The PFF ultimate DFS guide for the Divisional Round

Our team of experts got together to provide their best advice for the last four-game slate of the football season.

| 4 months ago
(Brian Blanco, Getty Images)

(Brian Blanco, Getty Images)

The PFF ultimate DFS guide for the Divisional Round

This weekend offers the last four-game DFS slate of the season. Fortuitously, this also looks like maybe the best weekend of DFS of the season. The season’s top-scoring offense (by far) and three of the top four play this weekend, and with the probable exception of Houston, every offense playing in the Divisional Round is capable of big performances, which means there are plenty of individual players with the same capability.

To wade through the options, then, it’s good to have some help. And that’s what our experts have done all week, trekking through the DFS slates to find the best bits of advice and instructions for setting the best DFS lineups for the Divisional Round. No matter your preferred strategy, our experts have taken the approach.

(Note: One of our strategy approaches is “players to avoid,” and in such a small slate, where nitpicking runs rampant, some of the players to avoid show up as players to use for other experts. It’s unavoidable in a four-game slate; disagreements happen. Read and decide your favorite argument.)

Below, you’ll find quick-hit summaries of our top advice of the week. Check the summaries, click through for the full arguments. And at the bottom, check out the rest of our Divisional Round DFS advice. Good luck in the Divisional Round.


Bargains of the week (Brandon Marianne Lee)

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