Eli Manning is a better fantasy option than Philip Rivers in 2016

Two quarterbacks traded for each other 12 years ago face off in Mike Tagliere's latest fantasy draft battle.

| 10 months ago
(Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

(Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

Eli Manning is a better fantasy option than Philip Rivers in 2016

As we near the season, it’s getting harder and harder to do head-to-heads on players who haven’t been in one before, so today we are going where we’ve only gone one time before – the quarterback position.

Rather than go with one of the top-tier guys, I’m going to focus on the later-round quarterback crowd, because by waiting on quarterback, you want to ensure that you hit on the guy that you do take. The two players we’ll be discussing today are veterans of the game who we have plenty of history to go off of: Eli Manning and Philip Rivers. See below, and you’ll understand why I’m siding with Manning.


The landscape of these two teams has changed over the course of Manning’s and Rivers’ careers, starting with excellent run games, slowly morphing into a pass-first type of offense. But the more you dissect these two, the more you realize who the winner is when it comes to volume.

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  • AC2

    Eli is a better fantasy QB than Rivers now? He’s also a better QB. Period. But don’t tell the fools at PFF that.

    • NumeroUno

      Eli was never better at anything except being a putz – his famous words are “please don’t hurt me.” He won super bowls under superb defenses and top running games. Guaranteed he comes out of the closet after this year


    Look at the stats… Eli started two years before Rivers… Head to Head rivers wins every time