Fantasy football mock drafts: Drafting during free agency

Brandon Marianne Lee got a group of analysts together for a mock draft to illustrate how plans can change quickly during turbulent times.

| 3 months ago
(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

(Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Fantasy football mock drafts: Drafting during free agency

After the future fantasy players completed their combine drills, I got the bug. You know that feeling. The itch to draft my fantasy team, now.

Luckily, I work in this industry and it took me less than five minutes to find 11 other like-minded individuals that knew we had to mock draft. Yes, had to.

We started on Sunday night and finished on Friday. Little did we know that the entire league would blow up during free agency, but this is the NFL. Things change on a dime.

Each round offered up some trends and insights that you can use when evaluating your keepers or perhaps partaking in an early MFL10. We have an MFL10 primer, and I decided to set this mock up with MFL10 league settings. In fact, I would have done this as a real contest (not a mock) if I lived in a state where I could legally play. As of now, residents in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New York, Tennessee, Virginia and Washington are unable to partake. Hopefully that changes soon.

Round 1

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
1.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Bell, Le’Veon PIT RB 2 2
1.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Johnson, David ARI RB 1 1
1.03 @fhnixon Elliott, Ezekiel DAL RB 3 3
1.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Brown, Antonio PIT WR 4 4
1.05 @RumfordJohnny Beckham, Odell NYG WR 5 5
1.06 @FFdeJENerate Jones, Julio ATL WR 6 6
1.07 @Rotobahn Evans, Mike TBB WR 7 7
1.08 @Pat_Thorman Green, A.J. CIN WR 8 8
1.09 @WazNFL McCoy, LeSean BUF RB 12 12
1.10 @BrandonHerFFB Bryant, Dez DAL WR 9 9
1.11 @TodfromPA Hilton, T.Y. IND WR 11 11
1.12 @KarlSafchick Nelson, Jordy GBP WR 14 15

The first round of any draft this season will have very similar players in the first round. Jordy Nelson was the only player with an ADP outside of the top 12, but Safchick was on the turn, and the ADP difference was minimal. Of course, the big difference between 2017 and 2016 will be the number of running backs that will be at the top of everyone’s draft board, regardless of format. MFL10s are full-point PPR leagues, and yet the top three picks are all running backs. David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell and Ezekiel Elliott all outscored the top PPR wide receiver (Antonio Brown) last year in both standard and PPR formats. Get used to that look.

Rounds 2-3

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
2.01 @KarlSafchick Hopkins, DeAndre HOU WR 18 19
2.02 @TodfromPA Gurley, Todd LAR RB 17 17
2.03 [email protected] Gordon, Melvin LAC RB 13 13
2.04 @WazNFL Murray, DeMarco TEN RB 22 23
2.05 @Pat_Thorman Robinson, Allen JAC WR 19 20
2.06 @Rotobahn Freeman, Devonta ATL RB 10 10
2.07 @FFdeJENerate Thomas, Michael NOS WR 20 18
2.08 @RumfordJohnny Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE 24 22
2.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Howard, Jordan CHI RB 16 16
2.10 @fhnixon Cooper, Amari OAK WR 15 14
2.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Allen, Keenan LAC WR 25 25
2.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Hyde, Carlos SFO RB 30 30
3.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Watkins, Sammy BUF WR 29 28
3.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR 28 29
3.03 @fhnixon Cooks, Brandin NOS WR 23 24
3.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Ajayi, Jay MIA RB 21 21
3.05 @RumfordJohnny Miller, Lamar HOU RB 26 26
3.06 @FFdeJENerate Ingram, Mark NOS RB 34 34
3.07 @Rotobahn Baldwin, Doug SEA WR 27 27
3.08 @Pat_Thorman Anderson, C.J. DEN RB 37 38
3.09 @WazNFL Thomas, Demaryius DEN WR 32 32
3.10 @BrandonHerFFB Ware, Spencer KCC RB 42 42
3.11 @TodfromPA Adams, Davante GBP WR 36 36
3.12 @KarlSafchick Landry, Jarvis MIA WR 35 35

The next two rounds are also very predictable, but there are a few bargains that stand out among the crowd.

First, Carlos Hyde is a bargain at 2.12. His ADP is technically lower than that, but he is the undisputed starting running back in a Kyle Shanahan offense that at this point will be helmed by Brian Hoyer. They will run. They will have to run. Mike Tagliere felt that way as well.

