Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 6

Tyler Loechner checks in with an update to the trade value chart and an analysis of a few trade ideas.

| 9 months ago
Falcons WR Julio Jones

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Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 6

Welcome to the Week 6 edition of the 2016 fantasy football trade value chart. We’re (somehow) nearing the halfway point of the fantasy regular season, so if you’re looking to improve your roster before the second-half playoff push, you might want to consider a trade.

That’s where the trade value chart comes in handy. The trade value chart relies on our rest-of-season projections. The dollar amounts assume a 12-team league and a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 flex. The players are displayed in order of their standard league values, but we’ve included the PPR values for those players as well.

Below are a few trade questions received on Twitter and answered with the help of the trade value chart.

Trade Odell Beckham Jr. to get Todd Gurley and John Brown in a standard league? I have Carlos Hyde and not much else at running back, but I have Antonio Brown and Brandin Cooks at wideout. — @Simonthatme

I’d make this trade. Gurley and Beckham are right next to each other on the trade value chart (with Gurley actually slightly ahead), so getting Brown in on the trade as well is a big plus. Additionally, given your roster construction and need at running back, I’d definitely make this trade — but only if you tell me how you ended up with both Brown and Beckham in a redraft league!

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Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

  • Trevor Lines

    Trade Demaryius to get Lacy? Standard 14 team, RBs- Charles, Mathews, Powell, K Dixon, Booker. WRs- AJ Green, Alshon, Benjamin, Floyd. 4-1 so tiebreaker goes to DT bc of playoff schedule. Thanks

    • Tyler Loechner

      I like this trade, yes!

  • k9ts

    Golden Tate seems really high on that trade value chart

    • BlueNSilver

      Agreed, the guy has been dropped in a tremendous amount of leagues. How he’s at 17 in PPR is ridiculous.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Undeniable that Tate has been an enigma. We don’t have him that high – he’s projected as a WR3/Flex, but yes, he shot up this week, so we do have him projected to do better for the rest of the season.

      If you don’t like Tate, then stay away. There are no hard and fast rules here.

  • Xavier Talavera

    stupid question.. But what is the difference in value mean between a standard QB and a PPR QB? EX: Big Ben STD$25.9 (Rate of change? ∆) $13.3 PPR$18.9 ∆$9.7

    • Tyler Loechner

      The delta symbol is just how much their value changed from the previous week. QBs are naturally worth less in PPR leagues, since they don’t catch passes while every other position does. Coleman for Ben in PPR seems pretty close. The chart has them about equal (Ben slightly ahead).

      • Xavier Talavera

        Ok, I just didn’t understand why you would value someone who doesn’t catch the ball.. Thanks for the clarification. Keep up the great work.

        • Tyler Loechner

          Ha! Yeah I see what you mean. QBs do still play in PPR leagues, so have to include them. They just aren’t as valuable.

  • Nick

    Is AJ Green, Jamaal Charles and Mckinnonn for Decker Freeman and Charles a good trade?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Not sure I understand the trade, but I would note that Decker was just placed on IR this afternoon.

  • Nick

    RB: charles McKinnon Hill riddick rodgers
    WR: Aj green, Moncrief, coats, Floyd, Beasly

  • Joe

    How did Melvin Gordon and J. Nelson Flip flop? Last week Nelson had more value by at least 12. Now Gordon is up by 13. I traded for Nelson for Gordon because you guys suggested to sell and his value was in the twenties. Now Gordon is worth more then Jordy?

    • Tyler Loechner

      The Packers offense has been hit-or-miss, and Gordon continues to exceed expectations (plus a string of injuries in San Diego has propped him up). Both are among the top 12 at their positions, however, and I wouldn’t be upset if I owned Jordy. Jordy was negatively impacted this week because the entire Packers passing game was downgraded in the ROS projections (check Cobb and Rodgers too).

      I still wouldn’t be worried if I were you. Gordon is only averaging 3.4 YPC, and he’s largely buoyed by his TDs right now. We do have Gordon continuing to score TDs at a relatively high clip ROS, which is why he’s rising, but touchdown rates are very fickle. He has scored in every game so far this season, but he could just as easily go the next 4 games without a score.

