What to do with Week 1’s disappointing fantasy players

Panic or relax? Brandon Marianne Lee offers advice for what to do with some of the week's top disappointments.

| 9 months ago
(Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

(Steven Ryan/Getty Images)

What to do with Week 1’s disappointing fantasy players

Let’s start with the positive: This was just one week. Unfortunately, there were some discouraging performances from key players that raised eyebrows across the fantasy football landscape.

So what do you do?

You can panic and trade away a player at a low value before it gets lower (or non-existent). You can panic and run to the waiver wire, maybe dropping a guy you thought could be a fantasy starter. Or you could also relax and hope that there are better days ahead. After all, Tom Brady had a slow start in 2014. Russell Wilson had a slow start in 2015. Maybe that will happen to your player.

I have some good news, some bad news, and some stats to consider before making any roster moves based on Week 1 production.

Tyrod Taylor, QB, Buffalo Bills

Verdict: Panic

Well, by “panic,” I mean that you should probably refrain from streaming Taylor until further notice. Taylor’s preseason ADP put him in the 11th or 12th round in most drafts. He’s only your starter in deep leagues and more than likely you paired him with another late-round quarterback.

Taylor scored a league-low 0.22 fantasy points per dropback in Week 1. He also only logged 22 pass attempts, another league-low, while averaging a modest 5.7 yards per aimed throw. He only completed one pass for more than 20 yards in the entire game. And when he was under pressure, Taylor only completed 25 percent of his pass attempts.

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Brandon Marianne Lee is a PFF Fantasy contributor, a SiriusXM host, co-founder of Her Fantasy Football and was a finalist for FSWA's Newcomer of the Year in 2014.

  • Tv

    What about dez bryan? 1 catch ? 8yds? Panic?

    • Brandon Marianne Lee

      I think that team is going to look at the tape and figure out that situation. It made no sense and I do think that was an odd Week 1 occurrence.

      • Lee 265

        I’m hoping the guy in my league panics and is willing to trade Dez, does offering Kelvin Benjamin sound like too much of an insult?

        • Shane Justice

          Honestly, I’d trade Dez for Benjamin. Dak isn’t the savior of the Cowboys. Not this season, at least.


    Coby Fleener? Dude looked terrible in the preseason and down right embarrassing yesterday. Zach Ertz is available on the waivers and I was tempted to pick him up BEFORE Sundays game. I’m really searching for a reason not to do so now.

    • Brian Dugan

      Well, Ertz is week-to-week with a rib injury now.

    • Shane Justice

      Reports in preseason were that Fleener struggled with the offense. I’d grab Barnidge. His splits with McCown are great.

    • Brandon Marianne Lee

      The Ertz injury is why you wouldn’t do it. A lot of people hyped Fleener before he proved himself. Is Jesse James out there? A lot of usage, just needs to score.

  • Biebs

    Hypothetically speaking, say you WR heavy and you have Keenan Allen,Sammy Watkins, and Julio Jones.

    Should I trade my baby for a healthy WR?

    • ESPN Haters Unite

      Is it your first born? middle child?

      • Taylor

        If First born, No. If it’s the middle child, trade away with confidence.

    • Brandon Marianne Lee

      It feels like that, right? I’m in a similar situation and today was a dark day. I think you have to hold Julio and hope you hit on some of the early waiver wire adds, at ANY position. Best of luck.

      • enai D

        Yeah I think that’s sort of the best you can do in such a rough spot, just be really diligent and proactive about trying to unearth some waiver wire gems.

    • Shane Justice

      Keep him until the 3rd or 4th week. If you are still hurting, then it’ll be time to consider it. Snag Fuller, Benjamin, or even Wallace in some leagues. There’s help on the wire right now.

  • Knowtheledge

    “Marshall made msitakes”

    I see what you did there.

    • Brandon Marianne Lee

      Hahahaha! Thanks for the heads up. I’ll let my editor know. And thanks for reading.

  • Scott Dzioba

    So I got Rivers and Winston should I start one of them or maybe try my luck with Flacco or Wentz?

    • Brandon Marianne Lee

      Good question. All 4 are part of the late round quarterback streaming club. It looks like Flacco has the best matchup so I wouldn’t hate you if you rolled the dice with him. How passive aggressive is that?!

  • Taylor

    So you are comfortable with running out Jesse James ahead of Martellus Bennett, Eric Ebron and Dwayne Allen? full point PPR

    • Shane Justice

      I’d play Jack Doyle over him, personally

  • Michael Bussey

    Adrian Peterson? I’m trying to relax, but he should’ve ran all over the Titans.

    • Shane Justice

      He’s Adrian Peterson. He’s on the down slide, but he’s not just suddenly not gonna be able to run. I’m hoping he has another bad week, so I can steal him from some owners cheap

  • Chris Thompson

    How about Gio, any advice? Not a regular starter however this week I inserted him into my Flex. I thought matchup (Hill would presumably do little against Jets run D), gamescript, plus and lack of passion options all set him up for great opportunity and a lot of touches, any thoughts?