Fantasy Football: When To Select Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson is an elite talent, but when it comes to fantasy football, where is the perfect spot to draft the Lions playmaker?

| 3 years ago
Calvin Johnson

Fantasy Football: When To Select Calvin Johnson

Calvin JohnsonOver the last five years, if you chart the fantasy point total of the top receiver in standard formats and PPR formats and compare it to the top running back totals, you’ll find an interesting trend. First, the value of the number one receiver over the last three years has improved significantly over the previous two in standard leagues, as the top receiver finished behind an average of two running backs in total fantasy points (down from nine in 2009-2010).

Interestingly enough, the ranking of the top PPR receiver really hasn’t changed much when comparing his point total to that of running backs, finishing with a rank of 2.7 among running backs from 2011-2013 and 3.0 from 2009-2010. What’s that all mean?

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