Jeremy Maclin is a better fantasy option than Julian Edelman in 2016

The New England receiver is more famous, but as Mike Tagliere notes, it's the Kansas City guy who has the higher ceiling.

| 10 months ago
(Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

(Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Jeremy Maclin is a better fantasy option than Julian Edelman in 2016

After tackling the battle of Eli Manning vs. Philip Rivers Friday, we’re going back to the wide receivers portion of our head-to-head series. There have been eight wide receiver battles to this point, covering a variety of wide receivers who are being drafted inside of the top 30. Today, it’s the same, focusing on a pair of receivers going in or around the fourth round of fantasy football drafts: Julian Edelman and Jeremy Maclin.

Both of these guys are entering their eighth season, so we have some history to go off of when projecting them. I can tell you that one of them is being drafted at their ceiling (Edelman), while the other has room to grow (Maclin). Read on to see why you want to go with the Chiefs receiver over the Patriot.

Quarterback strength

This isn’t a fair fight for Maclin, as he is being thrown passes by Alex Smith, and Edelman has been catching passes from all-time great Tom Brady. But even so, it’s part of our comparisons, so we need to take it into consideration.

Brady has thrown at least 33 touchdowns in five of his last six seasons, and hasn’t thrown fewer than 23 since way back in his rookie year, when he only started 14 games. He’s one of the safest bets at the quarterback position, although he does spread the ball around a ton, which is something we will discuss in the “volume” section below.

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  • BlueNSilver

    If you’re referring to a Standard league then I agree, in PPR Edelman is a gem. He’s had 247+, 222+ (depending on scoring) and last year was on pace to shatter both of those before his injury. He’s a trusted blanket in that Offense and plays the same role Welker played when he was in the J.McDaniels O. A guy that gets at least 130+ targets a year and converts 70% of those on average is well worth a 3rd/4th rd pick. IMO

  • Jack

    Edelman was on track to score 190 points last season, and had Maclin not missed one game he may of scored 158 points. I could see Edelman losing 25 points this season because Jimmy Garropollo is starting for 4 games. So statistically I would say both are fairly even. Factor in injury proneness for Edelman and I would say Maclin is a better pick, but not by much.