The best defenses to stream in fantasy in Week 5

Grabbing defenses coming off a bye is a key to this weeks streaming advice from Mike Tagliere. That and some other sneaky plays.

| 9 months ago
(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

(Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The best defenses to stream in fantasy in Week 5

Most fantasy football game offerers are helpful enough to offer projected fantasy point totals for each position each week, and that includes defenses. But it’s only so helpful. The easy approach is to look at the waiver wire for which defense is projected for the most points and just claim that one. But that’s an incomplete approach.

If you would have done that in Week 4, you would have started the Oakland Raiders, who allowed 27 points to Joe Flacco and the Ravens, while sacking him just twice, and not intercepting a single pass. If you were here last week, we talked about playing the Jaguars, Redskins and Jets defenses. Two of the three worked out, but the biggest takeaway should be that you shouldn’t just look at the projections, because the Jaguars were all the way down at the bottom. They ended up as a top-10 defense in Week 4.

But you don’t care about last week, you care about this week. So let’s take a look at which defenses you should be looking to stream in Week 4.

Buffalo Bills (at Rams)

What most people remember about the Bills is how bad they got smoked on national television against the Jets, when they allowed 37 points. As it turns out, we saw the worst of them that day, and they might actually be a solid defense. Wiping out that one bad game, they have allowed a combined 29 points to Joe Flacco, Carson Palmer and Jacoby Brissett (I know, but still). While some may say they’ll be coming off a huge high, their Week 5 opponent is doing the exact same thing.

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  • ebrian

    Let’s review last week’s picks (scoring may vary):
    New York Giants: 0
    New York Jets: 2
    Jacksonville: 8
    Washington: 14

    I went with Redskins last week. Thanks Mike!

  • Tee Cunningham

    why cant I see the rest of the article?