Scott Barrett also scored with Jay Ajayi in the third. This is another player who will enter the season as the undisputed starting running back on a team with a questionable quarterback. Sure, Ryan Tannehill isn’t as questionable as Brian Hoyer, but his ratio of 19 touchdowns to 12 interceptions isn’t going to do him or fantasy owners any favors. Barrett started the draft with Antonio Brown, Jordan Howard and Jay Ajayi. It’s hard to top that trio.

Round 4-5

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
4.01 @KarlSafchick Kelce, Travis KCC TE 38 37
4.02 @TodfromPA Diggs, Stefon MIN WR 39 41
4.03 @BrandonHerFFB Edelman, Julian NEP WR 40 40
4.04 @WazNFL Fournette, Leonard FA RB(R) 33 31
4.05 @Pat_Thorman Moncrief, Donte IND WR 45 45
4.06 @Rotobahn Reed, Jordan WAS TE 44 44
4.07 @FFdeJENerate Crabtree, Michael OAK WR 43 43
4.08 @RumfordJohnny Mixon, Joe FA RB (R) 92 76
4.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Sanders, Emmanuel DEN WR 47 48
4.10 @fhnixon Cook, Dalvin FA RB (R) 31 33
4.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Coleman, Tevin ATL RB 48 47
4.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Tate, Golden DET WR 46 46
5.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB 65 64
5.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Hill, Tyreek KCC WR 52 51
5.03 @fhnixon Pryor, Terrelle CLE WR 51 53
5.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Olsen, Greg CAR TE 55 56
5.05 @RumfordJohnny Montgomery, Ty GBP RB 79 78
5.06 @FFdeJENerate Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB 41 39
5.07 @Rotobahn Coleman, Corey CLE WR 64 65
5.08 @Pat_Thorman Marshall, Brandon NYG WR 72 68
5.09 @WazNFL Benjamin, Kelvin CAR WR 49 49
5.10 @BrandonHerFFB Shepard, Sterling NYG WR 68 66
5.11 @TodfromPA Crowder, Jamison WAS WR 59 58
5.12 @KarlSafchick Henry, Derrick TEN RB 57 55

This is where things get interesting.

Everyone in this draft is a fantasy analyst. Everyone has “their guys.” And hey, the industry agrees on one thing, and that is to “get your guys.” And yet, there are some big reaches here, that no matter how warranted, need to be discussed.

First, we have Joe Mixon. John Sarmento (@RumfordJohnny) made this pick at 3:15 p.m. on Monday afternoon. That was before Mixon ran the 40-yard dash in 4.43 seconds on Wednesday during his Pro Day. There is much debate about the morality surrounding Mixon’s career, but there is no denying his raw athleticism. Sarmento probably could have landed Mixon later, but his pick in a clear indicator that analysts aren’t holding back when it comes to projecting his 2017 fantasy relevance.

Friday, the Baltimore Ravens confirmed that Kenneth Dixon will be suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s policy on performance-enhancing drugs. Tagliere was not aware of that Monday. You should expect Dixon’s ADP to fall, not only due to his suspension, but also the Raven’s Danny Woodhead free-agency acquisition.

Ty Montgomery was a wide receiver and a running back last year. His fantasy numbers were hit or miss and he struggled with sickle cell trait. Sarmento continued his “swing for the fences” style, even though Montgomery only posted four double-digit fantasy games in 2016.

Sterling Shepard was also a bit of a reach that was of my own making. Brandon Marshall was a big-time free-agent acquisition for the Giants, but the New York Giants and Ben McAdoo are known for three-wide receiver sets. Look for Shepard to remain in the slot, where he played 86.1 percent of the time.

On a positive note, industry mocks are notoriously low on quarterbacks. Jen Ryan took Aaron Rodgers at 5.06. That was a steal, regardless of how anyone feels about waiting on a quarterback. If you do a MFL10 today, it’s highly unlikely that you would see that.

