Get Fantasy Gold free with a new FanDuel account

This is the best way to get access to our full wealth of fantasy knowledge.

| 12 months ago

Get Fantasy Gold free with a new FanDuel account

I love package deals. If they offered a free car wash with every bag of Skittles, there wouldn’t be enough of them left for Marshawn Lynch. It’s just smart shopping.

With that in mind, we have one heck of a package deal going right now at PFF Fantasy. Right now, new FanDuel subscribers can get a Fantasy Gold subscription with their first $10 deposit. Just click here.

Think about that. Fantasy Gold is a $39.99 subscription, but you can get full access to our wealth of fantasy knowledge for only a $10 FanDuel deposit, and if you win in FanDuel’s game, you can even get that money back.

Subscribing to Fantasy Gold will get you access to all of our insights and stats you can only find at PFF. It’ll hook you up with our awesome new Draft Master tool, which is an awesome draft tool that will prepare you for the coming season like nothing else.

Tool Top 2

It also includes our great Draft Guide, featuring the knowledge of Jeff Ratcliffe and our team of expert analysts. It’s more than 100 pages of player profiles, draft strategy, IDP analysis and really anything else you could want from a season preview. It’s out now for $5.99, so really, that’s almost the entire cost with the FanDuel package by itself.

Draft Guide Cover

On top of all this, you get a FanDuel account, which means you can play their DFS games and maybe even turn that money into more if you parlay our knowledge and insights into the right lineup.

That’s one heck of a package deal. A $5.99 draft guide, a $39.99 Gold subscription and $10 in your new FanDuel account, just for that last $10. Man, that might be better than the Skittles.

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