Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 5

Arizona's David Johnson claims the top value in this week's trade value chart. Tyler Loechner looks at some top trade ideas.

| 9 months ago
Fantasy RB rankings

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Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 5

We’re a quarter of the way through the season, and we once again have a new name at the top of the trade value chart.

Arizona’s David Johnson has been one of the few high-end running backs to meet expectations so far this season. As a true dual-threat talent and workhorse, he’s the surest thing in fantasy football right now.

If you’re aiming for Johnson in a trade, you’re going to have to pony up. You can use the trade value chart to figure out how — or if — you can afford Johnson, or any other fantasy player you’re interested in.

The trade value chart relies on our rest-of-season projections. The dollar amounts assume a 12-team league and a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 flex. The players are displayed in order of their standard league values, but we’ve included the PPR values for those players as well.

Below are a few trade questions received on Twitter and answered with the help of the trade value chart.

Allen Robinson for Rob Gronkowski? — @cconro2

This one is a virtual toss-up. The trade value chart has Gronkowski slightly ahead of Robinson in standard leagues ($29.8 vs. $28.6), but Robinson had the edge in PPR formats ($25.8 for Gronkowski vs. $27.5 for Robinson). It’s so close either way, though. Personally, I’d go for Gronkowski, if only because he’s in a tier of his own among tight ends when healthy and playing with Brady. But this one is a true toss-up and fair trade either way.

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Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

  • geo2209

    Why did Jameis Winston go up so much?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Leads the league in pass attempts, and that’s unlikely to change much moving forward. Had a really tough first 4 weeks, but schedule lightens up considerably now.

  • Arnold

    Great stuff, Tyler. Curious as to why you have Pryor valued so low. He feels like a back end WR2. Thanks!

    • Tyler Loechner

      We don’t have him projected to score enough touchdowns. It’s certainly not out of reach, but I think he’s safer to bet on as a WR3/Flex by the time it’s said and done. With that said, if he does start rushing more, he’ll slide up in value.

  • BlueNSilver

    It depends on your league. Our league is highly competitive big money league (300 entry fee), and the guys are moronic when it comes to trades. I was going to shop Evans for a 2for1 and they told me “nobody in their right mind would give up 2 players for Evans”….. Now does that not sound moronic or what?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Evans definitely worth 2 players (obviously depends on who those players are)

      • BlueNSilver

        Yeah I’ve been in this league now for my 4th year and have won it the last 2 years so I honestly think it’s an envy thing, and they’re not interested in trading with me because of that.

  • Matt

    Hi there – I have Matt Forte and am a little worried about his usage the past couple weeks so thinking of the following trade. I would get David Johnson and Eli Manning or Cousins and I would give up Brees, Forte, and Jordan Matthews. Any thoughts. I was also thinking of offering Brees and Forte for Brady and Jamaal Charles? Any thoughts? Thanks.

    • Tyler Loechner

      I think that’s giving up a little too much to get Johnson, even though he is the most valuable player right now. Forte’s usage the lsat 2 weeks would concern me more if the entire Jets offense wasn’t miserable. I have a hard time believing they’ll be that bad all season, and Forte should be their workhorse.

  • Vpunit33

    I have Dalton and Matt Ryan as my QBs and was thinking of trading for Brady. Giving up Dalton and TY Hilton for Brady is that too much? Do you think my QBs are fine. Also, I have Freeman, Hyde, Crowell, McKinnon, and Ryan Mathews and was going to try upgrade at RB. I offered Freeman and Devante Parker for Jamaal Charles, thoughts? Thank you.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Yes, that’s too much. You’re fine with Dalton and Ryan, I’d say. Hilton is a strong WR for your fantasy squad, no reason to give that up for a slight upgrade at QB.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Regarding the other trade, I think that’s pretty fair. If it’s a PPR league, might be giving up too much for Charles though.

  • JackAttack

    Hello, I am 1-3 in one of my leagues and have the following: Manning, Gurley, McCoy, Christine Michael, Robinson, Cobb, Kelvin, Maclin, John Brown, Sanders, and Miller at TE. I was thinking I am rather weak at QB but wanted to get your thoughts on whether I should try and trade Eli Manning for someone like Big Ben? Not sure how good my squad actually is. Thank you very much!