      Jordy is projected to score more points than Gordon straight up for the rest of the season. But cross-positional trading and values are linked in ways that are hard to explain. The whole thing is basically an ecosystem, and each player’s value is tied not just to their own performance, but also the expected performance of other players at that position and and expected performance of players at other positions. The value of all running backs as a whole increased this week, which also likely had to do something with Gordon’s big jump.

      • Joe

        Thank you Tyler for explaining that. Cleared things up a bit.

      • JR

        Love the discussion. Given your point of running backs increasing as a whole, what am I to make of Dion Lewis dropping off the list altogether?

        • Tyler Loechner

          I manually removed him – not because he doesn’t have value, but because I didn’t feel confident in the price my algorithm gave him, so therefore I didn’t feel confident giving out that advice. I use a replacement value to account for injuries/bye weeks, and while Lewis does have a high projected output once he’s back, you just never know with NE running backs, especially with James White now performing well. Lewis has value, but it’s extremely difficult to pinpoint at this moment.

          For what it’s worth, he was in the Derrick Henry range.

          • Jared Ramer

            Thanks for the input and followe up, very refreshing!

  • T R

    I cant seem to give ashon Jeffrey away for a decent RB. someone tried to counter me for Jeffries for Aaron Foster who has not played a game yet.. I thought about it till I saw the defense he will play soon and he still going on bye… bad trade right?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Yeah, I wouldn’t make that trade. Jeffery’s perceived value is really low right now. Hard to get much for him. I’d rather just hold him.

  • Matt

    Thanks for the article and chart, super helpful. Would you trade away Matt Jones for either Pryor or Shepherd? I have David Johnson, Lamar Miller, and TJ Yeldon as my RBs. I have Brown, Alshon, Edelman, Fitz, and Michael Thomas. My TEs are Bennett and Eifert and my QBs are Eli and then just streaming another one so just trying to see what I could get for him. Any suggestions.

    • hasson

      i would try and trade for a qb more than anything but imo pryor and shepherd are on the rise and jones is slowly falling, getting less touches and theyre moving in a 3rd rb to take more carries.. I’d say try and actually trade alshon and keep edelman brown and fitz in ur flex with lamar and david as ur rbs.. also keep milking bennett remember the 2 te works with the pats

    • Tyler Loechner

      Thanks for reading! I don’t think you need any more WRs, and you don’t have much depth at RB. There’s an argument to be made for Jones > Yeldon. I’d stay put in terms of trying to trade Jones for a WR.

  • Jeff

    Randall Cobb for Kelce? Or do I need to throw something else in there for Kelce. My TE is Zach Miller currently and have Jordy Nelson as well. Thanks.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Worth a shot. Cobb has a high perceived value given that he’s on the Packers, but he’s really not doing much this year (and didn’t do much last year either). Kielce has been quietly strong.

  • Alexander Camacho

    Should I trade Odell for gurley standard league? Line up right now

    Qb- rivers
    Rb- freeman
    Rb- Hyde
    Wr- Evans
    Wr- Marshall
    Te- reed
    Flex- gurley

    • Tyler Loechner

      Total toss up. The TVC has Gurley slightly ahead. I think I prefer OBJ, but then again, if Gurley has a 60-yard TD run this week, I might start to prefer him. Given your lineup, I think I’d stick with Gurley. Evans/Marshall are good.

  • Jim

    Ingram over Zeke? Can you explain that one? Thanks.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Zeke will definitely outperform him on the ground, but he doesn’t offer much of anything through the passing game. Our projections still really like Ingram ROS in the passing game.

  • geo2209

    Jordan Matthews and Marvin Jones are ahead of Jordy in standard?

    • Tyler Loechner

      It’s extremely close between all 3 of them, yes. When we’re talking about a $1 or $2 different on the trade value chart among players at the same position, it often comes down to just a 30 yard difference in projected yards that season, or 6 projected TDs vs. 6.3, etc.

  • Michael Stapleton

    trade lamar miller for jordan matthews PPR? Need another WR

    • Tyler Loechner

      I wouldn’t

  • Knowtheledge

    How the hell is Martellus Bennett only valued at $1.20? In my leagues scoring system, which includes 1 PPR, he’s the #2 overall scoring TE only behind Olsen.

    • Tyler Loechner

      We don’t expect him to have many more 100+ yard or 3 TD games any more. He’s a great sell high candidate.

