Look for fantasy tight ends who will get 82 targets

Sometimes, it's as simple as finding the tight end who will see the ball going his way a lot. PFF Fantasy writer Mike Tagliere highlights some such guys.

| 9 months ago
(Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

(Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Look for fantasy tight ends who will get 82 targets

There can be a “miss the forest for the trees” element to fantasy football analysis. We can spend our time poring over stats and data for the tiniest little nugget of significance, and sometimes that leads to us overlooking the most obvious things available to us. Basically, some surprisingly basic stats can tell us a lot more about production than we sometimes admit.

It’s different for each position. At tight ends, though, the thing to look for, as you’ll see below, is targets. Everyone knows that targets are important across the board, but at tight end, targets will tell you more about production than most other numbers you’ll find.

The importance of targets

Talent and skill are important, of course, but often, targets and target share come down to opportunity. A tight end in a strong four-WR offense might have more ability than a guy who only has one decent receiver teammate, but the second guy has a better shot at targets, just from a “mouths to feed’ perspective.

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Mike Tagliere is a Lead Writer for PFF Fantasy. He's ranked as a top-six fantasy football expert twice over the last four years by FantasyPros.com.

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