Who to buy and sell on the fantasy stock market for Week 4

Touchdown luck is a big topic, as some guys should start seeing their scoring improve. Mike Tagliere has some names to buy and sell.

| 9 months ago
(Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

(Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images)

Who to buy and sell on the fantasy stock market for Week 4

It’s gotten to the point in the season where we are starting to see players for who they finally are. There are rare exceptions, sure, but we know what we are getting for the most part.

The job here is to realize which players are exceeding their ceiling of projected outcomes and which are taking a little bit longer to perform. You see, fantasy football is filled with players who have short memories. They want the player who just caught eight passes for 150 yards and a touchdown, because that is their new projected reality for said player. Your job is to take advantage of that, knowing when the perception of a player’s value is higher than the actual value.

When you’re done reading this, you’ll have the tools to go out there and exploit the market, because you have information at your fingertips that they don’t. Let’s learn some of those things that they don’t know.


Odell Beckham Jr., WR, New York Giants

There are a lot of people who will scoff at the idea that Beckham is a buy, under the thinking that people aren’t selling, so you can’t buy. But everyone has a price, and the point here is to buy stock at its lowest point, and right now, you can get Beckham for a lot cheaper than you could have three weeks ago. While there is some cause for concern with his slot usage, the Giants offense hasn’t been scoring touchdowns, which change the perception of everything.

The concern with Beckham is that he isn’t being used out of the slot like the last two years, where he played 20.8 percent and 25.8 percent of his snaps. Not only did he play there, but he dominated, totaling the highest yards per route run from the slot in each of the years. Here are his numbers compared to other recent Giants receivers:

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  • BlueNSilver

    Great Article Mike. I actually grabbed D.Washington off waivers last week and sat on him this week (Didn’t like the matchup vs GB and preferred Coleman vs NO :)….I will however will be starting him this week vs Chicago, and after reading reports (That back up your claim) he is going to be the featured runner with Riddick probably continuing the role he’s used to (passing downs). Very excited to see how well he can do, esp with his size, and speed. I think he can be special given a chance, and I think that chance has come!

  • Blue Moon Rising

    Would you trade Devante Parker for Chris Ivory in a 12 standard league? Other WRs are Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Jeremy Maclin, Dorsett

    • John

      yes, I would buy Ivory just because I do not expect Yeldon to have a major role in the next couple weeks; What I expect is that Ivory will run away with this job, even if the Jags offense looks abysmal currently. Devante had a great game that people will call his “breakout,” and that may be true, but Id rather go with a more known commodity in Ivory… well, besides his weird unknown illness 😉

  • Lee 265

    A friend wants to give me Alshon for Kelvin Benjamin… he’s super keen to do it too. I should absolutely accept right? (standard league)

  • Jack

    I am trying to trade for OBJ. My receivers are Devante Parker, Sterling Shepard, Marvin Jones, Dez Bryant and Sammy Watkins. My running backs are Mark Ingram, Frank Gore, Chris Ivory, and Jonathan Stewart. How do I make this trade work and still come out on top? I am thinking Shepard and Parker or Parker and Dez. Maybe Gore and Parker?

    • Jack

      I ended up offering Gore and Shepard for OBJ and Doug Martin. We’ll see if he bites.

      • Pakalu Papito

        If that person takes the trade, you’re playing with complete idiots.

        • Jack

          It may make since to him because both of the players I offered have scored more points so far this season than either of the players I am asking him to trade away. Doug Martin will probably be out for 3 more weeks so that only helps my case. Plus you have to start somewhere in a negotiation and I’m not about to throw out my best offer first.