Rounds 6-8

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
6.01 @KarlSafchick Prosise, C.J. SEA RB 66 62
6.02 @TodfromPA Newton, Cam CAR QB 96 89
6.03 @BrandonHerFFB Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB 63 60
6.04 @WazNFL Eifert, Tyler CIN TE 58 59
6.05 @Pat_Thorman Fitzgerald, Larry ARI WR 53 52
6.06 @Rotobahn McCaffrey, Christian FA RB (R) 74 67
6.07 @FFdeJENerate Rawls, Thomas SEA RB 50 54
6.08 @RumfordJohnny Bryant, Martavis PIT WR 76 82
6.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Matthews, Jordan PHI WR 56 57
6.10 @fhnixon Parker, DeVante MIA WR 61 63
6.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Cobb, Randall GBP WR 67 74
6.12 @MikeTagliereNFL White, Kevin CHI WR 103 106
7.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Luck, Andrew IND QB 54 50
7.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Decker, Eric NYJ WR 73 79
7.03 @fhnixon Davis, Corey FA WR (R) 62 73
7.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Brees, Drew NOS QB 70 69
7.05 @RumfordJohnny Snead, Willie NOS WR 101 95
7.06 @FFdeJENerate Riddick, Theo DET RB 85 86
7.07 @Rotobahn Abdullah, Ameer DET RB 83 75
7.08 @Pat_Thorman Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 60 61
7.09 @WazNFL Brady, Tom NEP QB 71 70
7.10 @BrandonHerFFB Matthews, Rishard TEN WR 81 87
7.11 @TodfromPA Williams, Tyrell LAC WR 75 72
7.12 @KarlSafchick Perriman, Breshad BAL WR 112 117
8.01 @KarlSafchick Doctson, Josh WAS WR 87 96
8.02 @TodfromPA Powell, Bilal NYJ RB 98 94
8.03 @BrandonHerFFB Graham, Jimmy SEA TE 78 80
8.04 @WazNFL Murray, Latavius OAK RB 69 71
8.05 @Pat_Thorman Walker, Delanie TEN TE 97 93
8.06 @Rotobahn Jackson, DeSean TBB WR 89 85
8.07 @FFdeJENerate Maclin, Jeremy KCC WR 99 99
8.08 @RumfordJohnny Wilson, Russell SEA QB 82 77
8.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Lacy, Eddie GBP RB 77 81
8.10 @fhnixon Henry, Hunter LAC TE 84 88
8.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Ertz, Zach PHI TE 86 83
8.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Brown, John ARI WR 110 110

Cam Newton in the sixth round is unnecessary. Tod Burros commented right after this pick that he believes Newton bounces back in a big way this year. That may be true, although I would like to see some improvement in training camp on his league-low 65.4-percent accuracy rate. Regardless, you can get Newton in the eighth or ninth rounds, so wait.

Christian McCaffrey had one of the stronger combine performances and his role as a pass-catching back and/or receiver is incredibly enticing in these middle rounds. Regardless of landing spot, his skillset can get used in a variety of ways.

Kevin White and Breshad Perriman are already making their ways onto sleeper lists and their hype is reflected in this mock. For the casual fantasy player, they look like a reach, but both Mike Tagliere and Karl Safchick are making a calculated decision based on the lack of wide receiver depth for both the Bears and the Ravens.

