Fantasy draft mistakes you’re about to make in your standard league

Mike Tagliere highlights some missteps fantasy owners make in their standard drafts. Don't go down the wrong road.

| 11 months ago
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Fantasy draft mistakes you’re about to make in your standard league

There are plenty of mistakes fantasy football enthusiasts make in their annual drafts. Whether it be drafting a quarterback too early, or missing out on a top-tier wide receiver because they are stuck to what they were told back in 2005, or something else, there are several common missteps.

By the time they come around to change, it’s already too late, and the game has changed again. These draft mistakes can be pricey. Today, let’s look at how to avoid a few of them, so you aren’t kicking yourself in the rear end come December, when the fantasy playoffs are going on.

Today we’ll going to look at your draft strategy in standard leagues, deciphering which way you should go, as well as which mistakes you need to avoid. (Keep up with Draft Mistakes Week here.)

Quarterbacks in later rounds

Quarterbacks keep going later and later, and for good reason. Going back to 2011, there was just one quarterback drafted outside of the top-12 who gave you QB1 performances in more than half of his games, and that was Cam Newton. The other five quarterbacks to accomplish that feat were drafted in the top 11.

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