Our DFS Pro tool is now LIVE

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| 11 months ago

Our DFS Pro tool is now LIVE

With a little effort, you can fake your way through most things in life. You might never be a world-class chef, but you can figure out a way to make risotto. You might never throw 90 miles per hour, but you can get to a point where you can throw out a first pitch without getting laughed at.

You might be able to break even in daily fantasy, but on your own, you may never be that player making the big bucks.

So many DFS players tread water in the game, winning just often enough to take the sting off losses, without the right tools and tricks to go beyond that. That’s why we’ve created our DFS Pro tool — a deep dive into the daily fantasy game that can elevate you from casual play to serious success.

Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned DFS expert, this tool provides you with exactly what you need to optimize your chances of winning.

(Subscribe to DFS Pro here, or get it included with a subscription to All Access.)

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It’s set up for all three of the primary DFS game sites, so you can tailor it to exactly what you are playing. Go to the research link, and you can see how a player has done historically (ROI), how tasty the game is (MATCHUP) and even how our expert projections can help maximize his salary (VALUE).

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If you want to build a lineup yourself, simply go in and build it and see how your projections add up. But if you are really into the tool and/or lazy (hey, not judging), you can simply click “Optimize lineup” and the tool will build the best possible roster based on our projections. Need the tool to do the work for you, but really want Julio Jones on your team? No problem — lock him in and then optimize around. Maybe you use what you were given, or maybe you edit it to your own projections — either way, it’s light years ahead of just blindly clicking and trying to stay under a salary cap.

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Maybe you’re not new around here — maybe you’re a multiple-lineup player. We can handle that as well, with the ability to build 100 lineups at a time, customized to your roster wishes. Want to avoid weird stacks? Cool. Care more about our projection, less about return on investment? Simply move the sliders.

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A monthly subscription to DFS Pro doesn’t just include the tool. You also get access to our DFS-only content, from some of the best DFS writers in the industry. See who they’re playing and what they advise each week, as well as the best things to watch out for and the best (and worst) weekly matchups.

DFS is just like any other activity. You might already be good, but the right tools will make you better. These are the right tools. Get better. Get way better.

(In case you missed it, here’s that link to subscribe again.)

  • Bart Margehomer

    Maybe I will use this and stop reading the articles and watching football, and just take a sleeping pill.

    • Donnamcreamer

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