Rounds 9-12

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
9.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Mitchell, Malcolm NEP WR 106 107
9.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Perkins, Paul NYG RB 102 100
9.03 @fhnixon Bernard, Giovani CIN RB 88 92
9.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB 119 116
9.05 @RumfordJohnny Thielen, Adam MIN WR 117 124
9.06 @FFdeJENerate Britt, Kenny CLE WR 107 108
9.07 @Rotobahn Meredith, Cameron CHI WR 91 90
9.08 @Pat_Thorman Lewis, Dion NEP RB 104 101
9.09 @WazNFL Ryan, Matt ATL QB 95 91
9.10 @BrandonHerFFB Charles, Jamaal KCC RB 93 98
9.11 @TodfromPA Rudolph, Kyle MIN TE 105 105
9.12 @KarlSafchick Carr, Derek OAK QB 108 103
10.01 @KarlSafchick Mariota, Marcus TEN QB 111 113
10.02 @TodfromPA Hill, Jeremy CIN RB 100 104
10.03 @BrandonHerFFB Williams, Mike FA WR (R) 90 102
10.04 @WazNFL Jones, Marvin DET WR 121 120
10.05 @Pat_Thorman Johnson, Duke CLE RB 113 112
10.06 @Rotobahn Winston, Jameis TBB QB 126 119
10.07 @FFdeJENerate Ebron, Eric DET TE 109 109
10.08 @RumfordJohnny Hogan, Chris NEP WR 140 149
10.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Lockett, Tyler SEA WR 114 115
10.10 @fhnixon Fuller, Will HOU WR 122 122
10.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Prescott, Dak DAL QB 115 111
10.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Brate, Cameron TBB TE 116 114
11.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Bennett, Martellus NEP TE 129 128
11.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Stafford, Matthew DET QB 131 125
11.03 @fhnixon Cousins, Kirk WAS QB 123 118
11.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Kelley, Rob WAS RB 80 84
11.05 @RumfordJohnny Green, Ladarius PIT TE 164 165
11.06 @FFdeJENerate Forte, Matt NYJ RB 118 126
11.07 @Rotobahn Rivers, Philip LAC QB 137 127
11.08 @Pat_Thorman Dalton, Andy CIN QB 141 134
11.09 @WazNFL McKinnon, Jerick MIN RB 124 121
11.10 @BrandonHerFFB Taylor, Tyrod BUF QB 148 139
11.11 @TodfromPA Blount, LeGarrette NEP RB 94 97
11.12 @KarlSafchick Hooper, Austin ATL TE 147 141
12.01 @KarlSafchick Manning, Eli NYG QB 152 137
12.02 @TodfromPA Martin, Doug TBB RB 133 130
12.03 @BrandonHerFFB Woodhead, Danny LAC RB 120 123
12.04 @WazNFL Stills, Kenny MIA WR 132 133
12.05 @Pat_Thorman Bortles, Blake JAC QB 143 142
12.06 @Rotobahn Stewart, Jonathan CAR RB 134 132
12.07 @FFdeJENerate Wallace, Mike BAL WR 139 144
12.08 @RumfordJohnny Wentz, Carson PHI QB 158 145
12.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Garcon, Pierre SFO WR 161 148
12.10 @fhnixon Lee, Marqise JAC WR 153 147
12.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Sims, Charles TBB RB 130 140
12.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB 144 138

Rob Kelley! Everyone forgot about Rob Kelley! I personally was stacked at running back, so I kept passing on him, but Scott Barrett does it again and finds value in the 11th round.

I’m also going to take a second and chat about the combine in a negative way. Well, not negative, per se, but with a dash of pragmatism. Mike Williams has an incredible tape. All last season he would put up GIF-worthy plays and everyone was incredibly excited for him to enter the NFL. Then he had a mediocre combine. He didn’t run the 40-yard dash, although he will run it at his pro day. Don’t let the combine steer you completely away from the tape.

Kenneth Nixon took advantage of a price decrease for Giovani Bernard. Bernard is coming off a torn ACL, but the Bengals believe he’ll be back and will avoid the PUP list at the start of next season. If Bernard is healthy, he always has a clear role in the Cincinnati offense, and that role is PPR friendly.

Rounds 13-15

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
13.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Funchess, Devin CAR WR NA NA
13.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Gordon, Josh CLE WR 136 151
13.03 @fhnixon Romo, Tony DAL QB 163 159
13.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Gates, Antonio LAC TE NA NA
13.05 @RumfordJohnny Sanu, Mohamed ATL WR NA NA
13.06 @FFdeJENerate Cook, Jared GBP TE 145 154
13.07 @Rotobahn Ross, John FA WR (R) 169 135
13.08 @Pat_Thorman Fleener, Coby NOS TE 166 155
13.09 @WazNFL Howard, O.J. FA TE (R) NA 143
13.10 @BrandonHerFFB Fiedorowicz, C.J. HOU TE 142 152
13.11 @TodfromPA Tannehill, Ryan MIA QB 162 153
13.12 @KarlSafchick Kamara, Alvin FA RB (R) 127 131
14.01 @KarlSafchick Mathews, Ryan PHI RB NA NA
14.02 @TodfromPA Thomas, Julius MIA TE 160 167
14.03 @BrandonHerFFB Palmer, Carson ARI QB NA 157
14.04 @WazNFL Smith, Torrey PHI WR NA NA
14.05 @Pat_Thorman Gore, Frank IND RB 125 129
14.06 @Rotobahn Engram, Evan FA TE (R) NA NA
14.07 @FFdeJENerate Flacco, Joe BAL QB 168 160
14.08 @RumfordJohnny Sproles, Darren PHI RB NA NA
14.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Juszczyk, Kyle SFO RB NA NA
14.10 @fhnixon Nelson, J.J. ARI WR 151 156
14.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Doyle, Jack IND TE NA 161
14.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Smith, Alex KCC QB NA 175
15.01 @MikeTagliereNFL White, James NEP RB 128 136
15.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Njoku, David FA TE (R) NA 176
15.03 @fhnixon Allen, Dwayne NEP TE NA NA
15.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Beasley, Cole DAL WR 159 162
15.05 @RumfordJohnny Bradford, Sam MIN QB NA NA
15.06 @FFdeJENerate Ivory, Chris JAC RB NA NA
15.07 @Rotobahn Enunwa, Quincy NYJ WR 157 158
15.08 @Pat_Thorman Vereen, Shane NYG RB NA NA
15.09 @WazNFL Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR NA NA
15.10 @BrandonHerFFB Boyd, Tyler CIN WR NA 164
15.11 @TodfromPA Hurns, Allen JAC WR NA 180
15.12 @KarlSafchick Treadwell, Laquon MIN WR 156 177