    • Tyler Loechner

      Your squad looks good to me. You’ve just been killed by Gurley’s early-season struggles and Kelvin’s 0. You’re definitely weakest at QB, but it’s hard to trade away those skill position players for a QB. Maybe Cobb for Big Ben? Per our chart, that’s a fair offer.

  • Stale

    Hy Tyler,

    Can you explain why Kyle Rudolph takes a hit in his value? He’s been nothing but stellar, and all of your analysts seem to love him going forward.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Looks like all TEs saw a reduction in value this week. It seems kind of backward, but when all tight ends actually become better at fantasy, their trade value decreases, because the supply (of good fantasy tight ends) increases. More supply = less demand = less valuable as a trade chip.

  • Jake

    Thanks again for the chart!

    • Tyler Loechner

      You got it!

  • Joe

    You guys didn’t even have MATT Ryan on this list . Now you do?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Yes, safe to say we underestimated Matt Ryan through the first 4 weeks. He’s definitely looking much better this season.

      • Joe

        Thanks Tyler!

  • Joe

    You guys advised to sell Matt Ryan . . Now you have him in this list .. you didn’t last week.. now you are saying Matt Ryan is more valuable then Andy dolton moving forward ??

    • Sean

      So they’re supposed to just ride with any take they give and not adjust when new information becomes available? In case you

      • Sean

        In case you didn’t know, the gig is difficult and they’re naturally going to miss on a few things. It isn’t reasonable to expect perfection.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Joe —

      I think it’s safe to say we — or at least I — underestimated Matt Ryan leading into the season. I was definitely not a fan of his, personally. His touchdown rate has just been miserable the past few seasons. And there was really no logical reason to think it would change this year. Yet here we are, 4 weeks into the season and Ryan is tied for the league lead with 11 touchdowns. That’s the same number of TDs he had through 8 games last season. So our ROS projections, and thus our trade value chart, have been adjusted to reflect this. And FWIW, Dalton still a tail-end QB1 option. Currently third in passing yards. But now he’s the one with a poor touchdown rate (just three so far this year).

      • Joe

        Thank you Tyler for the response. I shouldn’t have dropped him.

        • Tyler Loechner

          I dropped the Vikings D/ST after Week 1. It happens to everyone.

  • Jose

    Hey all! I was offered CJ Anderson and Cooks for my Jordy, Charles and Ware. 12 tm .5 PPR. Pull the trigger?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Jordy > Cooks and CJ = JC, so, even without giving up Ware, I still wouldn’t make this trade.

  • Lee 265

    Should I trade McCoy? Worried that he’s getting too much work and could pick up an injury

    Edit: Great work again this week on this article

    • Tyler Loechner

      Thanks, Lee! I’ve been wary of McCoy the past few seasons for that same reason, but to be honest, it has bitten me a few times. I’ve shied away from him in DFS multiple times just because I don’t love him, but that has hurt me on more than one occasion. I think if he’s your RB1, you’re fine.

  • Matt

    In our league we can start two WRs and one Flex along with two RBs. We have a large bench of 7 players. I have Ryan and Dalton as my QBs and I have four strong WRs – OBJ, Mike Evans, Hilton, and Marvin Jones. I have a hard time letting go of one of them but have only won one game and Dalton has been throwing duds on the board and not starting Ryan this week against Den D. Thoughts on whether you think Ryan can keep this pace up or should I trade one of my wide outs for QB? Thanks for tha article and chart, much appreciated.

    • Tyler Loechner

      I do not think Ryan will finish the season as the No. 1 fantasy quarterback. He does have a touch matchup against the Broncos this week — that’s for sure. Dalton’s TD rate will certainly rise, but you’re also stacked at WR, and can probably afford to move one of them for a good RB. You’d probably need to land Cam or Rodgers in a trade straight up for one of those receivers (like Hilton) to make it worth trading for a QB.
      Edit: And thanks for reading!

