Picking between Dwayne Allen and Zach Ertz for your fantasy tight end? Go Allen

General consensus opts for the Philadelphia tight end this season, but Mike Tagliere says the Indianapolis guy is the better pick.

| 10 months ago
(Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

(Kirk Irwin/Getty Images)

Picking between Dwayne Allen and Zach Ertz for your fantasy tight end? Go Allen

In this ongoing head-to-head series, we’ve covered a multitude of different fantasy football wide receivers (16 of them to be exact). But today, we’re going to enter new territory, and cover a position we have yet to do in this series: Tight end. On a weekly basis, it can be extremely hard to predict tight end production, but it’s not nearly as hard on a yearly basis. I wrote on what to look for in tight ends earlier this offseason, and two of the players who fit the criteria were Zach Ertz and Dwayne Allen.

These are two players who have gone through big changes in the offseason. Ertz lost his pass-happy head coach Chip Kelly and is going to run-friendly Doug Pederson, while Allen is now the go-to-tight-end in the Colts offense with a healthy Andrew Luck. Read on to see why I recommend Allen this year.

Quarterback strength

Something that everyone can probably agree on is that Andrew Luck is a better quarterback than Sam Bradford. But rather than just say things in this space, we back them up, so let’s take a look at how big of a difference there is between the two.

After throwing for 23 touchdowns in each of his first two years, Luck has thrown for 55 touchdowns over his last two seasons (in just 23 games). If we extrapolate that number over a full season, he would throw 38.3 touchdowns per year. For frame of reference, there wasn’t a quarterback who threw for more than 36 touchdowns in 2015.

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