Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 3

With values changing by the day, Tyler Loechner offers some thoughts on trade ideas and presents the newest trade value chart.

| 9 months ago
(AP Photo/Scott Audette)

(AP Photo/Scott Audette)

Fantasy football trade value chart: Week 3

We’re only two weeks into the season, but player values are already moving all over the place. Todd Gurley owners are probably sweating, Marvin Jones owners are sitting pretty, and Rob Gronkowski owners are likely burning their copies of Madden 17 in some kind of sacrificial curse reversal ritual.

Whatever the reason may be, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably because you are thinking of making a fantasy football trade. You’ve come to the right place.

The trade value chart relies on our rest-of-season projections. The dollar amounts assume a 12-team league and a starting lineup of 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE and 1 flex. The players are displayed in order of their standard league values, but we’ve included the PPR values for those players as well.

Below are a few trade questions received on Twitter and answered with the help of the trade value chart.

Was just offered Todd Gurley for Matt Forte. Do I cash in? — @Shardos

This is the most flawless example of buying low and selling high. Forte has defied the odds and is putting up strong RB1 numbers, and there’s no reason to think that will stop. But he’s still not in Gurley’s tier, despite Gurley’s painfully slow start to the season. Forte set a career-high in rushing attempts (30) and rushing touchdowns (3) in Week 2. He’s a workhorse, but Week 2 was quite literally a high point for him.

Gurley (and the Rams) have been bad so far this year, but the Rams were bad last year too, and Gurley’s talent still won out. He finished last year ranked fourth among running backs in fantasy points per snap. Gurley is a great buy-low. Our trade value chart has Gurley valued at $45.6, compared to Forte’s $35.1.

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Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

  • AB

    Why are you buying into Will Fuller but not Stefon Diggs?

    • BlueNSilver

      I was just thinking the same thing. I’d rather have Diggs all day long.

    • Tyler Loechner

      We’ve updated the chart. Diggs now firmly in the WR2 range.

  • spmaloney

    Do you really have 23 QBs valued ahead of Matt Ryan – including an injured Jay Cutler – or is his omission an oversight?

    • Tyler Loechner

      We do not have Matt Ryan projected to even come close to keeping up his current pace.

  • falconsriseup

    .5 PPR. Trade away Melvin Gordon+Eric Ebron to receive Dez Bryant?

    My other RBs are Lamar Miller, CJ Anderson, Yeldon.
    My other WRs are AJ Green, Jarvis Landry, Michael Floyd, and Sterling Shepard.

    Trade value chart says this is a definite yes. Dez has more upside, but I feel melvin has more stability

    • falconsriseup

      I should also say that my starting tight end is Jordan Reed and that either Dez or Melvin would essentially be my flex play ROS

      • Tyler Loechner

        That’s all really close value. Dez has the most upside. Not sure why you think Melvin has more stability? The Woodhead injuries obviously boosts him. I’d personally go for Dez, but if you’re sold on Melvin, there’s nothing wrong with keeping him in this trade.

        • falconsriseup

          Thanks for the feedback. I just figured there would be more stability with Melvin based on the fact that he has shown himself as viable pass catcher out of the backfield, and seems like a strong candidate to pick up some of Woodhead’s 80 catches from last year. If Melvin was averaging 2 per game before, seems very reasonable to expect 4-5 per game now. 20 touches a week seems like a very realistic expectation. My main concern with Dez is last year’s injury and his ability to go seemingly invisible a few games per year.

          Before the season started I had Melvin as the most likely candidate to be this years Devonta Freeman and took him in all my drafts. With Woodhead out, that notion seems solidified. But I’m not the one getting paid for my analysis, so I’ll take your word for it 😉

          • Tyler Loechner

            Hey, if you’re that sold on Melvin, then keep him. If he was your preseason breakout pick across the board and Dez’s injuries last year scare you, then just keep Gordon.

            We can analyze stuff like this all we want, but when it comes to close calls, at the end of the day, it’s probably better to just go with your gut/what you would enjoy most.

          • falconsriseup

            Awesome, thanks for all the help Tyler. I told him let’s revisit the trade next week. Melvin’s value SHOULD only go up after this week’s matchup!

  • Ace1cold

    how is Rashaad Jennings $27. This got to be a mistake

    • Tyler Loechner

      He’s a good RB2. Plenty of volume.

  • geo2209

    Dalton as the QB4 seems a bit high, don’t you think? With only Cam, ARod, and Russ ahead of him?

    • Tyler Loechner

      He’s QB5. I think you missed Luck. He’s definitely in a tier below those 4 players. And the QBs in the QB5-10 range are all virtually the same. Dalton’s bad fantasy rep is underserved — he was third in fantasy points per drop back last season.

      • geo2209

        Makes sense, thanks!

  • Jake

    Thinking of Trying to get T.Y. for Phillip Dorsett and Gore.

