Fantasy Football Players to Avoid Drafting in 2013

Dan Schneier takes a look at some fantasy football players you might want to avoid drafting this coming season.

| 4 years ago
ryan mathews

Fantasy Football Players to Avoid Drafting in 2013

Every preseason the experts from each major fantasy football entity all get together to draft initial rankings for every position and overall. While these rankings will be updated as the season gets closer and more information surfaces, they generally stay pretty similar to where they started. The “buzz” players will be drafted higher than their average draft position (ADP), but most other players fall in line with whatever set of rankings each owner uses. The best drafters will use a tiered rankings sheet that they create using their own research, but in most leagues this will be a small minority. The more savvy owners will likely combine everything you have read on PFF Fantasy with our rankings to create their own. However, the majority of your league is likely going down a list generated by either ESPN or Yahoo.

In using these lists, they seem to always make the same common mistakes every year – drafting a player high on the rankings and thinking he is a “value pick” because no one has selected him yet. In reality, it is important to understand that just because they are high on these rankings does not mean that they actually should be. These players are best off being avoided at all costs and left for other owners to waste a round (snake) or portion of their budget (auction) on.

Below you will find a list of every player I am avoiding in all fantasy leagues this season based on their ADP in relation to what I perceive their actual value to be.

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Dan Schneier is a staff writer for PFF Fantasy, a former FOX Sports NFL scribe, and an auction format enthusiast.

  • Travis Taylor

    Totally agree with Ryan Mathews, he burned me last year and breaks easier than glass. I recently wrote an article on the same topic and would like to get your feedback:

    • Dan Schneier

      Hey Travis – just got a chance to read this comment and take a look at your article. I liked the writing style and I think you did a good job. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I agree with your take on MJD and Roddy. First, Roddy is a model of consistency in fantasy football. Over the past few years he has been in the Top 5 in PFF’s consistency rankings. I can’t just predict a random fall off. MJD, I am less sold on, but his current ADP actually screams value to me. Facts: he is playing for a contract, behind an improved offensive line, and he is the only option in the run game. Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting.