The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 12

People are out of sync this week because of the holiday and might not prepare as much for DFS. Take advantage of that with our DFS guide.

| 7 months ago
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The PFF ultimate DFS guide for Week 12

There might not be evidence to back this up, but it certainly seems like the Sunday after Thanksgiving would be one of the weeks of the year that the general daily fantasy-playing public struggles the most in football. Between shopping and family and general out-of-routine-ness, people aren’t likely to study up to quite the same level they normally do.

So you, savvy DFS player, can take advantage. Using our wealth of DFS knowledge here at PFF, we’re providing our weekly DFS guide. Below is a quick-hit version of our best weekly DFS advice. Click through to each piece for more information, but in a pinch, you can choose a strategy and go. And be sure to study up through our DFS Pro Optimizer tool. Do all that, and you’ll stay ahead of all those people who are learning more every week.

And then at the bottom, you’ll find links to the rest of our Week 12 DFS content. Good luck.


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