  • Lee 265

    Hey Tyler, great work again this week. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind taking a look at my team and seeing if there is anything I should be looking to do.

    Standard 10 Team League
    QB – Rodgers
    RB’s – McCoy, Michael, Mathews, Foster and Bernard
    WR’s – Beckham, Jeffery, Landry, Steve Smith and John Brown
    TE’s – Reed and Eifert

    I’m 3-2 but I have been unlucky, like the guy had Brady and Zeke last week unlucky. I’m concerned with Beckham and Jeffery and I would prefer a bigger name RB2. Should I stick or look to trade, if so who for?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Lee, thanks for reading! I honestly think you are OK. Beckham will be fine, Jeffery I am also getting a little concerned about, but I own him in a couple of leagues and I’m holding on to him. His perceived value is pretty depressed right now, so it’d be hard to get a good return on him.

      As for your RBs, I think Michael is a good RB2 moving forward, with Foster and Mathews as strong backup options as well (assuming they stay healthy).

  • mingkc2

    Why is Theo Riddick so valuable?

    • Tyler Loechner

      He’s generating 15-plus touches per game

  • falconsriseup

    Should I be looking to dump off Jordan Reed ASAP for whatever I can get with the news of his 6th concussion? I have Jimmy Graham as well

    • Tyler Loechner

      Maybe. Totally depends what you can get for him, but having Graham as backup makes Reed expendable, assuming you can get a strong player back.

      Just remember that Reed had a concussion in early October last year too and came back and won leagues.

      • falconsriseup

        Case in point, Reed won my league for me last year when his frustrated owner dropped him. On the same token, I think back to 2014 when Adrian Peterson’s transgressions first surfaced. Immediately, I had offers of RB2/WR2 status and declined. By the time his season was deemed over, I regretted not taking whatever I could get for him.

        The fact that Reed and the Skins seem to be making efforts to rush him back on the field as early as this Sunday makes me feel his career isn’t in doubt. The initial reports, and many analysts, seem to be calling for him to hang up the cleats.

  • Anonymous

    My roster is full and I still don’t have a back up QB with Carr’s bye week around the corner. I’ve been trying to package Maclin/Bernard/McKinnon to a shallow team in exchange for a RB2/WR2 to open up a spot and get slightly better.

    Based on this chart I’m not sure it’s going to happen. Maclin’s PPR value seems to be very high to me. He seems like more of a bye week fill in. Could you elaborate?


  • Todd Dobbins

    I just traded Antonio Brown and Jordan Reed for Demarco Murray and Greg Olsen. I hated giving up Brown but it’s hard to count on Reed and his six concussions. I also have Derrick Henry which is nice. Any thoughts?

  • Max D.

    Should I trade tom Brady for Theo Riddick? I have Matt Ryan, and a strong need at RB/Flex. RBs are Jonathan Stewart, Doug Martin, and Matt Jones.

  • Mike

    Should I trade jarvis landry for jeremy maclin

  • Jason Lee

    Looking to trade David Johnson and jordy Nelson for aj green and demarious thomas…..
    Right now my lineup goes
    Qb- Aaron Rodgers (Matt Stafford on bench might start him from this week out)
    Wr- jordy Nelson, Jarvis Landry, Cameron meredith (Mike Wallace, Robert woods, don’t moncrief.. all bench)
    Rbs- David Johnson, Christine Micheal, Jordan Howard (flex), Spencer ware (bench)
    TE- Charles clay
    Kicker- gostkowski
    Def- Buffalo, Seattle (bench)

    I like the trade cuz I feel strong at rb, but think I change by without David Johnson adding green and thomas, kinda overall is better I think….

    Any thoughts anyone?

  • Andy Lieu

    What do you think about my trade of Christine Michael and Tevin Coleman for A.J. Green?
    I already have David Johnson and Melvin Gordon as my RBs. I have Jarvis Landry, Jordan Matthews, Cameron Meredith as my potential starts at WR.

  • Thomas Kinnamon

    Melvin gordon and marvin jones jr for antonio brown…I am in need of a running back with Jordan Howard and Jamal Charles not doing so hot


    Should I trade Melvin Gordon for Jarvis Landry and Julian Edelman??