Picking up the pace: Expect plenty of action in Packers-Giants

Playing each other, expect GB and NYG to offer more plays than either team has against their slower-paced opponents, says Pat Thorman.

| 9 months ago
(Al Bello/Getty Images)

(Al Bello/Getty Images)

Picking up the pace: Expect plenty of action in Packers-Giants

Welcome to the Week 5 edition of Snaps, Pace & Stats, where we examine trends in snap totals and no-huddle usage. It is meant as a 30,000-foot view of upcoming games, with the goal of identifying which matchups will — and which will not — be played on fertile fantasy soil.

Up in pace

Rank Week 4 Snaps 2016 Snaps/Game Opponent Wk 4 Snaps 2016 Opp Snaps/Gm
1 Baltimore (80) Tampa Bay (71.0) Oakland (80) Miami (74.0)
2 Arizona (75) Carolina (70.5) Los Angeles (75) Los Angeles (73.8)
3 Buffalo (73) Baltimore (70.0) Jacksonville (73) San Francisco (69.0)
4 Dallas (73) Dallas (69.3) New England (73) Atlanta (68.5)
5 Indianapolis (73) Arizona (69.0) San Francisco (73) Oakland (68.0)

New York Giants at Green Bay Packers

Neither the Packers (58 per game; second-fewest) nor the Giants (63.3; 19th-most) have run a ton of plays. A major volume-draining factor is who they’ve faced so far, with two Vikings matchups and one against the Cowboys standing out most. Both Green Bay and New York will allow plenty of snaps, in large part due to elevated tempo. The Giants rank first in no-huddle rate (55.3-percent) and the Packers go to the hurry-up at a similar percentage when in Green Bay — at least for as long as the game remains competitive.

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Pat Thorman is a lead writer for PFF Fantasy and a Fantasy Sports Writers Association award winner.

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