The ADP numbers come from My Fantasy League’s site. They only give you the ADP for the players that are drafted in at least 5 percent of the leagues that draft on the site. Therefore, once you get down to the later rounds, there is an art to your selections, and each analyst is starting to claim his or her 2017 sleepers.

Pat Thorman took a nice PPR flyer with Shane Vereen at the end of the 15th round. Vereen tore his bicep in Week 15 and was only able to play in five games all season. However, in 2014 and 2015 he caught 52-plus passes for over 440 yards in each season. It’s a risky pick because if the Giants cut Vereen before March 13, the Giants can save $3.75 million. Time will tell.

However, Thorman could take that risk because the round before he took Vereen he drafted the solid, steady, oft-ignored Frank Gore. In the 14th round, Thorman got a running back who’s gone over 1,000 total yards every single year since 2006. You could argue that the time range that I just mentioned is exactly why you wouldn’t take him, but until Gore retires, he’s certainly worth at least a 14th-round pick.

Jeff Donavan got in on the Jack Doyle upswing that will sweep the fantasy industry now that we know the Colts resigned Doyle and traded away Dwayne Allen to the New England Patriots.

Pete Davidson (@Rotogahn) snatched up combine superstar John Ross. Look for Ross’ stock to rise continuously until after the draft.

Rounds 16-20

Pick Franchise Player ADP March 5 ADP March 10
16.01 @KarlSafchick Witten, Jason DAL TE NA 168
16.02 @TodfromPA Broncos, Denver DEN Def 154 150
16.03 @BrandonHerFFB Goff, Jared LAR QB NA NA
16.04 @WazNFL Anderson, Robby NYJ WR NA NA
16.05 @Pat_Thorman Austin, Tavon LAR WR 165 163
16.06 @Rotobahn Gillislee, Mike BUF RB 146 169
16.07 @FFdeJENerate Gabriel, Taylor ATL WR 150 172
16.08 @RumfordJohnny Burkhead, Rex CIN RB NA NA
16.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Miller, Zach CHI TE NA NA
16.10 @fhnixon Rogers, Eli PIT WR NA NA
16.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Woods, Robert LAR WR NA NA
16.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Washington, DeAndre OAK RB NA 179
17.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Richardson, Paul SEA WR NA NA
17.02 @JeffDonovan_FF LaFell, Brandon CIN WR NA NA
17.03 @fhnixon Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB NA NA
17.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Texans, Houston HOU Def NA NA
17.05 @RumfordJohnny Barnidge, Gary CLE TE NA NA
17.06 @FFdeJENerate Chiefs, Kansas City KCC Def NA 178
17.07 @Rotobahn Dorsett, Phillip IND WR NA NA
17.08 @Pat_Thorman Seahawks, Seattle SEA Def NA NA
17.09 @WazNFL Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def NA NA
17.10 @BrandonHerFFB Richard, Jalen OAK RB 138 174
17.11 @TodfromPA Clay, Charles BUF TE NA NA
17.12 @KarlSafchick West, Terrance BAL RB NA NA
18.01 @KarlSafchick Giants, New York NYG Def NA NA
18.02 @TodfromPA Patriots, New England NEP Def NA NA
18.03 @BrandonHerFFB Eagles, Philadelphia PHI Def NA NA
18.04 @WazNFL Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def NA NA
18.05 @Pat_Thorman Jaguars, Jacksonville JAC Def NA NA
18.06 @Rotobahn Rams, Los Angeles LAR Def NA NA
18.07 @FFdeJENerate McDonald, Vance SFO TE NA NA
18.08 @RumfordJohnny Raiders, Oakland OAK Def NA NA
18.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Hunt, Kareem FA RB (R) NA NA
18.10 @fhnixon Falcons, Atlanta ATL Def NA NA
18.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Ravens, Baltimore BAL Def NA NA
18.12 @MikeTagliereNFL Bears, Chicago CHI Def NA NA
