Fantasy Philosophy – Building a Juggernaut

Joe Bussell tells you how to build a fantasy juggernaut that crushes matchups and wins fantasy championships.

| 4 years ago

Joe Bussell tells you how to build a fantasy juggernaut that crushes matchups and wins fantasy championships.

Fantasy Philosophy – Building a Juggernaut

Garcon - Gary Wiepert - APToo often people want to liken being a fantasy manager to that of being a real life General Manager of an NFL team. While it’s fun to play pretend, the two are worlds are universes apart.

The most underrated aspect of a general manager’s team building effort is the depth of the talent on the roster. Sure, every GM has to find a capable quarterback and load the roster with talent at the starting positions. The problem is that every year injuries decimate multiple teams. The best teams use the apt but cliché saying, “Next man up!” Everyone says it but the best teams back it up.

While that’s great for real life, the same isn’t the case for fantasy football owners. Depth is one of the most overrated aspects in fantasy football. Depth has its uses as teams have to finagle their way through bye weeks and early season injuries. Beyond that, depth is really just filling in bench spots with players who may have to fill in as a spot start in case one of your starters gets hurt.

It may be a new concept for most that depth is largely irrelevant. Owners want to build teams that are strong all the way through the lineup. That seems like the logical path based on our knowledge of the way football works – with its injuries, suspensions, and volatility from week to week. Fantasy owners want to have plenty of options from week to week.

The truth is, you shouldn’t have to make any “sit or start” decisions from week to week, especially in the 2nd half of the fantasy season. You want to build a juggernaut that starts top players at every starting position. If you have to decide between Mike James or Willis McGahee on a weekly basis, you’re playing for 3rd place., at best.

The goal before the trade deadline in every league is to fill your starting spots with the players who can put up massive point totals and win a matchup for you solely on their performance. These are the Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, Jamaal Charles, Calvin Johnson, and LeSean McCoy’s of the world. These guys have the ability to put up 30-plus points and cover any gaps a roster may have.

The ideal lineup has players who an owner shouldn’t have to question whether they need to start or not. It’s full of guys who an owner would be ridiculed if he didn’t start. Build a roster that demolishes people on a weekly basis from here on out.

This isn’t just a theory, it’s creating a numbers advantage. Let me explain how to build your juggernaut. To read the entire article, please login or sign up for a PFF Membership

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