will offer you round-by-round suggestions for whom to target. With these, you can get an idea of what position you want when, which helps inform how to build your roster.

Draft Tool 3

It should go without saying, but the tool also includes PFF’s custom projections and analysis, with rankings from all the names you’ve come to expect here. Jeff Ratcliffe and Pat Thorman, two of fantasy football’s top 10 rankers last season, to name a couple.

This is the best preparation tool you’re going to find out there. And you know what? Come those August drafts, the ones I’m doing all this preparation for, I can have my real draft in the tool as well. Pull it up in a separate browser or as a second screen on your phone or tablet — the app is optimized for mobile users.

Draft Tool 4

Click around. You’ll be smarter for the experience.

Draft Guide 2016

| Fantasy Editor

Daniel Kelley is the fantasy editor for Pro Football Focus. He has previously appeared at SB Nation.

  • Zach

    This is beautiful

  • Kevin

    This is a great tool. I don’t know that this is the right place for suggestions, but it would be nice if you could customize your FLEX. It has WR, RB as default and my league allows TEs. It skews the draft a bit.

    • Ida956265

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  • Forrest

    Looks a lot better than last years tool. Last years setup was absolutely awful and broken – definitely not worth the price of admission. This looks a lot better from the screens. Hopefully it functions as well as it looks.

  • Darius

    No IDP option??

  • Darius Washington

    Also how do I get it to show my fantasy site’s ADP and rankings? It would help a lot if I could see my PFF rankings compared to the rankings given by the site.

  • blabanow357

    looks good, but really wish IDP was an option along with my leagues scoring settings and not just staff rankings