Fantasy Football Value Running Backs

Ricky Ensslen provides analysis on the value of mid- and low-ranked fantasy football running backs.

| 12 months ago

Fantasy Football Value Running Backs

Drafting star running backs is always a fantasy football player’s objective on draft day. Having a Marshawn Lynch, Eddie Lacy or Adrian Peterson type of running back as your RB1 provides a huge competitive advantage.

However, not every fantasy football team will have the chance to draft a top preseason ranked running back due to a team’s draft order and player preference. Not having a top 10 preseason ranked running back will not make or break a team’s chances to get into their fantasy football playoffs or even win the league. The Tamme Index provides a breakdown of each NFL team’s starter and backups and the fantasy value of each back.

The below running backs are not all listed as starters on the Tamme Index, but will have the opportunity to provide value in the 2015 season. These players could be around in the mid to late rounds depending on the amount of teams in a fantasy league, league settings, and the selection process.

Giovani Bernard – Cincinnati Bengals

Going into the 2014 season, Giovani Bernard was coming off an impressive rookie season where he accumulated 1,209 yards from the line of scrimmage with eight total touchdowns. He was highly ranked on preseason fantasy rankings and was considered by most to have a breakout season.

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