19.01 @MikeTagliereNFL Wright, Kendall TEN WR NA NA
19.02 @JeffDonovan_FF Smallwood, Wendell PHI RB NA NA
19.03 @fhnixon Chargers, Los Angeles LAC Def NA NA
19.04 @ScottBarrettDFB Jones, Zay FA WR (R) NA NA
19.05 @RumfordJohnny Bengals, Cincinnati CIN Def NA NA
19.06 @FFdeJENerate Steelers, Pittsburgh PIT Def NA NA
19.07 @Rotobahn Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def NA NA
19.08 @Pat_Thorman Garoppolo, Jimmy NEP QB NA NA
19.09 @WazNFL Panthers, Carolina CAR Def NA NA
19.10 @BrandonHerFFB Gresham, Jermaine ARI TE NA NA
19.11 @TodfromPA Thompson, Chris WAS RB NA NA
19.12 @KarlSafchick Browns, Cleveland CLE Def NA NA
20.01 @KarlSafchick Dolphins, Miami MIA Def NA NA
20.02 @TodfromPA Bills, Buffalo BUF Def NA NA
20.03 @BrandonHerFFB Pitta, Dennis BAL TE NA NA
20.04 @WazNFL Samuel, Curtis FA WR (R) NA NA
20.05 @Pat_Thorman Buccaneers, Tampa Bay TBB Def NA NA
20.06 @Rotobahn Davis, Vernon WAS TE NA NA
20.07 @FFdeJENerate Colts, Indianapolis IND Def NA NA
20.08 @RumfordJohnny Godwin, Chris FA WR (R) NA NA
20.09 @ScottBarrettDFB Packers, Green Bay GBP Def NA NA
20.10 @fhnixon Drake, Kenyan MIA RB NA NA
20.11 @JeffDonovan_FF Titans, Tennessee TEN Def NA NA
20.12 @MikeTagliereNFL 49ers, San Francisco SFO Def NA NA

Once you get past the 16th round, you’re really filling in your bench based on need. There are a lot of defenses and middling tight ends in this grouping. A lot of these players will go up and down in terms of favor, so keep an eye out for depth chart changes.

Some items of note:

  • Pat Thorman taking Jimmy Garoppolo as a flyer in the 19th round is something everyone should consider when doing an early MFL10. Worth a shot.
  • Kenneth Nixon grabbed Jay Ajayi’s handcuff, Kenyan Drake, in the last round of the draft. He seemed to be one of the only people who considered injuries. Most people were looking for upside or running backs with defined roles, but Nixon’s thought process there was sound.
  • The top of the 16th round was filled with solid, but not flashy fantasy producers like Jason Witten, Zach Miller, Robert Woods. These players will come in handy when you consider that this is a best-ball league. Even better for this format, the boom-or-bust players that many owners got for a bargain. Tavon Austin, Taylor Gabriel and Robby Anderson are examples of late-round flyers who could put up big-time points and win the league for the people who took a chance on them.
  • I messed up and you can learn from me. I didn’t set my pre-draft rankings correctly and instead of drafting one defense and one tight end for my last two rounds, I drafted two tight ends. That means I only have one defense. You do not want that when you play and MFL10 because you can’t make any roster changes all season. Ugh. Do not let technology ruin you. Learn from my mistakes.
  • I may have messed that up, but Jalen Richard is undervalued and a complete steal in the 17th round. If this is any indicator of the temperature around the fantasy community, you should trade low for him in all dynasty leagues. He was an undrafted prospect that over-performed. They let Latavius Murray walk, and even if he shares time with DeAndre Washington, he’s a steal at the end of the draft.

There you have it. A draft amid combine and free agency chaos. Who said there needs to be an offseason?

Brandon Marianne Lee is a PFF Fantasy contributor, a SiriusXM host, co-founder of Her Fantasy Football and was a finalist for FSWA's Newcomer of the Year in 2014.

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