    My RB’s: Miller, Bell, Ajayi, and J. White, K. Dixon
    WR: Landry, Cobb, Fitzgerald, Snead

    • Jake

      No reply :(

      • Tyler Loechner

        Hey Jake – sorry! I think that’s a good deal. TY has had a fairly slow start to the season but I’m not worried about him at all.

        That’s also a very Colts-focused deal! Thanks for reading.

  • Jack

    Why did Eric Decker’s value go down this week? He had huge week with 126 yards and a touchdown.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Jack, thanks for reading. The values are predictive (baed on projections) rather than reactionary. Decker had a big game in Week 2, but his value is tied to more than just his projected output. His spot within WR rankings, his value relative to other positions, etc., are all calculated for. When someone like Stefon Diggs, or Willie Snead, or Travis Benjamin become more valuable, someone like Decker becomes less valuable. It’s all tied together.


    Am I seeing the same trade value chart as everyone else? The numbers don’t match at all with what was stated in the article, ex. Coleman listed ahead of riddick in standard at $12.0 to $10.1… not at all what the article states.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Mchawking .. sorry for the confusion. We updated the chart this AM after a fresh update to the ROS rankings – so that updated was done after I had written the copy. I realize that can be confusing though, so I’ll look into that … Thanks for reading!

  • Stale

    Hi Tyler,

    I notced that the value for Foster changed from $22 at the time of posting to $18, and Tate went from $10 to $12. This is within the same week. What gives?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Stale,

      Thanks for reading. There was an update this AM shortly after the chart was posted, so to keep it current, I did an updated to the chart as well.

      • Stale

        that’s what I get for being impetuous – I definitely traded away too much value for Foster based on the change. I’m assuming the change was to the projections based on his injury?

        But thanks for letting me know, I’ll make sure to wait next time before doing something rash!

  • joel

    Please explain how Rashad Jennings gained $9 for doing absolutely nothing these past two weeks? and why does he have more value then M.Gordon, Evans, Reed ect ect.. I know you said its predictive but do you honestly think Jennings will be better then Gordon rest of season?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Jennings and Gordon are closer than you’d think. We have Jennings projected for the 13th-most rushing attempts from here on out, so almost by volume alone is he an RB2. Gordon definitely the more exciting pick — can’t deny that one. But Jennings will quietly see volume.

      Evans is a big name but he’s still on the WR1 cusp. He’s more of a high-end RB2, which is where Jennings currently projects. (Remember, a TON of running backs just got hurt, too.) And Reed, while valuable, plays the much less valuable position of tight end

  • Malcolm Davis

    Hey Tyler, thanks for the article! I’m in a half ppr and I’m thinking of trading AJ Green, Emmanuel Sanders, Mohamed Sanu, and Latavius Murray for (I receive) Amari Cooper, Zeke Elliott, and Larry Fitz.

    Initially I thought Aj green had a top 5 wr season in him, but Im not sure now. Im trying to consolidate in order to have a more powerful starting lineup. Thoughts?

    My Qb is Stafford, and I have Cobb, Jarvis Landry, Ty Williams (SD) at wr, Ebron at te, R Mathews, L Blount, C Sims, and Deandre Washington at rb

    • Tyler Loechner

      That’s a mega deal – but I’d take it! Thanks for reading.

      • Malcolm Davis

        Thanks Tyler, I proposed something a little different, but I appreciate the response

  • danatural

    Tyler, when will you update the values for the DET and MIN rb’s based on the news for Abdullah and Peterson?

    • Tyler Loechner

      This probably won’t happen until next week. If you have a specific question about DET/MIN running backs though, I’d be happy to help answer here or on Twitter @LoechnerNFL

      • danatural

        I guess I was trying to get an impression on how you will value Riddick and Dwayne Washington going forward. I was looking at a Riddick, Sims trade for Gore (owner has D Martin), and I would potentially pickup Washington from the waivers.

  • Lee 265

    I’ve been offered Alshon Jeffery for Kelvin Benjamin…. I would’ve snapped his arm off in week 1 but my guts telling me to keep Benjamin, should I?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Jeffery is a mid-tier WR1, and Benjamin is a mid-tier WR2, so I’d go with Jeffery. However, sometimes you just have to go with your gut. It’s ultimately your roster, not mine or anyone else’s. Thanks for reading!

      • Lee 265

        Thanks Tyler, look forward to this article each week. keep up the good work.

        • Tyler Loechner


  • Ryan

    Hey Tyler, the article is great. I’m in a 2 QB standard league. My current roster looks like this: Luck, Ingram, Watkins, Moncrief, Marvin Jones, Christine Michael, Thomas Rawls, Martellus Bennett, Carson Wentz, Sam Bradford, Gronk, Tajae Sharpe, Bilal Powell.

    I’ve been offered a trade:

    Gronk for Eric Decker and Melvin Gordon.

    What should I do?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Thanks for reading, Ryan! I hate to give up the best player at a position, but I think you should accept this deal. Moncrief’s injury and Watkins’ lingering issues have you hurting a bit at the WR position, and Decker will immediately help. Your RBs behind Ingram can also use help, and Gordon is now the primary back in San Diego. This is a fair trade.

  • Johnny Isaac Rice

    Hey Tyler. I was offered a trade this morning gurley Shepard and cousins for Robinson Williams and manning. What do you think about that?

    • Tyler Loechner

      I would take the trade.

  • Matt

    I was thinking of trading Ryan Mathews. I have Carlos Hyde, Devonta Freeman, Isaiah Crowell, and McKinnon. My receivers are Evans, Beckham, Marvin Jones, DParker, Tyrell Williams, and Hilton. Any trade suggestions/upgrades I could make. I sent out a trade for Eddie Lacy but the guy wants Hilton and Mathews for Lacy and Fuller. I also sent out an offer for Ingram straight up and also Doug Martin? Let me know your thoughts, I feel like I need RB help. Thanks.

    • Tyler Loechner

      I actually really like Mathews, and still do. I also think your running back situation is probably fine. You could maybe consider trying to get Blount or Latavius Murray? The trade value chart has Mathews over Blount and Latavius, but if you personally want a straight up RB-for-RB exchange, those guys are viable alternatives. Anything below them and I think you’re losing too much value.

  • Lee 265

    I have Antonio brown, I’ve been offered Beckham and Landry… is this a good deal?

    • Tyler Loechner

      In a PPR league, definitely. In a standard league, it’s a lot closer, but I think I’d still probably do it.

  • ABC

    I was offered Gates for Fleener, any thoughts? Concerned about Gates injury going forward?

    • Tyler Loechner

      Fleener’s poor play through two weeks is scaring me. It has only been two weeks, but it has been THAT bad. I think I’d stick with Gates. Even with some potential injury concerns, he’s going to see volume with Keenan and Woodhead both out now.

    • Jj

      Gates over fleener hands down

  • Chip Lewis

    PPR, I was offered to give Reed/Edelman/Gio in return for Gronk/Cobb/Yeldon. Thoughts? RB: gurley, deangelo, dixon, fozzy, asiata. WR: marshall, dez, sharpe, dorsett

    • Justin

      Don’t take it. Reed gets a ton of receptions, so front is barely better. Cobb is having a bad season, and is barely worth even gio. Mainly though Heldon is on his way out with ivory back, while Edelman is on his way in with Brady back

  • DW

    1/2 PPR trade offer: AJ Green and Corey Coleman for Mike Evans and Josh Gordon. I’ve lost Allen, Woodhead, Moncrief and now Coleman so I’m running a bit low at WR but I do have Tyrell Williams and Enunwa who show some upside so I’m not sure if I’d need to risk losing Green to make sure I have 3 solid guys. And I still have Maclin as my WR2. Let me know what you think, thanks!

  • Sav

    Today I was offered two trades… One trade was that I would receive Mike Wallace in exchange for Eddie Lacy. The other trade was I would receive Julian Edelman in exchange for Eddie Lacy. Do you think either are a good move? Right now my RBs are DeAngelo Williams, Blount, CJ Anderson, and Lacy while my WRs are Odell, Mike Evans, Marvin Jones and Mohammed Sanu

    • ts

      i think edelman for lacy is a no brainer ((edelman might out-touch lacy)) – edelman stock gonna skyrocket once brady returns((edelman might out-touch lacy)). lacy –jus GB as whole look like not gonna be offensive juggernaut have come to expect from rodgers led squad

  • LIBO

    I got offered Fuller for Brady and E. Sanders. I have been starting Carr as my QB.

  • Blake

    Was offered to receive Hopkins and
    C . Michael for Lat Murray and Marvin Jones…Stamdard scoring I have Juplio and McCoy as my top WR/RB..take it or not?

  • Hobie

    I was offered TE Greg Olsen..WR Dez Bryant ND RB Jeremy Hill…..4…..Im giving RB Matt Forte ND WR Brandon Marshall….take it or not????

  • Ben

    When does the updated chart get posted?

  • Matt E

    Trying to get Diggs (think he gonna be baller all year). In return he wants Brandon Marshall and Jordan Howard. Should I so it? I want to give him L. Murray instead. My team is:
    RB’s- D Johnson, C Michael, J Howard, L Murray, T Coleman, & McKinnon.
    WR’s- Bryant, Benjamin, Marshall, Shepard, & Fuller.
    I also have Gronk, Brady, Pitta, & Vikings Def.
    2nd question should I sell high on Christine Michael now or will he lead when Rawls returns? I could try to trade him for Miller, Anderson for Michael and W fuller?

  • David Rodriguez

    Trying to get melvin Gordon and kelvin Benjamin I offered Allen Robinson John brown and Tajae sharp is that a good trade?

    • Matt E

      No way. RB1/borderline WR1 and your givng him WR1 and barely Flex starters. I wouldn’t start Sharpe or brown right now. But Gordon and Benjamin I would start for sure. I think your rolling on the Benjamin 0 points coaster when that fluke won’t happen again.

  • David Rodriguez

    How about Brandon cooks and John brown for Jordan Howard and will fuller V