Find DFS bargain strategies using the PFF Lineup Optimizer

The lineup tool can show you how to shop around. Tyler Loechner uses it to figure out if he wants to splurge on WR or RB this week.

| 9 months ago

Find DFS bargain strategies using the PFF Lineup Optimizer

Week 1 only just finished, but it’s already time to start prepping your Week 2 DFS lineups. Lucky for you, the PFF DFS Lineup Optimizer makes it a lot easier.

This series will highlight unique ways in which you can use the tool to build a winning roster. Last week, we examined how you can use the DFS Lineup Optimizer to choose a stud wide receiver on DraftKings.

This week, we’ll review how you can use the tool to determine how and where to save on FanDuel.

To be clear, you can find value at all positions each and every week on DFS. But you often need to make a decision: Do I save at running back and get another elite receiver this week, or do I go with a top running back and shop around for wideouts?

This article will show you how you can help come to a conclusion, using Week 2 as an example.

I started off by using the tool to see which wide receivers were the best bargains this week. To do this, I fired up the DFS Lineup Optimizer, chose FanDuel as my site, and selected “Generate Multiple Lineups.” I then sorted the running backs by salary, and “locked in” two of the four most expensive running backs this week — Adrian Peterson and Ezekiel Elliott.


I then asked FanDuel to create 12 unique lineups, but because I “locked in” these two players, they would be in every lineup. (I also locked in a mid-priced QB, TE, K and D/ST to keep the study relegated to just RBs and WRs.)

As a result of my “locked in” requests, the PFF DFS Lineup Optimizer was forced to fill out my rosters with cheaper wideouts. The tool generated 12 unique lineups, and I quickly added up the projected total scores for each lineup.

The average projected score of the 12 running back-heavy lineups was 115.56

I then repeated the study, but instead of “locking in” two expensive running backs, I selected two expensive wideouts: DeAndre Hopkins and Antonio Brown. (I kept the QB, TE, K and D/ST selection the same for consistency.)


The average projected score of the 12 wide receiver-heavy lineups was 118.46, indicating that there are some better bargains to be found at the running back position this week than at the wideout position.

It should be noted that you usually have enough money on FanDuel to fit several studs onto your squad. For example, many of my running back-heavy teams were still able to roster one elite wideout, and vice versa.

However, this quick bit of easy research helps you uncover some macro trends each week — such as which position might have the better bargains. From there, you have to keep digging to find out exactly where those bargains are. Seeing which players the DFS Lineup Optimizer drafted for you is a good place to start.

Based on this study, I’ll likely start my FanDuel roster-building process this week by creating rosters around some top wide receivers. Again, this study is not concluding that there are no receiver bargains on FanDuel this week (of course there are), but it does show how you can easily start to answer the weekly question of: “Where should I save this week?” This enables you to take a projection-based approach to the answer.

Tyler Loechner is a lead writer at PFF Fantasy. He has played fantasy football since 1999 and has been a part of the PFF Fantasy staff since 2010. Tyler was also previously a fantasy football featured columnist at Bleacher Report.

  • Marcel

    Tyler, unfortunately I have had nothing but bad experiences with the tool. I have tried multiple browsers, different computers. And still after waiting 5 to an hour after it says “calculating” it times out. Can some one please fix , not sure if anyone else may be having the same issue.

    • Ernesto Javier

      For this being my first year with all access I didnt have a great experience week 1. The tool pretty much timed out on Sunday while I was trying to optimize more line ups. I thought maybe it was my internet or my computer. LIke you I had the same issue. I love the content but hope they can make improvements to this amazing tool.

      • Jared

        I have had the same issues, unless I am using on my phone or tablet. It doesn’t seem to work on my desktop, and times me out every time.

        • Aaron

          Same, lineups wont load, optimizer is flawed.

  • Marcel

    Daily Overlay expert grades concern , I would have thought the writers at PFF would have been ranked alot higher compared to the other wanna be DFS experts out there. I am really hoping for the best and better expert intuition week 2 from a website that I feel has hands down the best info in the business. Best of intentions and luck and thank you all for your contributions.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Marcel – thanks for reading. Trust me, we’re looking for a better Week 2 as well! Me in particular. It looks like that Daily Overlay Experts grade was based solely on my DK lineup choice from last week. That’s fine, but since it doesn’t include all of our DFS picks, I’d say it’s not wholly representative of PFF. Thanks, Marcel.

  • Don Elretseo

    The value columns aren’t right either. If a player is projected to score more points than another player and his salary is less then his value rating should always be higher. Not always the case. Something is off.

    • Tyler Loechner

      Hey Don. The value column accounts for historical ROI and matchup as well.