  • BlazingSaddles

    Hey guys, I’m 1-3 in a 12-team, full point PPR league in which I have Brady, Lacy, McKinnon, ODB, Fitz, Tyrell Williams, H Henry, Pitta, Powell, Langford, Matthews, Royal, and C. Thompson. I’m looking to trade Stafford away now that Brady is back. Would trying to trade Stafford and ODB for something like Jordy and D. Martin be a bad idea? Also pretty sure I could get Julio and Duke for Stafford, ODB, and Lacy. What do you think?

  • Sam Margolin

    Trade OBJ for Gurley and Cobb? 0.5 ppr. Obviously the downside from my side is that OBJ is coming off two very tough matchups, one of which he dominated, and is actually more likely to bounce back than Gurley. Worth noting I own Demarco, Hyde, and Doug Martin, would trade one of them after to get another WR

  • Justin

    tyler how do you feel about me trading matt ryan for OBJ with tom brady as my qb I drafted ryan as my first 4 week qb. I have dez on the bench at the moment and dropped josh Gordon. 12 team standard. Team looks like this. QB Brady RB1 D. Johnson RB2 McCoy Wr1 D. Bryant Wr2 Odell beckem jr Te martelus bennet Flex landry Def. Car K dustin Hopkins Bench Randall Cobb, pryor, Zach miller, Alfred morris, golden tate, charels sims

  • Nicholas Douglas-Eickhoff

    My team rn in 12 team 1/2 ppr league
    QB:B Hoyer(Just this week)R Wilson
    RB:L Miller,L Murray, D Sproles, C Sims
    WR: Marshall, Jones Jr, Edelman, Snead, Crowder, John Brown, and Victor Cruz
    TE: Cameron Brate
    We can start 2 RB 2 WR and a flex and I’m wondering what u think i could get out of Murray and Snead? I definitely need running backs but hard to come by. I feel like a idiot for dropping Washington and not attempting to pick him up and drop Cruz…. Do u feel like that could cost me the league? Thanks

  • steve smith

    I have big Ben and Brady. I’m set at wr with robinson, Marshall, Landry, Fitzgerald, nenuwa & Michael thomas. I feel I’m a little weak at rb with Martin, forte and gore. I think i can trade Brady for Crowell or jordan howard. Which would you choose and am I giving up too much for 1 of those 2?

    • DarkKnight86

      you’re giving way to much for howard or crowell, it’s hard to find a a good reliable qb. You can always pick a rb up on waivers, especially when injuries start hitting.

  • Tyler

    Should I trade Jarvis Landry for branden Marshall

    • Phil

      No because Its almost pointless beacuse they’re right next to each other on the overall projections with Landry at 16 Marshall at 17

  • Arnold

    Hey Tyler. I know this was asked last week but what is the reasoning behind the Rashad Jennings ranking?

    I would rather have any of the next 30 guys that are ranked after him (other than Yeldon and Riddick). Thanks!

  • Matt S

    Hey Tyler, should I trade Matt Jones for Carson Palmer? I have Eli and Wentz as my QBs and David Johnson, Lamar Miller, Jones, and Yeldon as my RBs. Thank you.

    • Phil

      Do it. Why keep 3 QBs? Could use the 4 RBs for trade bait.

  • Nicholas Keil

    Am I missing something with the value of the QBs? You have Ryan Fitzpatrick worth more than Tom Brady and Derek Carr, and worth a considerable amount. I don’t feel like he would even be a pick up on waivers in a deep league with the way he’s played. Definitely no one would pay for him. I don’t see Philip Rivers on the list, but I see Jay Cutler, who seemingly lost his job, but still has value, and Tony Romo, Ryan Tannehill, etc. all guys either injured or performing incredibly poor in front of a top 10 performing QB, who somehow has no trade value.

    • Joe

      Great point ! I don’t understand either ..

  • Joel

    Hello Tyler , Are you taking into account players remaining sceduale? Because Jordy Nelson scedual is brutal. Especially in playoffs .. shouldn’t his value go down? Or continue to drop ?

  • Lee 265

    Hey Tyler, who do you like as your buy low candidates going into week 5?